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Weird kid.

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posted on Jan, 20 2003 @ 02:14 AM
From the link article

The struggle with the unusual ignitions in the house lasted for almost 24 hours. Then Igor told his relatives that he would immediately collect the balls that were flying about the house and let them go out. Igor says: I let 106 balls out of the house, 26 of them fell into the well and the rest flew to the forest. But there are 212 balls still remaining inside of me. Currently the boy undergoes psychiatric and other examinations in a Kotlass hospital.

sounds like this kid is pretty crazy to me. What does he mean he let 106 balls out of the house,and 26 fell in a well... Any one know any links that show pics or movies about this kid...

[Edited on 15-11-2002 by Beast4rmDaEast]

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