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Coded al-qaeda message repeating 44

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posted on Apr, 4 2004 @ 11:57 PM
just found this on another site. i do not know how accurate it is, but it is certainly interesting.

Coded Four-Four" Message Revisited - Reappearing on Jihad Sites

يرفع ... لتكون غصة في حلق أفعاني ومن معه

يرفع ثانيه
حتي تخرج الجرزان من جحورها ويكتمل العدد
وبعد ذلك ياتي الذبح
the butchery will come

قائدهم .. الشيخ أسامة يحفظه الله .. يأمرهم .. أربع .. أربع .. !
the leader, Sheikh Osama God praise him he commands them 4 4

وخلايا " قاعدته " ينفذون أوامره .. أربع .. أربع .. !
and the operatives of his cells, obey him , 4 4

أربعا في الجو .. !
4 in the skies

وأربعا في البر .. !
4 on land

وأربعا في البحر .. !
and 4 in the sea

فجروها في أمريكا .. " جواً " .. أربع .. أربع .. !
it exploded in America in the air 4 4

وفجروها في الرياض " أرضاً " .. أربع .. أربع .. !
it exploded in Riyadh on land 4 4

وفجروها في المغرب أرضاً " .. أربع .. أربع .. !
and it exploded on land in Morroco 4 4

وأن شاء الله في القريب ...عشره عشره في اليمن
and god willing 10 10 in Yemen

وأن شاء الله في القريب ...عشرون ...عشرون في مصر
and God willing 20 20 in Egypt

والقادم بإذن الله " بحراً " .. أربع .. أربع .. !
and the next will be via sea 4 4

يفجرونها .. مكبرين " الله أكبر " أربع .. أربع .. !
they make it explode and say 'allahu akbar' 4 4

والقاصمة قريبا في أمريكا .. أربع .. أربع .. !
and soon in America 4 4

وها أنا اليوم أبتسم .. أربع .. أربع !
today I smile 4 4

وغدا سوف أضحك لنصر المؤمنين بإذن الله .. أربع .. أربع .. !
and tomorrow I will laugh to the triumph of believers 4 4

فلله الحمد والمنة .. أربع .. أربع .. !
thank God 4 4

إنني أبتسم .. سبحانك ربي الأعلى ..
I smile, God is great

العدو يضرب من علو .. وأنت الأعلى .. سبحانك ربي الأعلى ..
the enemy hits from high above, but you [God] are higher, God is great

إنني أنتظر نصرك العظيم .. سبحانك ربي العظيم ..
I await your great victory, god is great

سالتني في حمانا ظبية 000 اتحب الشوق في عيني صبية

قلت لااعشق حسنا ظهرا 000 او ارى الحب عيونا نرجسية

انما اعشق صدرا عامرا 000 يحمل الموت ويزهو بالمنية

ادركت سري وقالت ظبيتي 000 انته لاتعشق غير البندقية

يرفع لتخرج كل الفئران والجرذان

الضربة الاولى كانت اربع 00 اربع
the first strike was 4 00 4
الضربة الثانية كانت اربع 00 اربع
the second strike was 4 00 4
الضربات القادمة ان شاء القوي الحليم ستكون اربع 00 اربع
the next strikes will be 4 00 4

والقاسمة ستكون ان شاء الله اربع 00 اربع

فقولوا معي
الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر لااله الا الله
god is great
الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر الله اكبر صدق وعده ونصر جنده وهزم الاحزاب وحده

posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 12:03 AM
Why Morroco, Yemen and Egypt?

posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 12:11 AM
If anyone is interested, 4/4 on the islamic calendar is March 24th on the gregorian calendar.

posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 12:26 AM
Really Quest?
*worried look*

how much should we put into these statements?

do they usually turn out to be so much B.S., or are these real discussions about attacks that can, and will, happen?

posted on Apr, 5 2004 @ 12:36 AM
I never worry about them. I live in a prime and easy target for terrorist attacks but i never worry.

Why? Cause # happens. If i live in fear I fuel paranoia, hatred, and war. I don't want to die or see bad things happen to people, but such things do and will happen and no amount of living in fear will change that. If I live 6 months of good life rather than 100 years of scared life i'm better off for it.

Also terrorist communication are picked up all the time. Many of them are either BS or to throw off those listening.

If it was announced that there may be a nuclear weapon in the city i live in, i would probably go home, have a nice meal, and read a good book. If I try to flee i could get killed in the rush of people fleeing. If I die in an explosion I did so a happy man with a full belly and good entertainment.

Millions of people live 50-100 years starving, watching thier family killed, or as slaves. I have no reason to fear death, we all die. ALL of you reading this right now WILL die. Its how you live that matters. I've have several decades of good life and hope to have more but have no regrets if I drop dead this instant.

9-11 was about fear, fear that we were not safe in our largest city in our work place and fear that our center of defence was not invincible. And it worked, people are scared, and giving terrorist exactly what they want.

I for one, am happy even in troubled times.

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