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Hypervigilance a possible link to

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posted on Dec, 11 2008 @ 08:30 AM
here's and interesting way to think about those who claim to have psychic abilities.


for starters, I have read for a while now these forums, all of them...gone back many a days...

this is my first post, but feel i have over my time reading gotten to know how some will react to this how some wont.

but that's merely my Hyperviglance talking.

so with that, here's my "rational" explanation

for years i thought i had a special ability to determine how a person is reacting by reading their emotions. I thought hey, I got a cool gift.

I feel this particular disorder(?) might have the ability to explain why some of the people might be lead to believe they have a "power" others do not posses..

first let's find out what Hypervigilance is:

Google is a wonderful tool (but is it out to get us?)

with that we can arm ourselves with a bit of insight into a somewhat different mindset.

a Hyperviligant person might perceive they have a particular ability but only because their mind is in a heightened sense of awareness allowing more "perception" through.

putting them into a heightened sense that they might perceive to be "different" because they are paying closer attention to something they would have otherwise not consciously observed.

AS in the most cases presented in hypervigilant people they are suffering from an already present mental state

most commonly associated with Post Traumatic Stress disorder.

which is commonly associated with post war veterans.

however some evidence shows that victims of rape, molestation, and witnessing of traumatic events, and in some cases experiences of traumatic illness's...can cause PTSD.

I in particular, Have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, With related Hypervigilance, and associated Psychosomatic.

sounds nasty, but just means I am in a heightened state due to the PTSD, and when i get stressed, my body reacts physically.

in some instances HV(hypervigilance) can be misdiagnosed for paranoia. however the differences between the two can make the difference.

IF i need to site references without the wonderful tool of Google for that. I am saddened.

a lot of people that claim to have witnessed UFO's/abductions, could be relatively stated as having experienced a traumatic episode. hence the hypervigilance that may be a product there of their abilities to have "Psychic" powers.

others claim to be "born" with said disorder perhaps a state of regressed memories of a hidden traumatic event that may have occurred in their life(molestation, murder, rape, UFO/abduction, abuse break-up, divorce). possibly leading to a more traumatic mental disorder.

With that I want to open a discussion in a hopefully good way to the possibility of this being the possible aspect of our "psychic" abilities.

And, to put it out there, I am merely claiming this as a Possibility for an explanation, not an definite.

Also if this is not the appropriate place, I apologize.

posted on Dec, 14 2008 @ 09:25 AM
Hmm, nothing. Either it was an uninteresting topic, or I messed up the attention grabbing was my first post after all...

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