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Music adding its voice of concern !

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posted on Apr, 4 2004 @ 10:37 AM
Just like any other world issue in the past, people are starting to use music and rhyme to express their feelings about the "war on terror". Music has often been the most effective way of voicing concerns, especially when othere seem to be making your choices for you. So where are all the strong-minded artists in the charts..... where is that tune that gives us hope, shows us we have a collective voice. What are these people doing, while all this is going on, counting the bling, and obviously disassociating themselves from this particular issue.

Below are links to two different Independent artists, a hiphop mc/producer from the US and a rock group from Northern Ireland, trying to express how they and theirs feel about the current status quo. Please add a link to your music, if you are doing likewise.

reMo Conscious....."down to the wire"


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