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The moment space reverses:

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posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 04:40 PM
Reverse can mean becomes pressure rather than suction. Reverse can mean becomes a solid cast of an element known or unknown. Most importantly, reverse can mean space doesnt allow further movement except for the increasing pressure compression. A compression so strong it even mashes light into a solid.

So, the reverse moment can happen instantly since all of space isn't known for what all it holds and doesn't.

I call it "The Anti-Space Moment". What do you think? Think space can pull a reverse? Dont let how space has been so far fool you. It can be yet a cosmic gearshift tied into a cosmic watch (a ticker).

Perhaps such a moment is an encoding stamp moment for an additional layering of unknown elements and non-matters to merge and/or coat. Next thing you know, when the pressure leaves, and Man returns, Man is newly having mutant-like or super-like powers better than the way of the last Mankind out.

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