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Anyone else here feel the same way?

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posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 02:56 PM
>>I feel that same way and I am currently educating myself to my own truth beyond what the manipulators want me to accept.
>>Right now, I am currently in the process of understanding the consensus reality and the tactics used by the elite to
>>control humanity with an imaginary separation implanted into the populace.

If there would be an enlighted elite in control of society it would be half the truble. But, I'm afraid, there are no such people in charge thinking "ok, we could build a "free" society, but let's better stuff all sort of useless knowledge into children to make robots out of them!" Does Bush or who ever you think is in charge look like an enlighted Dervish? The ones who are in charge also are poor people who had certain stuff hammered into their head and now they solely believe they are doing good by hummering the same hemorroids into their children.

>>American citizens don't have much power over what bills are passed anymore or not.
>>All that stuff is also useless. I don't want to have to learn about our corrupt government, and go into a detailed science about it.

Yet people who got to a certain point in self-knowlege are like transparent for the other "sleeping" society, the government, etc. They do not care about bills passed, nor they are affected in any way by them. They are sort of dissconnected from the ordinary society. They see "normal" peoples as blind shadows running arround.

>>What about REAL education? Esoteric knowledge. Meditation. LEARNING HOW TO LEARN. Psychology.
>>Learning how to control emotions and handle them. Learning about the truth of humankinds history. Intuition. Useful mathematics.
>>An actual class about common sense and logic. Self defense.
>>Creativity development. Right side brain development. Left side brain development.
>>Learning how to heal ourselves without the use of medication.

Yes, with esoteric knowledge you can get much more in life then from what you get in collage. You'll be able to find what are your true wishes and what was forced on you by the society.
For example, "you should make a bussiness career and earn millions, then you will be happy" was hummered into someone's head. He spent his life chaseing this false goal. When his life is comeing to an end he start thinking "and what the hell did I need all that stuff for? I wasn't happy for a single day! I wanted to be a veterinarian, that woudl have made me happy!"

Also I guess the one with intuition - feeling of the right solution, feeling of people, of their intention... would acheave much more in life then someone with a collage diploma and logical thinking and an abilety to chouse the wrongest possible solution. If you look at a group of people and "feel" that they thing of that and that, that they'd love to buy that and that, you'de get far in life.

Solution? Start looking for that wisdom and training, training, training!

I'd suggest you a few great books, but they are in Russian so you'll have to use an auto-translator ( ) . Quality would be so-so, but understandable.

First of the DEIR books, about disconnecting from the society, starting to work with your energy and ethercal body. I'd suggest to start with this book.

learning to feel your etherical body

forming energy balls

"Where Kuzka's mother winters or how to get a free million of solutions"
A great book by Mirzakarim Norbekov, about simple "blind" people, about "seeing" people ( who have... a... more then 5 senses ) and how to develop this senses.

"Experience of a fool or a key to enlightment"
Also a book by M.S. Norbekov. How people get sick and why they stay sick, even haveing all possible tools to get healthy. + evercises for correcting vision.

"Norbekov's exercises"
A book with practical energetic exercises of how to get and stay healthy.

By the way, the third book of DEIR ( that you should not do untill you've done with the first and most likely the second
) has stuff about basic forms of thelepathy. So you'de be able to give your father a program that self-knowlege is good... and other stuff.

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posted on Aug, 5 2004 @ 05:06 AM
An interesting quote from one book ( that is quoting an old Uzbek(?) book ) about ways in life.

Translates to English by me, so nevermind some misstakes

First way - “IMITATION”.

This way is the easiest and sweetest... in the beginning. But difficult and bitter in the end. Walking this way one does not have to work with his sole. He has to be as everybody, act as everybody, live as everybody. But in the old age - bitterness, repentance and regret...

On this way one does not have to think, all he's got to do is follow his basic wills and instincts.

This is the way of the "sleeping". This is learning the world by repeating the experience of others, by imitating the ones before you.

“Time will come when human would be able, by the use of an object, to lift another object to the stars and back ( to Mars, in our case ) , and further, through 18 thousand worlds to God. ( not sure if this should be understood literally )

Time will come when human would be able, by the use of an object, to lift himself to the stars and back ( in our case - to the moon ) , and further, through 18 thousand worlds to God, to face him in person.

But this will happen only when the time comes. This time might come in 30 breathes or in 30 thousand years. But this is when the time comes and your life might be not enough for waiting.

On this way you can receive, get, collect knowledge and pass it to other people. You can leave a trace in the history of mankind and your experience of going this way.”

Second way - “SOSTOYANIYE” ( not sure how to translate it, could mean “state”, “self-knowledge” ).

The old book says “Remember! If you do not have time to wait thousands of years and you want to face the Creator during your lifetime and dissolve in his great and immense light, you must follow the path of self-knowledge.

Going the path of self-knowledge, revealing your hidden powers, you would be able, with the will of your spirit, to lift another object to the stars and back, and further, through 18 thousand worlds to God. Or you would be able, with the will of your spirit, to lift yourself to the stars and back, and further, through 18 thousand worlds to God.

On this way you will learn hate, passing into compassion to people.

Through compassion you will understand love.

After becoming rich, you will understand the essence of wealth and misery.

You will understand the essence of force and weakness.

You will learn and will understand validity.

You will learn the pain of being alone, remaining among many people.

You will understand happiness and pain simultaneously, by opening your true perception of this world and seeing people they way they really are.

Truth can not be transferred, truth can only be understood.
On the way of imitation, obtaining easy knowledge, your personality disappears, leaveing only the form, dissolved in the crowd. It is very hard to find, understand truth on this way.

The way of the state is the way to the perfect human.

Everybody going this way can understand truth.

Its deficiency consists in the fact that force, ability, love, might and all possibilities, achieved on the way to truth, can not be transmited, transfered to others.

In the transmitting, being reflected in the consciousness of another person, truth perishes.

Task of that going this way - to find, recognize, open the perfect person and to transmit relay race.”

posted on Aug, 5 2004 @ 06:28 AM
i teach college so maybe you might see me as "the enemy" but i just wanted to clear up one thing about what an education is for, especially later high school and college and beyond. it's not about stuffing a bunch of factoids in your head and then proclaiming "i have knowledge." it's about getting real good at critical thinking and critical analysis. basically, how to perceive the world as it really is, and how to fix what's broken in it.

you need to get good at these skills because unfortunately your generation has to deal with a few big hairy ugly complicated messy world problems. yeah, those ones, the ones your parents and all their boomer friends flaked out on and lobbed them down to you. better get in all the critical thinking practice you can, learning how to solve big problems from many different perspectives, and while you're at it start figuring out how other people in other places solve their problems because you never know when something they're doing helps you see how to solve your own problem.

you should probably also get some time in learning how people solved problems in the past, so you don't end up repeating their mistakes, lest you end up having to lob off your problems onto your kids and end up just like your parents and their stupid boomer friends. in fact, that should be your best reason for continuing your education and getting real good at critical thinking and problem-solving: so you don't end up becoming your father.

from what you've written so far, i think you'd do very well in college. you've got that critical thinking thing going on all over the page.

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posted on Aug, 5 2004 @ 07:05 PM
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posted on Aug, 6 2004 @ 02:40 AM
Sorry, next time don't forget to copy before you post. Why not to try writeing that back again? Oh, and maybe removeing that line of red smilies, it screws up the foramt.

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 12:22 AM
First off, I don't understand how you can consider acquiring any type of new information "useless." Knowledge is knowledge, regardless of whether or not you find it relevant. One thing I have learned is the better you understand the other point of view, the better you can fight it. NEVER underestimate any type of information you come across!!!

Second, I don't know what your lifestyle is like, but the majority of my HS life was spent as a punker, and I shared a point of view very similar to yours. As a result, I barely graduated and continued to F-up the next couple of years in Community College (I went cuz that was what I was "supposed" to do). Over the next few years I started to develop a more positive outlook on life, and a little over a year ago I developed kidney disease. Not knowing if I was going to live or die, I developed a whole new outlook on education (among many other things, which I will not go into, being they are off topic). I continued going to school and went from being on academic probation to making the Dean's List. The way I looked at it was this...

You should always take pride in whatever you do and do your best while doing it and...

Your time on this planet is very short, but your legacy after you pass has the potential to live on forever. That legacy will be based on people's perception of you and your beliefs. If you are perceived by others as being lazy and apathetic, as your father does, then so will your legacy and what you spent your life fighting (your beliefs).

You said in your opening post, "Its better to have common sense and no knowledge, than to have all the knowledge of our education system, and no common sense." I agree with you but there is one problem that you will learn later on in life. The world is not this black and white. You need a balance of both to become successful in life (by saying successful, I do not mean status in society. I am referring to personal happiness and success.)

Imagine what this country would be like if blacks throughout the US's history (pre civil rights movement) took your outlook on their future and education. What if they said, "What's the point of school. Our future is bleak, we will always be treated as second class citizens, we are doomed..." and so on? There would not have been any great civil rights leaders, including the great DR. Martin Luther King.

Remember, it's not so much WHAT you are taught in school, but understanding WHY it is being taught to you, and using that to your advantage.

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 10:32 AM
Everone goes through communication problems with their parents , and I agree schools do not teach everything thats important in life , in fact one glaring shortcoming is basic survival techniques. But that dose in no way give anybody a free pass everyone must have a skill or trade that is in demand and pays their comes a time you will have to support yourself as in food clothing , shelter the necessities you may in the future have a family that will require income.
You have some real good advice in John Nada's post and also True Lies In any event I think you are intellegent enough to figure out that although much in our world is phoney , It dose'nt negate the need to prepare for a future because if you are ever to have one you will have to make it happen yourself even your dad knows that.

posted on Aug, 8 2004 @ 11:03 PM
quite storm u share my views. everything that goes on in the school system now is completely forced upon you. regardless of your interest you have to learn it. i think this is horrible and counterproductive to the means at which we all should learn. i can safely say i have learned more from this here website then i ever learned in high school. i have been hesitant to go to college for the simple fact it is identical to high school just bigger work loads. in this modern era knowledge is easily attainable through outlets like computers. i see people who strive in colledge they are excellent obtainers of knowlegde, however their wisdom is that of a house cat. our society is in bad shape, people fold under pressure because of their conditioning to be spinless and not question. this takes away our humanity! we have so much freedom yet if we do not comply with the set standard of government and sociatlital(excuse my poor spelling i cant spell) rule then we are shuned, outcast and labeled criminals. it is easy to acheive all that money wealth power mumbo jumbo, i learned early on though that the ammount of effort it takes to obtain all of that severly ditracts from my freedom of thought and happiness. and yes a cataclysm is iminenent we are all doomed sorry for my extreme opptimism i just think the government has overstepped their boundries of control, and people are really learning to wake up and when the masses wake up ignorance is doomed!!!

posted on Aug, 10 2004 @ 07:26 AM
The Quiet Storm, finish your schooling .Your a pretty intelligent guy. You have great potential, ever thought you could use your potential to help prevent or ease the trouble times ahead. The world will require individuals like your self, but your no good to know if you don’t go through the system.

posted on Aug, 11 2004 @ 05:11 AM
Found an interesting quote, btw. Written a bit hard, yet understendable.

New theme: let us have a talk about the blind... In order to increase THE EFFICIENCY of your life, respected members of the "society of blinds", first of all it is necessary to regain vision.

This is one of our following tasks. When you will regain vision, the stick will no longer be needed. In the comparison with the blind person you will move much faster, you could not only go, you can run to your goal.

Yet the blind does not only not see his goal, but he even does not know what it is and where it is located.


Into the following small paragraph permit me to turn to those, who was in our health-improvement classes.

As you by the force of your will, by the force of your spirit, could improve or restore your health, including sight, in exactly the same manner one can restore the valuable work of the
following sensory organ - intuition. And then you will see: to what the life is another, how familiar and unfamiliar! And you will feel your endless potential!

And you will see: how the majority of people, oh my, are living inside out! They spend their live for survival, they work for the money. The greatest gift of nature - life - they exchange for some things, money, cloth. Days, months, years... they cut off as butter and change for god knows what!

Hurray for the good health our society of invalids! And all their laws, and all their achievements - into the life!

Continuing our study, we encountered the surprising phenomenon: intuition - it exists in us all, but it works differently. To the overwhelming majority intuition brings most frequently harm. This harm - to enemy would not wish!

Mean statistical person - tentatively, 85% of all people - are originally creators of failures onto their... heads. Brilliant creator of empty life, factory producing adventures to their....

These citizens completely depend on the surrounding world. This is the society of "b-e-e-e-e". And into this "b-e-e" enters lots of different characters: from a tramps to the minister.

Although ministers usually... Well, no, also they are.
And these people work, they act for survival. For the survival! That's all!

Conscious or unconscious fear pursues them, large or small fear - uncertainty of tomorrow. This is the syndrome of a blind man, who shaves by touch, stumbling without the leader, along the unknown streets. This person goes somewhere, but what will be after a step? Uncertainty!

For the overcoming of fear of uncertainty the crowd invented its laws, it composed its regulations, it invented its conditionalities and values. And in this crowd each copies each. Briefly, robots from the protoplasm.

They are exhaust by hunger, as once in the Volga Region.

Millions of people are send the war daily, as cannon fodder.

Because they, figuratively speaking, are microorganisms with the imposed from the side precise knowledge of,

how it should be done and how it should not,
who is the enemy and who is the friend,
what is good and what is evil,
what is truth, what is untruth,
and where it is necessary to strive - and so on, and so forth.

But all this knowledge, this entire information is produced by the same blind invalids. And it is transferred, it is packed, it is hammered into the heads of future zombies in schools and institutes. Transfer and production. Production and transfer.


How do we make our child similar to us? Yet simply we begin to ram rhymes, song, "this is possible", "this is impossible", "this is good", "this is bad"...

Why does a three year old child need to know, what was Winnie doing with the Piglet in the hollow? We give them knowledge, unnecessary to them.
This is distracting knowledge!

We train them to count, to write, instead of developing their true, natural state. After two-three years a very interesting states vigorously starts developing within your child. Yet we ram our "senile" marasmus into them and are proud of our wunderKinder.

And eventually the child become whom?

No, not an old man - it will have its time - but a freak, as like me and you! A normal pride of society!

And here I see charging at me, sparkling with its swords in the rays of the setting sun, our entire Red Army of education.


What I just said is absurd, isn't it? You cannot even imagine this! But how could you imagine light, if you would be born blind? Or, more accurate, from two-three years, exactly from the moment, when they began to educating you like this.

You are the same children, only even more blind!

You have already forgot the true sensation of time and space.

You already forgot, how it is to think valuably, to use feelings, to use visual and auditory means, to use entire palette of true possibilities, given to you by... I want to say by God, but, in order to please to your ineradicable materialist ideology, I will say by nature! This memory was destroyed in your the childhood.

And now you yourself hummer your thoughts, your experience of unconsciousness, destroying intuitive thinking, sincere, the spiritual - true - life of your child. Why? Because all "b-e-e" raise their cubs like this.

Well what will come out of this? Look at your life! This very will come out. Or even... better.

We want our children to be above us. We dream, them to go further them us. We strive, so that they would be in everything better them us. So that we could be proud by them. Agree?

But the biggest of the jokes: we clearly overdo it with the training them, what do we make of them? Zombies. Slave, accustomed, so that eternally someone would give the good advice, eternally someone directed.

So what where Winnie doing with the Piglet in the hollow? Right, eating.


Now I have a question for you: why this form of society appeared, where they mutilate children and make wretched out of them?
You think this was by specially designed by someone? No, this is unconscious, and no one specially made this. Simply there are two ways.
The first - route, built for the satisfaction of human laziness. The second - a tiny path, trampled by those, who searches for themselves, those who have light burning within.


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posted on Aug, 16 2004 @ 05:43 AM
Note that in most cases the ones who support Quiet Storm bring up arguments, yet others only say "you have to finish your education, son" ( the thing that was hammered into them by their parent, who got it from their parents and so on... )

>> Remember, it's not so much WHAT you are taught in school, but understanding WHY it is being taught to you, and using that to your advantage.

I assume he is using it. It is being taught BECAUSE the previous generation was taught the same way. And it was taught that way because its previous generation was taught the same way and so on...

So in this case ordinary people are not using their own head to determine what is good or bad for them, what is needed and what is useless, as it's much easier to repeat the experience of the ones before you.

>>First off, I don't understand how you can consider acquiring any type of new information "useless."

From my own experience, I had learned programming for 1.5 years in collage and can say that anybody could achieve the same level of programming skills in about 1.5 month, using the same books. Everything else, starting from physics to civil defense, was not only useless information... moreover nobody remembers it within a month after the tests.

Let's make an experiment, we all learned math in school and collage, maybe even had good degrees in it.
Here are 3 exercises from a 10-12 class school ( not collage! ) book.

1. Does anybody remember how to solve this stuff? Or, at least, where to start?

2. If yes, did you need that information anywhere, anytime, anyhow in real life?

Yet, of course, I do understand that everybody has his own way in life and for most people ( ~85% ) it is much better to use an already-build highway, where everything is clear and understandable, rather then a tiny path, stumbling through bushes, chasing some mystical light of self-knowledge...

Good Luck!

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posted on Aug, 16 2004 @ 06:00 AM

you don't learn how to solve quadratic equations because you are going to solve these equations for the rest of your life. you learn them to exercise your higher brain functions and keep your mind sharp. why would you train to run a 25-mile marathon if you otherwise never plan to run 25 miles to anywhere for any practical reason in your life? you do it to test your endurance, and keep your body in shape. quadratic equations are the 25-mile marathons for your brain.

posted on Aug, 16 2004 @ 06:28 AM
There's a saying:

When one tells a lie - it's a lie
When another repeats it - it's a quote
When everybody repeats it - it is called a well known fact.

In our case there are studies that prove that by running and doing physical exercises we can get our muscles in a better shape.

Yet I have never seen any studies that would say that after doing math exercises the brain would become sharper ( brain isn't really a muscle, right

From studies I heard about, doing math sharpens the left side of the brain - logical thinking, operating with already given facts.

As if you would be training your left hand and leg all the time. And learn to do everything using only your left hand and leg. Yes, they would be in more them perfect shape! But what will happen with your right hand and leg ( creative, intuitive thinking in this case )? It will simply dry out because of not being used.

And would you be able to run a marathon with only one leg and hand

If it's already been a long time since you graduated, what has now happened with those who had As in your class? Of course there might be exceptions, but I assume they went to collage, graduated with a great diploma and now are working for someone(!), who tells them what to do and how to do it. But what had happened to "hooligans" ( not to be confused with "idiots" )? To those who were doing god know what in school, but only not what a teacher would tell them. Aren't they running their own companies now and employing those, who had As?

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posted on Aug, 22 2004 @ 06:30 PM
No one is going to suffer over this but you and your family. Nothing about the way schools are run is going to change..try actively trying alter the way things are done, rather than ruining your future and confining yourself to a life sweeping fastfood store floors. Then you'll have even less of a voice.


posted on Dec, 18 2005 @ 06:42 AM

Originally posted by intrepid
It's not an AA book. It deals with life in an alcoholic enviroment, the rules of an alcoholic household and such. Reading the youngsters posts reminded me of a lot. Also it helps those in this enviroment to break the cycle. The odds are 60/40 that you will either become addicted or marry someone with an addiction. this bears out. I grew up in an alcoholic family. I'm an alcoholic, My brother next to me is a pothead. Next brother down is an alcoholic. The youngest isn't. My first wifes father was an alcoholic. My wife, now, her father same thing.

This is the type of stuff in this book. I think that a lot of the stuff this person is going through is related.

OK, where does he say he lives in an alocholic family??? You take one piece of information (the all or nothing approach as you say) and come up with the idea that this guy lives with alcoholics? Nor did I hear him say anything remotely connected to an all or nothing approach. He's simply saying he doesn't see why he should go to school. I happen to agree. As Martin Lutehr King, Jr. said (I'm paraphrasing) "school last 13 years because it takes that long to indoctrinate a child." School kills the imagination and some kids are smarter than the teachers/administration which is a recipe for trouble. Knowledge can be attqined other ways, by extensive reading for example. Ever hear of self-educated?

Quiet Storm, I hear you and agree with you. I would say to finish high school and then get out and do what you want to do. High school diplomas are important for the job market, at least for now.But I also agree with you, it doesn't seem that our young people really have a future. I've often thought about this and felt badly for our young folks - what do they have to look forward to? At this point, all jobs require that you fit into society's beliefs well and that you do not march to the tune of a different drummer. What's a person to do if they don't see eye to eye with the mainstream?
- Forestlady

posted on Dec, 18 2005 @ 08:50 PM
Yep, it's all about keep you "dumb" and forced into college, so the system can never change, and they seem to always do it through math.

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 02:50 AM
forestlady, my congratulations for digging up a 2 year old topic

At this point, all jobs require that you fit into society's beliefs well and that you do not march to the tune of a different drummer.

I guess its sad that most people already have been programmed "do well in school and get a good job" ... but let's not forget that there are not only people who work for someone, but also those who open their own business and give jobs to others.

So, I believe, if one want to get into the second category he should better try thinking himself - what he needs to start his own business, what skills, what understanding, etc.

Link about education

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 10:16 AM
Hey Bratok - Yeah, I posted and THEN noticed the date on the thread.
Anyway, thanks for paying attention!

posted on Dec, 19 2005 @ 12:09 PM
Pardone me for not reading every page of this thread but i have to go to work soon.

Storm, I've felt exactly the same you did when I was younger. Right now I'm 23 and still trying to comprehend the fact that somehow I got that old. I had a rough childhood, I went through 6 or 7 different high schools before I was forced to give up on the whole ordeal. I've always loved to learn and have a knack for retaining knowledge like a sponge, when I was in school I did very well, I always got straight As and never had to try, I beat out 90% of my class when I took the SATS and only took them once. It wasn't that I was lazy, stupid or couldn't do the work but I've always had a problem with standardized education.

When I was first learning to read I struggled quite a bit, I didn't learn to read as quickly as my classmates did because for my entire life my thought process has been different than those around me. I was stuck in the back of the room to fend for myself while the other children read their Weekly Reader. Instead of sitting in the back and donning a football helmet like the rest of the remedial children, I taught myself to read, and found that I loved it. I read every day, anything i could get my hands on, it wasn't long before I was reading classical literature not even assigned to college students. By the time I was in junior high I was reading the Illiad in it's original Latin. It may sound as if I'm tooting my horn but this is far from the case.

The fact of the matter is that our education system is woefully inane. The idea that we must slow down the class to pick up the slower students is insane. I was always getting in trouble in class, getting sent to the principal's office, because I would be correcting the teacher. I know i should've kept my mouth shut but i couldn't help it when the teacher is feeding his students obviously innacurate information. I wasn't making things up, I wasn't trying to talk about aliens or anything like that. For example I once got sent to the principal's office for saying that Columbus used a copy of Leif Erikkson's Vinland map to find his way to America and that the only reason the trip was proposed was to secure the defeat of the Muslims in Spain, an occupation which ended with Ferdinand and Isabella uniting Northern and Southern Spain. These are easily corroborated facts, they just weren't in the text book.

Knowledge is the most powerful and feared force inthe universe.

The real problem rests with society, the detracters that say you and I are lazy may babble on all they like but I know what I see when I go outside. There is somthing seriously wrong with a society who places more importance on an individual's ability to hurl spheroids through various apperati than someone's ability to compose a sonnet, a symphony, or paint a masterpeice. This particular issue has always irked me as I consider myself a fairly accomplished artist (links at the bottom). The problem is that most of society is inable to compregend somthing of higher intellectual value such as art, music, or literature. Their inability to comprehend such thing leads to feelings of insecurity, the bane of all ego, and they fall back on their bruttish ability ot tackle someone or to steal a base. Humans have a need to make themselves feel better than their fellow man, this is where standardized education comes from.

Students need not comprehend or even accurately recal the information fed to them in class as long as they can mindlessly reiterate the facts they've memorized. It matters not that the facts are untrue, that they are biased to modren political agendas. Even if a student does poorly in a standardized education system it hardly means they are stupid or lazy. I work in a Border's boosktore, and you wouldn't believe how many times i have to tell someone they're not in Barnes & Noble.

The quest for knowledge has to be born of a fire blazing nside you. You must lust for the knowledge and then you will gain it. Just don't exect your father to ever udnerstand or respect your path to knowledge. I know exactly how you feel since my father is much the same way. He's a brilliant man but he comes from a different world and a different time. He doesn't understand how things have changed. I've always considered myself an artist and an intellectual but still managed to force myself to attend a welding school becase my father desired it. When I had finished the school, becoming quite a good wedlor I might add, i informed my dad that I'm going to persue art because it's my passion and I couldn't possibly imagine myself on an assembly line. To this day, without fail, at least once a week he tells me how he wishes I had gone to the factory to weld. I've given up trying to explain to him that I will kill myself.

There is an importnat life lesson we all learn, that there are things you want to do, and things you must do. What you must do is not always what you want to do but it must be done. If you wanted to be a doctor or somthing you must go to school regardless of your desire to do so. What you need is a goal, a strong understanding of what you want to acheive in life and follow your own path regardless of what the peanut gallery says. We are not all the same, there is no one true path in life. There are some of us who think and understand in different ways than others and it's a futile task to try and get them to understand.

I know how you feel Storm but don't waste your time trying to convert someone like your father. If making your father happy is important than at least finish high school and go to colelge. I'm sure you'll have fun in college regardless of the bull plop you have to shovel and those peices of paper they hand you at the end do come in handy later on down the line. I'd love to say more on this subject but I have to go to to work, I hope my post wasn't too rambling, perhaps later in the day i can say more.

posted on Dec, 24 2005 @ 12:29 AM

Originally posted by The Quiet Storm

if you want to base your existense on the idea that the "end is near". You know what, they have been wrong on all their dates so far..Believe me these people did some things and didnt do other things due to their belief of "cataclysm",. regret? you bet!

HAHAHAHAHA! They base their existance on the idea that the "end is near"?

Are you implying that I am? Well, people here are quick to assume, and accuse!

First, I don't think that I am going to die. Life will go on, but the system will change, and based on scientific research and, intuitive feelings and dreams I have had, I know,that we are going to experience massive changes.

2nd.... I am firmly against all cults/religions. Don't categorize me that way.

True true you are right, sorry, but:

"Don't categorize me that way."

The sheep know the way to the water.....

If you continue with a restricted view of the future, you inhibit its potential. The institution of learing is quite generic, but you must go with the flow if you want to matriculate into society...and only the afterwards can you be respected, unfortunatly it is the way the world works..Going against the mainstream will hurt you in the end I only know, from experience


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