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Creating the Energetic Body Double

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posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 12:22 AM
People use many different methods, and whichever method ones feels is good for them is generally suitable, as it keeps the mind on the ideal. Any meditation efforts used to achieve AP, OOBE or Lucid Dreaming is accumulative.

Accumulation of Projection Energy:
No efforts are lost: all are accumulative to achieving the experience.

Always use the Soul Sphere (Orb) White Light Energy as a Protective Shield when beginning each effort, and always before sleeping (every night.
The White light is also a Repelling Energy (Force), which one must learn to call upon automatically, and utilize in any of the many forms that a person feels comfortable with: energy pulse blast, laser strikes, sword effects, etc.
Protection is first & foremost for all inner projection efforts.
On bad days, do not entrain the mind towards thoughts of projecting of the energy self: wait for a day or two (important).

Many people report great difficult in achieving projection, others achieve it fairly quickly. This is a matter of inner development & Intent.

The purpose of this thread, ultimately, is to alert as many as possible to important knowledge regarding achievement:

1) The Crux is all important: Staying awake as one falls asleep. Very difficult & tricky to achieve, but produces tremendous accumulative projection energetic results.

2) This is using the Subtle Nervous System (not the physical nervous system):
Be sure all lights are off (if possible), and enter your own body with your awareness, beginning with the toes, feet, legs, torso, arms, neck (important) and head. Then let the entire body be felt as a whole, with your awareness immersed within your own body. This is Creating the Body of Light, all unbeknownst to the practitioner, and is utterly vital in the achievement of exteriorization.

3) Now, the most critical element in actual achievement. Some will not need this, but most will:
As you are making your practice/meditation/contemplation, Leap the Double Out (see #2) of your physical body. Continue leaping it out, which may be done in innumerable ways, all of which are accumulative: you may rapidly sit up from your physical; you may leap up from a prone position; you may step forward, backward, or to the side, even straight up from the physical body.
This is the exercise function that can be carried on during the entire day (as one thinks of it, or has time: it takes only seconds). This practice is accumulative, and causes the double to be not only constructed, but energized.

A word of warning: surround your home/dwelling with the protective White Light, as well as your body, each night/day. If you have never traveled out of your body before, stay either in your room, or home, or remain close to your home the first time. Continue these practices, and learn the repelling methods. Travel as you choose. Inner plane levels, beyond the physical reflective reality plane (Earth-realtime), may be entered through intent. This is achieved through pre-preparation in meditation, as goals.

Remember, any method is suitable, but you must create your double (which is used to project with), then you must energize it via the leaping from the physical self. What is this activity? It is the lighting bolt of your awareness, which, through your intent, will proell you out of your physical. Never give up, for all exteriorization energetic effort is accumulative.

Be ready! Much success!

The Consciousness States Awareness Levels:
Non-dreaming Sleep :: Dreaming :: Lucid Dreaming :: oobe :: astral projection :: soul projection

Please be aware that these practices will do more than just achieve exteriorization: they will assist you in creating the BOL (Body of Light), or energetic double, which is different than the natural etheric/astral charging bodies.

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posted on Dec, 7 2008 @ 08:48 AM
Thought does not penetrate into the Soul Sphere, for it is a clockwise rotational energy; Awareness penetrates into the Soul Sphere, and the Alpha & Omega Anti-Chakra's, and is a Counterclockwise Force.

By initiating this leaping, springing of awareness from the physical body, the accumulative vibration of exteriorization develops/onsets. The vibration may or not be felt, for it is on a realtime level, but may lead to the common sleep paralysis state. Should such occur, you have reduplicated the state of Seperation.

This development of Leaping the Awareness from the Body will automatically engage even during the SP. However, absolutely no though should be active during the SP state, but rather the prepatory actions of such Awareness felt, which will enable one to achieve seperation. It is this action of stepping from the body, sitting up from the body, that activates the Energetic Double & produces the Seperation of the Double from the Core Self.

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 09:11 PM

Originally posted by SS,Naga

1) The Crux is all important: Staying awake as one falls asleep. Very difficult & tricky to achieve, but produces tremendous accumulative projection energetic results.

by SS,Naga]

By doing this are you in effect tricking your brain into releasing '___' whilst you are still awake, the pineal glad realeases this to make you dream?

I do believe in cosmic conciousness, i have experienced what i would call that when i was a child.

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posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 09:27 PM
reply to post by MCoG1980


But utilizing L,Tryptophan & melatonin can enhance dmt release, also, which have a noticeable effect on the pineal in certain individuals (making active effort, called Intent [directed spirit]).

So, my realization from personal experience/insights is that this is actually the 'leaping' through the Gap. If you ever actually achieve this, you'll instantly be outside your body. And what's even more astounding, is it's an accumulative effort. This means, as you continue with the crux, it will build, and propel you into an exteriorization. If I can do it, so can anyone who makes the effort. It is just a matter of time. Once it is achieved one time, it begins to be a developed practice (if that person remains interested...many are weak of mind-soul-spirit).

Two nights ago I projected twice in the same night. I exteriorize on average once a week. First time, it took approx. two weeks of effort.

To assist in the practice of the crux, meditate just before you are ready for actual sleep (you must sit up to do this), practicing whatever visualization you choose for AP, at least 5-7-10 mins. The subtle nervous system will respond. Have confidence; it is real & you can do it.

Don't forget the vibratory leap (it is a leap in/of cosmic time, not human time).

I, too, have experienced cosmic consciousness; first time when I was 17. Two words, but an entire cosmos of Knowing...(good company, thanks).

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posted on Dec, 13 2008 @ 03:30 AM
Thanks for posting, I got an insight after reading it. A few years ago I did excercises something like you described, being mindful of the body and creating a lightbody also by visualizing. Then I tried movement with it by thinking/visualizing my lightbody moves just to see what would happen. I didn't think in terms of a home or starting point (I never expected to "go" anywhere with my lightbody) nor did I think of any protection.

What happened after that is all very foggy as I went into a psychosis, from what it seemed my lightbody was hijacked by some negative entities, I still don't know what to think of it. Although it was not a pleasant experience I did learn a lot from it, albeit the hard way.

I'll try and jump back into my body for the next few months, already just by trying it after I read your post I'm feeling more grounded.

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posted on Dec, 25 2008 @ 08:30 PM
Awesome thread SS, Naga.

I will be sure to put this info to good use.


posted on Dec, 25 2008 @ 08:51 PM
The first time I astrally projected I did it by complete accident.

I was meditating, and I was trying to "levitate" my body ( I used to have a slight obsession with telekinetics...) but I ended up actually leaving my body.

There was a feeling like a bomb had exploded in my head, and I heard this intense rushing sound mixed with this weird "ommmmmmmmmm" noise. I was extremely disoriented, and I remember floating their staring at my body, I thought at the time that I had died.

That thought put me into a panic and I lost control of myself. I went zipping very rapidly to some unknown destination, and I almost felt as if I were being pulled.

When I got to this destination I felt the intense presence of another being there ( and intense it was).

I watched as this being manifested itself out of what seemed to be originally its own aura of sorts. The being had a brownish-red like energy to it, I also remember that it had this energetic streaks of gold buzzing through it.

Its face was very serpentine, or reptilian if you will. The very presence of this being seemed to be crushing me, I cannot describe the intensity of that creature I saw.

IT shocked me so deeply that in the state I was in I telepathically proclaimed,"I rebuke you in the name of Jesus." I was raised Christian in this life, so I think that me doing that was more of a reflex than anything.

Anyway, after I did that I seriously pi$$ed that spirit off, and the angry-hatred-filled scream that erupted from that entity was so intense, I actually felt it. The sound that came forth from that thing was so shocking it sent me slamming back into my body.

Anyhoo, is that why its important to protect yourself with the white light that you talk about?

posted on Dec, 28 2008 @ 09:18 AM
dalan. - Wow, you got that one mad! I think you indeed upset it; of course, if you did that to me, I'd be mad, too, as I know jesu to be a contrived composite figure, not an actual persona who ever existed: and I would have also been offended!

Yes, the white light would have aided you the better, depending on your belief-structure, and experience with using it.

I, too, met a serpentine being, a naga (hence, the avatar). It spent seven days around me transmitting the diagramatic structure of the WORD (inner guts, or mechanism & operation). It was radiating a powerful silver light from it.

One must attempt to sense the nature of what they encounter in the inner realms. I had a young friend who told me a jesu like being (human) would come to him in his dreams, all dressed in white, that terrified him. I told him to ask it what it wanted. He said it kept coming to him, he told it to go away, and that he just wanted it to leave him alone. Well, he might have gained some insights from it if he'd been more amenable to it, but it was his experience, and each must judge for themselves.

The energy colors you described from it are not conducive to a beneficial encounter, though; so I think you made the best choice. You must be aware how many entities seek to absorb the energies of the humans they encounter. Humans are wonderful renewable sources of energy! Take some, and they replace it fairly quickly. Certain types draw parasitic beings around them, just like in the ocean waters: everything looking to use everything else.

It is a shock to being pulled from the physical and suddenly be in your astral body first time, if one does not Intend it initially. The common thought of 'Am I dead? can destroy the entire experience, creating an overwhelming sense of worry and fear. That's why sites like these are so darned helpful: a little bit of study, and people catch on rather quick. I think that entity helped pull you from your physical, as this is more common than people realize (lots say no word about such stuff).

The experience of slamming back into the body is undelightful, and should be avoid at all costs in the future: however, the great majority have this experience at least once, and they learn from it. Fear & panic are to be avoid: it has a tendency to slam doors and create more fear; also, it can give one a very large headache!

Thanks for relating that experience! And remember, the Guardian (your Soulself) will keep anybody out of the inner realms who's fear is too immense: one must make the decision, and choose to evolve. Armed with knowledge, this is the way Upward & Inward. It is the work of a person's gift of Life (not giving 10% & believing hogwash from a mediator).

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posted on Jan, 2 2009 @ 07:31 PM
Originally posted by SS,Naga

dalan. - Wow, you got that one mad! I think you indeed upset it; of course, if you did that to me, I'd be mad, too, as I know jesu to be a contrived composite figure, not an actual persona who ever existed: and I would have also been offended!

Yeah, I really didn't mean to say it, I was working on reflex the whole time. The reason why I rebuked it the way I did was because I was raised Christian.

Old habits die hard I suppose.

But thank you for your reply, you seem to have a very good working knowledge of the inner realms.

You have intrigued me, I am very curious to meet more of the Nagas.

It would be exciting to meet another race in any realm.

Just as long as they don't scream at me....


My ego has a problem with fear and anxiety right now, and it has for some time now.

I think I am in the process of learning a very powerful lesson.

posted on Jan, 2 2009 @ 08:27 PM
reply to post by dalan.

dalan - Very interesting response! The naga are not the reps, but people can't understand that, as such encounters are rare, and rarely spoken of. You are only the third person I have talked with to meet what I believe was a serpentine being, or naga. They are entirely distinct from the reps.

I keep it pretty mum, myself; the mere mention of a serpentine being cause people to think you are in league with the devil, like in the old hoo-doo days of witch burnings and socerery charges: it hasn't gone away! I mentioned it to one nice lady on ATS...bam! no more talk. Hey, I understand.

What is more interesting to me is the fear you are attempting to deal with. I, too, suffer from anxiety; I, too, experienced the fear of the Unknown, which took me quite awhile to deal with. However, you must deal with it; the sooner, the better. Let me explain a little more along these lines:

The fear is The Unknown Realm (4th Dimension-Up). Your SoulSelf sits at the Gateway (keeping you locked in), and will only let those few who are armed with knowledge and fortitude, through into the Astral realms (which include the mental-[cusp]-soulic). There is a reason for this. It is the Opening of the Door into the Above -Within Inner Realms, which are filled with endless, myriad fauna (or denizens). All want a piece of whoever they can. Yes, there are helpers, but these helpers also require nourishment, which they absorb automatically (not too much, however). It is a dog-eat-dog Universe (Fullverse or Allverse). Galaxies eat galaxies (want a link?); even Prime Creatoress absorbs the lifeforce from S/He's own creation, to Further the Rounds of the Cycle of Light, into newer, higher levels than Ever Before. The Universe is Predatorial fromt he 1st-to-the-4th Dimensions-[cusp].

So, expect to wrestle on the inner planes! Learn the White Light Shielding & Repelling techniques! Practice them. You are incredibly powerful with your physical body, which is an Active Battery Charge! Non-embodied beings (in the 4th D) have no defense against such power, coupled with Knowledge/Knowing-how-to-use-it. However, some are very advanced, and then this isn't much use...Higher-Rules-Lower law. Also, multiple denizens are generally too much for one traveler if it comes to that. I have spoken with an experienced ghost hunter who fought three beings at once! I was once invaded by a swarm of shadow beings, all about me: I could not escape or back them off no matter what I did: I calmed, sought the Inner Sun (true story), managed to achieve it, and they immediately left me. I also teach this method, but it is very difficult: out of five I've taught, only one has achieved it.

I could post something rather revelatory for you, but I am afraid that it would make you want to slam the door even harder. You must Open the Door with Daring and Knowing: To Know :: To Dare :: To Do.

So, know that some can travel with little hassle because of their peculiar energetic make-up; others will attract/encounter undesirables more frequently. Everybody will meet these attacks sooner or later, just as they would if they went swimming la-de-da in the ocean in just a wetsuit for a day. Chances are, you might attract something hungry. Get it? We have Defenses! Expect no one to protect you: the White light is You!

This is part of your very powerful lesson, I suspect! If you want to know the true Depth of the Horror, well, just ask for that post quote. Once you understand, truly understand (quote will help), you will realize that you can stay hidden in the closet consciousness, or come out and Fight: the Neverending Battle ("There is War in Heaven" which never ends!).

And you can u2u me anytime if you wish: I will answer, but sometimes not immediately! Take care.

Silverlight, Whitelight,
Wrap Me in Your Arms;
And Sing to Me of Astral Charms,
Who's Brilliance Is All Light;
Guides the Ways to Power in the Night.

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posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 12:42 PM
SS,Naga I am having trouble with this technique. Do you have any advice for a beginner? I can clear my mind for a few, then I concentrate on my feet to head. After that I try to leap out but I just can't for some reason. Is there anything I should be doing before this?

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 01:57 PM

Originally posted by SS,Naga
reply to post by dalan.

I could post something rather revelatory for you, but I am afraid that it would make you want to slam the door even harder. You must Open the Door with Daring and Knowing: To Know :: To Dare :: To Do.

I'm interested in hearing about this also. Could you U2U me?

posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by ShadowSoul

ShadowSoul - Good name! Yes, please read the original posts a couple more times. Notice that it says you should have chosen an astral projection regimen (method, or routine) you like, and that my given directions are as a supplemental aid. The Leaping is an exercise that activates your energy-double (real).

Astral Projection is difficult, and must be learned and developed into an ability. Most people cannot do it. Those who work very hard at it, give it great effort, usually achieve it, some within weeks, others may take months, or years. Also, not everybody has the same natural abilities for this experience.

I had never heard of it, picked up a book, said "Wow," then began to make the effort. I kept reading books about it, and practicing techniques I'd read about using meditation and yoga. I was able to project fully in just over two weeks. That was many decades ago.

Anything worth achieving, is worth the work. I can direct you to some good AP basic methods, if you like, but you need at least 20 posts (I think) for us to u2u about it. Google should bring up some great information. I haven't seen anything here on ATS that I would recommend as a well-balanced method, mostly comments and experiences.

You must remember, also, to learn the White Light! I wouldn't want you to be surprised, and unprepared, if anything unfriendly was to approach. This generally happens after several experiences, but sometimes right away, othertimes, not for quite awhile.

Remember, ALL your efforts are Accumulative...You loose Nothing! The way it works, is you put in the effort, the Energy to Exteriorize builds, and when it reaches a given level, you'll find yourself Outside your body one evening (projection works all hrs., but evening is easiest).

Please feel free to ask any questions that you wish. Do you ever feel the SP (sleep paralysis) come on you at night?

PS - Luv your avatar! Kick-A$$! You might want to read this post, here: the Real Dragon!)

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posted on Jan, 3 2009 @ 06:13 PM
reply to post by IAmD1

IAmD1 - I'd be happy to post it; let's wait for a bit, and see what dalan says. I f he's not interested, I'll u2u it to you.

But be prepared; you'll find out more about the Nature of Creation than you'd ever suspected. It's one of the reasons people gather into religious groups for safety; anything to avoid knowing the Real Truth. I often say, "Death Before Truth!" is a motto many live by, just not realizing they're being that way.

I've read a number of your posts; glad to have you here!

posted on Jan, 4 2009 @ 03:34 PM
You may go ahead and post for IamD1.

I am willing to learn whatever it is you have to say.

I convinced myself a while back that I would accept the truth no matter what it meant.

Even if initially I didn't like it.


posted on Jan, 4 2009 @ 03:39 PM
I thank you. It is pleasure to be on here.

I am prepared to take that step. I know too much to be able to go back into ignorant bliss anyway. Although trust me I've tried

posted on Jan, 4 2009 @ 04:28 PM
The Truth of the Great Astral Realm Adventure:

[from Quetzalcoatl]
"I once again woke up in a dream as I passed through the Fire Serpent's mouth. This time I felt I was immersed in water with only my face exposed. I was feeling tremendous pressure on all my limbs, but I was not feeling any pain. I came to a horrible realization that I was in a swamp and the pressure I felt was a whole gang of alligators fighting over my body. They were ripping off large chunks of flesh by the mouthfull. I was about to panic when I heard the voice of Master Q instruct me to relax.

"Just relax. This is a test. This is just one of many tests of power in extreme circumstances that is before you. The normal reaction is to panic. Upon the death of the physical organism, the Soul will be released into dire circumstances upon the astral plane. In order to adjust to such extreme circumstances apprentices practice in such extreme circumstances upon the astral plane while alive. It carries much the same impact except it is not as fatal as the real situation. It is fatal if failed, but not as fatal as the same situation in the physical sense. Eventually, with repetition and practice, one could actually master such a situation. With enough repetition and practice in this remedial sense, it is also possible to master such an extreme situation in the physical sense so that it is not fatal. The variable is determined how well the apprentice can bridge the dreaming reality with its physical potential. The irony is that the dream is a parallel physical reality that you are disassociated from.

"So practice pulling your body together from the jaws of defeat. It is only a matter of relaxing and feeling the Warrior Spirit as opposed to the panic that you might normally feel..."
("Scales of the Dragon," A.Dragon)

This is the Truth that is hidden from mankind's awareness; they have great assemblies in the Astral-after-death, called Atmospherea (around/above Earth), that gather-in many to their astral cities, as slaves. These are the first failures. Many others, just succumb to the true horrors that await, and are the second failures. And that is a truly terrifying tale that can last for ages in many cases.

How does one reveal this to a young, child-like awareness race (humanity)? Is it terror to fear, or strength to Know, and to learn this secret? What is this incredible secret? It is called Ascension. As the book proceeds, Quetzalcoat describes this. But many of humanity know of this, and they also are slightly aware that Ascension means transmutation, or death-and-the-possibility-of-Regeneration. Not all achieve this. In fact, "everybody falls the first time!" (Famous quote!)

You might want to read that quote a couple of times, so it has a chance to sink into the consciousness. It is the Universe Challenge of Power, and All face it, eventually: self-aware beings (humans, alien species) have this fear of the Unknown, for in their soul-memory, are these locked failures of many lifetimes effort. Many on Earth think they are safe for awhile...then Death approaches, and they realize they've run out of time trying to solve the Coming Test. The Universe Crushes, Annihlates the Ego Self of all who fail! They must then wait for a chance to start over, slightly wiser than last time!

So, learn to practice the Test.

[edit on 4-1-2009 by SS,Naga]

posted on Jan, 4 2009 @ 05:24 PM

Originally posted by SS,Naga

As you speak it I remember it!!

Thank you - Today has been a long day of revelations!

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 07:15 PM
I can feel the horror of the truth that you speak.

But, I do more so now understand that this is fear and anxiety that I feel on the physical level is a test as well.

Some how I think that I already felt this truth.

So let me ask, when I go into the astral again, and am once again tested, what ever it is that is suppose to frighten me, I simply change my perception and "accept" the situation?

posted on Jan, 6 2009 @ 09:05 PM
reply to post by dalan.

Hi dalan - Glad you perceived the depth of that short message. A few might take it to heart, and overcome the humaness that limits them. Of course, you know this is 'a game,' 'a school,' etc. But in any game, someone wins, someone loses (or many). In school, you get tests; then, of course, the big Test!

Knowing this, anyone would be stupid not to do there homework, or learn the rules, right?

Ok; you, and hopefully some others have gotten the inner message. When you go out into the astral next time, no, don't succumb, or give your will in to anything: read the nature of what is being dealt with: if you read some of my earlier posts, this thread, it mentions sensing what type of encounter you are dealing with, before you react. That's a matter of experience.

Say, you meet something frightening: we both did (nagas). I saw something that stunned me, but was immediately overwhelmed with wonder. It turned out good. Had I reacted differently, what a loss I would have experienced, and never known! You perhaps reacted out of panic, but the difference was, I'd spent years studying with unbending intent (don Juan teachings), and such preparation made a difference. Call it luck. So, make your choices wisely. If you are overwhelmed on the other side, in clear full astral consciousness (pretty rare, really, with so many unable to maintain focus of where they are at, or want to be), then you must learn something important:

You know how you've heard that peolpe with missing limbs can still feel them? Even experience an aching in them at times? Same with the post I made above, and the lesson you must learn, if you can: even if you should experience near annhilation, you can simply 'feel' yourself, and restructure your Self, but where you choose. The error beginners make, is they return to their body. This is failing the test. Pass it, and you will be where this thread speaks of: in the double, or energy body! Surprise! It's called an energy maneuver, and very difficult for humanity to grasp. A person can astral travel, work with energy circulation, etc., for years, and never have any idea of this.

But what I recommend, is develop that fearless strength of light, and travel with courage and humour. One can get too deep, the other too light: Use them both, and you will become like a serpent, subtle and knowing. And don't give in to the dark side! What the heck is that? 6" below the perineum is the Omega anti-chakra, or the darkside (mother=generation) of energy; 6" over your head, slightly offset before your soft spot (like a beam of light striking through water!), is the Alpha anti-chakra, or the lightside (father=regeneration) of energy. Here is the pole you desire to draw to. The ancients drew power from the omega; we are suffering from such actions of their's to this day! (No, the alpha is not the Soul sphere [orb]).

But, take the tests when they come, for you know all tests can be spur-of-the moment, or "sudden death-or-life.". Both rule our lives. Most humans are oblivious to this. Hope I made this clear enough for you and everyone!

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