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Homeland Security is more than apt. It's their version of Vaterland Sicherheit

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posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 02:21 AM
Has anyone seen this before....

Vaterland Sicherheit

Vaterland Sicherheit It will be fascinating to learn who gave the actual order to open those old files, dust off the original scripts, do all the updating and then roll. Was it Cheney? Did it come directly from Bush Senior? Could it be that Rumsfeld took the initiative? Their risk assessment sessions must have been astounding. This wasn't, after all, some musty Munich beer hall crowd anymore. The plotters now wore expensive suits and ties. They had already forged alliances with the kingpins of oil and gas and weaponry and pharmaceuticals, on one side, and with the extremist fringe screamers on the other. Sure, it was straight out of the original script, but at least this time the key players appeared respectable. When they decided to come out, was it that they were certain no one would notice, or simply that no one would dare believe that it is what it is? Imagine all those markups, revising and updating the old scripts. Did they do it by committee or were the tools of our age deployed? Did they, for example, simply use Find and Replace commands on their desktop PC's to change Jews to Muslims? How did they know that the public wouldn't rise up and revolt when they disregarded the election results and had the Supreme Court declare them the winners? What made them so certain that the people would not question their updated version of The Reichstag is burning! The Reichstag is burning! Oh yes, they were brazen. Installing Ashcroft, who had just lost his senate seat to a dead man, as lead unraveler of the constitution, was a gutsy thing to pull off. And putting Poindexter, a convicted felon, in charge of the new secret police was likely preceded by quite a discussion. Their abiding faith that they owned the news media was surely a great assist. In fact, pulling off the takeover of media had required years of preparation, yet they accomplished it with aplomb by sticking to their claim that the Free Market allowed a weapons manufacturer and a foreign ideologue to own such enormous slices of the propaganda machine. Yet their creation of an all-encompassing ministry of domestic mayhem and calling it Homeland Security will likely go down in history as the brashest move of all — so far. The word homeland, after all, never enjoyed much usage in the English language, except when South Africa's apartheid tyrants created Bantustans and called them homelands in an attempt to move blacks out of the cities. Otherwise, the word is nothing more than a rough Americanization of Vaterland, a term that worked so well in the original script. They couldn't very well have called this massive new ministry State Security (SS) because that would have been going too far, even for this lot. Homeland Security is more than apt. It's their version of Vaterland Sicherheit and yes, we get the message. - 27 November 2002

I found this little piece while surfing...any truth to it?.I know its kinda old but this puts some of the pieces together, I've found other countries also that has a Homeland Security also, UK, Australia, Israel just to name a few. .

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