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Let's Discuss These Predictions....

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posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 02:27 PM
The first link below takes you to a long list of prophecies that were issued in the mid-1990's, that have all come to pass exactly as predicted. It also provides you with a link to Yahoo's Official Archives which prove they were issued in writing, in the 1990's.

As you will see: Every detail, to include our wars with Iraq, the actors involved, and how it will end, was prophesied in writing, in the 1990's. Every aspect of which is now showing up in our evening news. It even has a link to his prophecy concerning America's Vanity.

The following link will take you to the prophesied food shortage, which at the top provides you with a list of 23 other such prophesied events that have come to pass.

The second link takes you to a page that contains all the prophecies that were issued at the same time as the above, which have NOT YET come to pass, and are also in Yahoo's Official Archives, which prove they too were issued in writing, in the 1990's. As an American you had better hope these prophecies DO NOT come to pass.

The following link takes you to his prophecy that 10,000 Americans will be killed by a terrorist attack, but as well provides you with an index of 14 other prophecies that have not yet come to pass.

Just as it was prophesied that our economy would collapse in 2008.



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