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Chinese Fleet 2008

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posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 07:23 PM

Originally posted by gormly
Plus add to that, you tried to show you weren't being censored by posting a screenshot of a NON Chinese google gateway

I posted that picture to show him I WASN"T IN CHINA.

He accused me of being a Chinese communist living in China and I posted a picture of my location. Its not my fault you and him immediately assumed I lived in China and that is YOUR fault NOT mine

posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 11:25 PM
You know, I could get all defensive and claim that all those ships are old and beat-up looking. And then, I could brag about how ridiculously huge the American military is in comparison. If I had all night, I could even post pictures and stats like Chinawhite.

Or, I could read the OP, take in the information, and simply appreciate that somebody took the time to put that much research and detail into a very informative post.

Good job, Chinawhite, and a star for you.

posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 12:27 AM
china doesn't even want china.

posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 01:55 PM
Very funny how much those Chinese Frigets look like the US Frigets we now this a coincidence or what. The same goes for the Submerines also looking very similer to ours.

posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by mattifikation


Chinawhite posted some pictures and hard data about China's PLAN in the weaponry forum, without any chest-thumping BS, "just the facts ma'am"

That's what the weaponry forum is here for, informative discussion about weaponry, duh

In response we got a bunch of political sniping totally inappropriate to the thread, some staggeringly childish nationalist bragging, etc...

I am very ashamed of the behavior of my American countrymen in this thread.

Are Americans the only people allowed to take pride in the things they build?

Kids, get some things through your head:

China and the US are not enemies.

We are not at war with China, and have no major ongoing disputes with China. China is not an economic "enemy" either, actually they've been propping up our dollar for a while now.

They've also been cooperative on diplomatic issues, acting as a broker in our talks with the North Koreans for example.

The Taiwan issue is also exaggerated: China is unlikely to use force against Taiwan unless Taiwan declares independence - and the US (even the Bush administration) is also opposed to any kind of formal independence for Taiwan. We have endorsed the "One China Policy" - that Taiwan is part of China and they will eventually be reunited - since 1973.

On to the military aspect of things - China's current military modernization (the term "buildup" is incorrect since their force size is actually shrinking steadily) is pretty clearly defensive in nature. As a growing economic and political power they are building a military that is appropriately powerful.

However it's pretty clear their acquisitions have not emphasized global power projection, but regional power - IE the areas off their coast. As a major maritime trading nation, a strong navy is a must.

When the US military discusses the Chinese military "threat", they are not saying that China is actually "threatening" the US. They are simply doing their jobs, and analyzing the potential threat posed by China if we were to come into conflict. It is the military's job to make contingency plans like this, and they are doing it.

It doesn't mean China is waiting to Pearl Harbor us

Last: knowing some active-duty Navy folks, I can assure you they do not share the contempt for China's military shown here. They are aware that China is a growing power with some very capable forces, and they take Chinese capabilities very seriously.

Then again, they're highly-trained professionals, not macho nationalist clowns posting content-challenged BS on a message board

Anyway, thanks again Chinawhite for trying to inform ATS'ers

posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 03:39 AM

Originally posted by blowfishdl
How are you even allowed to visit this website in censored China? You don't have freedom of speech.

Freedom of speech doesn't mean that many people automatically have something to say; just like at ATS for example?

Let me edit this to say something worth reading.

Better late than never.

Star-Wars actually developed into a HUGE satellite program which allows our military to zoom in on your bathroom if we want and take a picture of your face taking a crap.

But these satellites can clearly only recognize faces hence their inability to find Iraqi scuds two decades ago and Iraqi WOMD five years ago. So much for super secret satellites that the US armed forces actually have access to...

If you think that is useless, well you don't understand the military very well do you.

It IS useless as processing so much data would be massive problem which might in fact lead to a intelligence overload that does more damage than good.

Originally posted by Ex_MislTech
That is not all SDI is capable of according to some ppl.

The rail guns are said to have been perfected, and if so they
are a weapon without equal if they are up there.

Right and what bit targets they would be for ground based direct energy weapons who do not have munitions they can counter? So much for space based assets as overwhelmingly superior in all instances.

24 mile per sec. Rail Guns of SDI

How they would achieve this is most likely super conductors,
but I do not have verification of that.

And no one does as we have absolutely no evidence that such weapons exists in either the US, Russia or China. Rail guns might make sense if you have installations on the moon and wish to attack countries on earth but in Earth orbit they are little other than targets with respect to similarly armed countries.

It is cold enough in space for super conductors to function.,
if you keep sunlight off the rails, which is doable.

Temperature in Space

How is this 'proof'? Space is cold therefore railguns would work well? Why not just launch all our frozen foods on rockets for orbital storage?

So it is likely at least a few of these are up there, and it is likely
this is their power source:


I don't see how it's likely even if i acknowledge that there is nothing impossible about it. As for the power source something being 'radioactive' is hardly the critical factor.

Russia even bought some from the US for satellite use.

And the US flew giant magnets to the former USSR ( i suppose they bought it? ) to do god knows what with.

If you think they really pay $500 for the hammers, you don't
understand the black projects way of getting funds

They really DO pay exorbitant prices for hammers and pretty much everything else as these are the types of things contractors do to line their pockets with taxpayer funds. For anyone to suggest that you can fund secret projects by hiding their 'resources' in $500 is to admit that they are not aware of just what Enron style accounting is. Since no one actually knows how the pentagon spends it's money ( the GAO can't complete audits) 500 dollar hammers and ashtrays are not what we need to concern ourselves with.

In fact all these appeals to 'secret' programs may just be yet another ploy to shift the attention from the fact that those funds were simply embezzled on a truly fast scale thus providing no greater benefit to the American people than the F-22's or JSf's are likely to.


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posted on Dec, 5 2008 @ 02:27 PM
reply to post by chinawhite

Ye Gods ChinaWhite...

What a wonderful selection of pictures...

And wonderful information

Poor ChinaWhite

He gets so much crap on boards from people...

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posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 02:24 AM
As somebody who has operated in that area for quite a while in the submarine force, they don't worry me a bit.
The Chinese have a brown water Navy, they only depart their home
waters for short excursions.
Thanks for the pretty pictures of equipment, too bad they SUCK
at operating it. Current tech for them is about 1970's for most of
the equipment compared to the US.

lame, lame.....

posted on Dec, 12 2008 @ 05:26 PM
reply to post by StellarX


In regards to the coldness of space helping with rail guns...

Rail guns generate a massive amount of waste heat. A superconductor conducts electricity with little or no loss of energy through waste heat, which would vastly improve the weapons' efficiency. The thing about superconductors is that currently, they have to be extremely cold to begin with in order to work.

If outer space is sufficiently colder, then it would be less effort to cool the superconductors to the necessary temperatures. That might enable space-based rail gun technology to be feasible sooner than atmosphere-based ones.

At least, this is my guess, based on what I know about railguns and superconductors.

All that being said, I agree that publically disclosed evidence doesn't seem to indicate that any country will be fielding rail guns (space-based or not) in the present or in the near future.

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