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Some Experiences in my Consciousness II - Parallel Realities

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posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 05:02 PM
reply to post by mystiq

While thinking about what to share with you about "Evil", I realized that if I followed my usual tendency, I would embark in a long discourse on the matter.

Instead, avoiding ontological discussions that although useful, cannot convince some people and make them think differently of their own experiences, I would like to appeal to your patience and share a couple of thoughts.

First, when speaking about "Evil", it is of the utmost importance to differentiate between Evil EFFECTS and Evil SOURCES, for they are quite clearly not the same.

There are certainly duality-based Universes such as ours, where due to the lessons we are "putting ourselves through", we WILL experience some junctures that most can interpret as evil EFFECTS.

When I shared about my "viewing", I stated clearly that at certain levels, I meet NO EVIL, neither frontally or by default, meaning that there are no discernible sources which ARE evil in themselves as far as my mind can perceive.

In addition, when examining, or rather, reveling about the Nature of the Divine that gives us, our Souls themselves, Existence and eternal sustain, I do not meet as a part of Creation the existence of "Evil" souls, energy centers, or evil beings with any kind with formal or objective existence, for the very characteristic of "Evil", violates the very reason of ANYTHING existing: the infinite expanding of the Mind of the Divine through experience.

So, to say it in short, "making" Souls which are evil is a contradiction. How can something evil learn, for example? If anything, destroy would be the directive, and this is impossible at certain levels, which are precisely the ones I describe as being completely "Evil Free".

Please remember that, for example, an "evil" human or "alien", is an EFFECT of deeper realities, not an independent being propagating "Evil" as its true source.

A deeper belief in the Nature of the Divine can already give you a simple glimpse into this. I realize it is not always the most intuitive direction to seek, but eventually, when presented with it, I encourage you to follow it and see where it might take you.

Sooner than later it will all be clear for everybody, but making this information available, at the very least can help some into not perpetuating any further these ideas and sentiments that do NOT reflect faithfully the Heart of the Divine.

posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 06:54 AM
reply to post by citizenc

I see no terribly good reason to believe that your early experiences were anything other than genuinely mystical. But I don’t know, they may or may not be. There are many things they could be, but you are the only one that will ever know the real truth of any of them, because they were given to you, for you to understand. I have shared virtually nothing of experience to contradict you because they are mine and no one else’s, and should be largely unimportant to them. Arguing experiences themselves becomes ridiculous and might make us proud fools. We should never rely on your or anyone else’s experiences. Entertaining us as spiritual voyeurs won’t help us. Though I do see they can be helpful up to a point to illustrate. Neither will overly lengthy dissertations. You are the originator of this thread, and the one bringing the truth, I just disagree in some parts. I noted very early that you obviously feel you have higher permission or higher purpose to what you are doing, if I am not mistaken. No harm telling your story, everyone has a story and it can be welcome, though if it points to being other than an average ordinary person, I am a bit wary. To me those to whom these things come in any way “naturally” have a certain flavour in the information to be wary of. That’s all. This might just mean I have not interpreted what you have said correctly. It doesn’t mean I think less of you, or that you are lying to us. The contrary really, even though I may not agree. I am less interested in long debates, you will win them every time if you really wish to.

Things like showering others thought forms with white light might not be harmful in itself, if we think it will help us. To me it just seems airy fairy. I just doubt those that do that have ever studied light (or lack of) as it pertains to their own psyche and it’s underlying energies. If they did they might have other priorities. Though yes, I see you may have done this and have your reasons. I see some good things in this thread, but not all. Viva la difference. This should not be problematic. Now I really should be quiet, if you don’t mind an interjector listening in, to let you continue without as much interruption…..

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posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 11:38 AM
reply to post by Cogito, Ergo Sum

Nothing to continue really, but thank you for the gracious attitude.

And, believe it or not, I agree totally with you in all respects, and your attitude is exactly one that I praised as recommendable and much saner than passive acquiescence to what others say (remember the other thread?).

The one point that I might disagree with, is that I don't think I have ever been airy fairy; that is not even possible, at least as I see myself. Tell me where and I rectify!

Thank you for your excellent input.

posted on Dec, 2 2008 @ 12:07 PM
I agree there were no souls that were born or made evil. My experience was really an eye opener for me, and there were aspects about it that led me to research, and even contacting someone who mentioned light weapons. Up until that moment, I had thought there was a possibility that evil was a joint poltergeist energy stemming from humanities traumas. Then, I reformed that.

I couldn't believe the childish notion given in the bible, or rather in Christian credes, concerning evil. The bible actually uses scriptures that were never intended to be used that way. My 2 theories are: 1) for the sake of dualism, angels and higher ets volunteered and hence they became the bad guys with the light taken from them, because they geniunely believe they are in a war, which is ludicrous to me; or, 2) (and this fits into my version of dimensions, soul evolution, ets) That God booted most of us out lovingly, and much of the work of our soul evolution is conducted by higher level people, ets, etc. (This is a little bit like one of the most informative threads I found on another forum that went into a soul connection between lives, and even Sleeper's Milton information on his thread on his website.) Even some angels were booted to oversee us and help. God is working through us, giving responsibilites to us, especially to the higher people, and watching us run things.

Its all a lesson with many opportunities for growth at all levels, and there are mistakes, even judgments and karma that are not in accordance with God's forgiveness and love, being made here. I think maybe the higher angels that were booted out with us, maybe started a slippery slope of making mistakes and becoming judgmental and arrogant. In the end, we have a lower dimensional "prison" for more danerous types that will be saved too, but everything in its time.

In my experience, I had a sword, a light sword. I swung it around wildly a bit to defend myself or keep them away. It was light and love. I kept asking for angel help, and working on converting them. A message kept coming, I was doing fine, despite my feelings to the contrary. I also had a vague impression of angels watching over the situation and a vague memory of going on raids with these guys and this sword, in the lower dimensions attempting to convert a few more.

It was strange. I wrote to someone who mentioned the weapon. I believe he was more into the GLF thing than I am and he started talking about Andromeda being the source of healing guides and Pleiadies being the source of light warriors under St. Michael. He associated with the former, and said I was the latter. St. Michael was the figure I named my rescuer in the end, so his words alarmed me. I sensed to a degree he was right, though perhaps not in the exact words. Perhaps it wasn't cut and dried about galaxies and whatnot, but there was something there that I sensed. He offered me to ask his instructor to work with me. I couldn't work up the courage to write back, and certainly hoped a war wasn't going to occur in the future where this would be needed in the earth plane. I was more than a little alarmed though an inner truth was there, I didn't feel that that was my reason for this life time.

Anyway, your thread now has really presented some wonderful looks at spiritual knowledge, lessons and a way to grow that I'm very happy to be reading . Thank you for it.

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posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 03:36 PM
For those who could be interested, I posted the third thread:

Thanks for the response, and the interest shown so far.

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