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I still believe but I'm not sure I care about Aliens/UFO's anymore. Here's why:

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posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 05:42 PM
I believe 100% that Aliens exist and have been visiting us 4 a while now. I have even seen one in AZ. But this huge epiphany just hit me in the past month. I'm letting it go. Why? Well....

Honestly. How many of you here have hoped and wished with every ounce of energy and good intention that you would see a real E.T. in your lifetime? Or that disclosure would happen? Probably many. But most of us end up frustrated, hoping for that one ever-elusive 'undeniable' bit of proof.

We're getting into an almost metaphysical/spiritual question here. Do we really need Alien's/UFO's to validate our existence? Do we really need our friends and govt.'s to believe in this stuff or disclose to give us validation in our lives? No we don't. We need to live our lives for today and hopefully capture something awesome on camera or in person.

If you've seen a UFO or have had contact, then you have a unique experience very few people have. I say let go 'proving' it to anyone. Its practically impossible. Discuss of course, but let go of the need to get validation. Just be thankful for the experience knowing you are special. Forget the govt. disclosing. If ET wanted to be seen on a global scale, they would've by now. It all just makes sense to me.

It's not surprising that many who have the most credible contact cases care the least about proving the existence of ET to anyone. Its almost seems as if one has to reach a point of personal growth of not having to prove this stuff to anyone to even begin to be considered for contact with a more evolved species. Seemingly a paradox.

This is the path I am walking from here on out. You're all welcome to join me. If anything extra ordinary happens I'll post here first

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