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TinWiki Pictures Anyone?

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posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 11:53 AM
Hello Tinfoilers....

I'm just getting into TinWiki after following and posting in the Points for Artwork thread started by William One Sac.

In time I'd like to contribute to some of the writing, but I'm a real "pixel pusher" at heart!

If anyone would like a picture for one of their articles or has a suggestion for another one please let me know.


3D and animated GIFs are what I really enjoy but I'll have a go at anything.

Programs I use are Corels "Bryce 3D" for rendering, Adobes "Photoshop" for final compsiting, Adobes "Image Ready" for animated GIFs and Caligri "Truespace" for object modelling.

I'll admit though, I'm cr*p at freehand and leave that to those with the natural talent for it!

So get your tin-foil creative thinking caps on and feel free to make any requests.


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