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Moving in Time - flash back/forwards

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posted on Nov, 28 2008 @ 01:42 AM
Ok - Here is an interesting experience for all you paranormal folks to get your teeth into.

Somehow this is an embarrassing thread to start, I think because I feel vulnerable about this - because my experiences are so real.

The "short story" version of my experiences

I have experienced on several occasions what I can only describe as either a flash forwards or flash backwards in time, and on other occasions and slow-down or speed-up in time...

Ok I admit it sounds totally stupid at first but my point of sanity is that friends and relatives have been part of some experiences. I always look for 3rd party or physical evidence to make sure it is not the mind playing tricks....

a) I have occasional experiences where I am sure I have physically lived through a perfectly normal few hours of life, and then completely re-lived those few hours everything identical - worse than déjà vu - I honestly cannot tell which is the real version ! did I have a lucid dream before or after ?? I thought I was there in both..... but the story gets more interesting
b) In connect with a) above, there have been a few occasions where I have changed the story in what I felt was the second time around - some would call this simply premonitions – the difference being that until the second time around I would have said I actually lived that time . Two classic cases which unnerved friends and family; have been prevention of accidents to family and friends. The most dramatic was an experience of a friend having a car crash, and this freind was in another country – Somehow I realised I was not really there , phoned them up to check all was ok – ( started to think I had a waking dream or something) apparently things (events people etc) were exactly has I had described except they had not got as far as driving off -- turned out the brakes had failed (they did not know) and I had stopped them setting off just in the nick of time. Another similar one was an experience of a car accident at a junction, and the second time around I "predicted" the cars by colour in order as they passed by and deliberately did not pull-out when i should have because I said someone would try an overtake someone else and smash -- and they did !! These are easy ones to relate because of physical activities.. Other times I have just gone somewhere I have never been - and knew I have been there before and simply re-live a few hours - i know where everything is etc etc not just places, but also stupid things like were the remote control is hidden for a TV in a hotel (was under the towels in the bathroom for some reason) but i knew, already gone through it ! Who (strangers) would walk into place and other things that made no sense to know.
c) I have had experiences - some of them shared with others, where somehow I have gained or lost time. On one occasion I and a friend somehow lived about 4 hours of time in 90 minutes - what we did - where we went just was not possible in the time shown by clocks & watches by a long way.... I have experienced this more than once.... several times driving.... I did one journey in snow, that even in normal conditions takes 2.5-3 hours in just over 90 minutes - made no sense.... I phoned someone as I set off, and they were more than amazed when i turned up.... I have also had it the other way around, where for some reason time just evaporated again in ways that made no sense.... no I do not think I was abducted or anything like that... just lost time somehow

I do not try and make anything happen with this - just surprised when it does - what makes it more interesting is that my daughter seems to have inherited the same sort of experiences.

Reading this back to myself - i sound half nuts! - but really I do have these moments in time; and though other people and physical things it is not simply an illusion in my mind...


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