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Some Experiences in my Consciousness II - Parallel Realities

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posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 09:50 AM
CC, thank you for another deep and thought provoking thread. I am following with anticipation and also with a sense of ‘knowing’ that I know this… weird. (How can I know, but not know at the same time?- oh, I think I know!)

I am in the process of my awakening, and oh, how fantastic it can be. I read and devour the texts, I practice, I meditate. I am, however, still in the beginning stages and I am stumped at one thing, or one phenomena. Where do animals come in? Or more specifically, why am I constantly drawn to animals- any animal actually, but a lot of the time, birds. Why do I actively seek to find injured or sick animals? The part of this that has me questioning my tactics when it comes to saving them is this: If that animal is also here to experience itself, am I intruding on its destiny by rushing to its rescue? I speak of wild animals for the most part here. I realize I ventured off topic here, and I apologize, but this issue is where my BLOCK seems to be in reaching further. In any given situation related to this, my HS seems to SHOVE me to lend a hand. Maybe I just answered myself.

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 11:09 AM
reply to post by blujay

I hope CC takes time to respond, but reading your post, I wished to attempt to make you aware that animals are part of humanity, as we are part of them, reflected from humanity's Unconscious-Conscious-Supraconscious Reality (Consensus Agreement of Substance-Light-Force Creation).

So, being considerate of them is a wonder we have an opportunity to partake of. Abuse is sad, senseless. We should all practice restraint from meat eating, for when you choose flesh, you unknowingly (unconsciously) kill animals. Check some slaughter-house utube vids if any wish to; quite abhorrent.

One can only do so much, it seems. This is a predatorial universe, composed of duality/polarity in constant creative conflict.

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posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 12:24 PM
reply to post by blujay

With all due respect to different opinions, as far as my experience has shown me, is that EVERYTHING that IS is a manifestation of deeper realities.

There are literally infinite number of "consciousnesses" expressing themselves in an infinite number of ways, out of which this 3D is just one.

Animal are, from what I have been able to see, just some more Energies, as you and me, as the rocks, and the water, and whatever. We are seeking expression of deeper truths, and seeking to EXPAND those expressions and Understanding.

EVERYTHING has Understanding according to its "level" of expression. IT IS NOT A QUALITY OF "INTELLIGENT" LIFE ONLY.

So, repeating something that has been said through History maaaany times:


Not just somethings, the ones I happen to like, or the cute ones, or the "good" ones.


This is why, whatever your chosen personality attracts you to, and is inclined to RELATE TO IN Sacredness, will be sacred and important to you personally.

This is why, it would be a constant and always-loosing battle to "choose" sides in this or that current of respect for ANY particular form in Nature.

Respect and Love everything to the extent of your capabilities, and live your life as best you can, with YOUR personality and what is available to you. So, for example, when rushing to the rescue, do it if you feel called and comfortable with doing so, no more and no less.

EVERYTHING is an expression of the Divine, and so is our life and any life, as well as the ways in which the natural orders have come to take place.

This is also why, to slightly digress with SS,Naga, if we were to choose our diets, already parting ways from our natural inclinations, but based upon the level of sacredness or "spiritual importance" of what is to be eaten, then we would need to starve.

This is why a distinction needs to be made between the WHAT and the HOW of things.

To conclude, the answer is on what I said before: everyone is called to do their best, within their OWN and UNIQUE personality, and that is already enough for a life well lived.

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 12:31 PM
To Harman and the others:

A little about the Mechanics:

If a classical pianist were to give a master-class to a crowd, not knowing exactly what level to expect or to address, it would be hard to find something useful and of interest to say to everybody.

In the same way, I am not sure how to explain, avoiding my now famous book, without getting into too much unnecessary detail, or without leaving out things that can be useful to some.

This is why I will just limit myself to some information, knowing that it will be useful to those ready to make some fire out of the wood.

Let me begin by saying that, anything beyond this point, or practically anything I do, is in a meditative state.

I have explained before that, at least from my perspective, a meditative state is a state where the mind is free, loose, and able to concentrate where YOU point it, without distractions or static.

This is why I keep mentioning that I think it is a good idea for those who do not have control of where their mind goes, to practice some sort of neutral meditation, to simply develop capacity of focus and concentration. The sports analogy I used before as meditation being training but not the actual sport applies.

Also, many of the things I will describe happen automatically for me. Since my aim is to EXPAND my Being WITH experience, most of what I do and search is so that it can be brought and BE, HERE AND NOW. I will be trying to explain some natural processes as they are for me now, knowing that ANYBODY is capable of reaching out and tapping into these all-very-human abilities.

How and where to go:

1- I start by going to a place I call my parting platform. It is just a level where the mind is slightly detached from perceiving in the now and 3D, and everything is quiet.

From here, moving in ANY direction becomes a matter of subtle manipulation, in the sense that the “Mind” as I call it, the perceiving mechanism, acts as a tool. It goes where YOU say and perceives. That is its job.

I once mentioned that I “threw” my perception or Mind into the different or desired places, and that is pretty much it, for me. I “WILL” it to go in a particular place, and it does. This requires clarity, practice, concentration and focus, all of which will yield results pretty much akin to the level of preparation.

You cannot expect yourself to be able to run a marathon tomorrow just because you have two legs. You could run A marathon, but only after the right preparation and conditions have been sought and reached to a certain degree.

In any case, I have noticed that desire and motivation, as suggested in my story, are great “fuel” for mind traveling, once the other “abilities” are honed and developed.

Also, I have noticed that, since people in general are not entirely familiar with their minds in a “quiet” state, since static and mind-wandering are normal for almost everybody, it will be the same once going to the platform, only magnified. This is why it is important to be able to maintain focus.

2- From that platform, there are many options available:

a- Directly “inwards” or “upwards” into my personality as CC, I can reach many different levels of perspective of HS.
From here, depending on the depth or height you reach, you can perceive YOURSELF as you get “closer and closer” to your HS (this as are MOST ALL descriptions I am using, are just psychological differences and appreciations). This allows “looking down” from a higher perspective what is going on inside or within you. You understand yourself better and get more information as to why some things are happening, and also get some solutions and “advice” to how to deal with determined situations and problems.

b- A little more traveling towards “the sides”, and I can see some of my “closest” parallel of alternative CCs as they go about some OTHER aspects of the here and now. The deeper I would want to go into any of “them” the higher or deeper I would have to go into HS to THEN reach “sideways” towards the desired perspective.

c- Going in another direction that feels “inward”, I can start reaching, also as a spreading field, some of my other “Lives”. I say this out of convention, for in reality what I do is instantly connect to aspects of my other “Round Table” components in a very immediate way.

It seems that this one, as many other connections, now happen quite instantaneously for me. A simple analogy would be that of a shortcut in a desktop. I don’t have to go looking for the folder anymore, because I just click on my “shortcut” and there I am.
Especially in this area, many flashes happen automatically, since I keep myself so open, to the point where there is continuous communication and relating between some aspects of the self.

3- Reaching into “higher” platforms before parting, allows me to see more “general” aspects of my life and social networks, country, etc. It seems that these platforms are sort of the “collective minds” of the different “Bodies” that take being in these planes.

To reach into the “collective unconscious” for example, all I do is reach a “higher platform” until I get there. You can recognize the different platforms from what you can see and perceive while there.

There, as an example, you can see what people think and feel IN GENERAL about certain subjects and events. Of course, knowing a bit about current events and being fairly even-minded and calm at heart helps, so that you yourself are not “swept” by the different currents you might encounter.

4- In general, any of the above mentioned directions can be mixed into the different platforms, and then you begin to get glimpses of very wide and even mind boggling aspects of reality that up until now I have found of little practical use, because of their so wide scope.

I have described the geography only, since this is just to help who can or wants to, see if they can corroborate these “indications”.

Many of these phases and shifts are very subtly “divided”, so much so that sometimes talking about different levels is just to make some distinctions for places and mental states that transition without a glitch.

I thought I was saying just a couple of things, and it as already gotten long. Let me know if this can be useful, and/or we can take it from here.

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 02:45 PM

Originally posted by citizenc
reply to post by Lemon Fresh

Later, I would understand that fear was just a HINDRANCE, and that where there is Understanding and simple Faith in the Nature of our own being, there is no room for fear. Fear is human, but as any human creation, it can be examined and outgrown when necessary.

Thanks, that is very helpful. I have a part of me that seems to "know" the ins and outs of things, and then theres the insecure part that questions everything, even those things that at a deeper level seem to make sense.

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by citizenc

Thanks for sharing. I find your experiences and insight most compelling and very useful to say the least.

Much appreciated.

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 03:40 PM
”I hope CC takes time to respond, but reading your post, I wished to attempt to make you aware that animals are part of humanity, as we are part of them, reflected from humanity's Unconscious-Conscious-Supraconscious Reality (Consensus Agreement of Substance-Light-Force Creation).”

– Thank you so much SS,Naga, that is beautiful. They just always show up! I tend to see into the souls of these creatures.

“With all due respect to different opinions, as far as my experience has shown me, is that EVERYTHING that IS is a manifestation of deeper realities.

There are literally infinite number of "consciousnesses" expressing themselves in an infinite number of ways, out of which this 3D is just one.

Animal are, from what I have been able to see, just some more Energies, as you and me, as the rocks, and the water, and whatever. We are seeking expression of deeper truths, and seeking to EXPAND those expressions and Understanding.”

- CC, I see, so they are just energies out there expanding their own consciousnesses, like the rest of us. That helps an enormous amount.

I appreciate you both taking the time to respond. I will now have more peace of mind!

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 04:29 PM
reply to post by citizenc

CC this is an excellent thread and very similar to Skyfloating but different too.

I would like to ask did you use any tools to reach your goals, like aromatherapy, candles, music, hypnosis?

I know that there is no easy ways, but did you use anything to assist you.

Thanks RT

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 07:38 PM
reply to post by Realtruth

I would like to ask did you use any tools to reach your goals, like aromatherapy, candles, music, hypnosis?

I know that there is no easy ways, but did you use anything to assist you.

Thanks RT

Excellent question, and one that should not be taken for granted...

The fact is that there are many efforts nowadays to keep humanity "under control". I will not get deeper into that.

Instead, I will go deeper int the "solutions", or things you CAN do to make your life better and for YOURSELF to be and feel in a freer state, with more presence of mind and more readiness to SEE beyond all the "distractions" and traps that are being placed in front of our eyes.

In my "efforts", I do not use anything in particular, because I FILL MY EVERYDAY LIFE WITH BEAUTIFUL MOMENTS, which make me STAY in the levels that are ideal for ANY type of deeper experience.

This makes anything I do more meaningful, and every effort I make comes from a CC, a someone that is already predisposed to be more effective, and in higher resonance with fruitful energies.

I posted a thread once, with some good advice on SIMPLE things you can do to make yourself and your life more effective, cleaner, and with more probabilities of seeing results from your efforts into ANYTHING you do.

The thread itself was posted as a response to a couple of 2012 "alarm-sensationalistic" threads, so the opening should be read in that context.

The Handbook, however, as written, applies completely to the here and now.

I will post it here:

In it, I posted some of what is going on at the "collective mental" levels, and how to tackle the "bumps" on the road; how to bring yourself to a workable energy level, no matter where you are or what you do.

So, in answer to your question, I make sure that my every hour of everyday is consonant with my deep desires, with what I consider peaceful and beautiful, with good moments, happy, beautiful music, excellent bike rides, contact with nature and it's wondrous beauty, etc.

In short, these are EVERYDAY tasks, not on-the-moment solutions.

This predisposes my STATE, so that WHEN I embark in any effort or "travel", my state is as always: optimal and ready to go.

Surround yourself and your life of what you KNOW is good for you and your "Heart"; you will not take long to notice the results.

When people "use" things as the ones you said ONLY when a desired result or activity is pursued, it is like using band-aids in a sense.

The peaceful, steady mind would not need any more "push" if it is ready.

Let me know if this makes sense to you.

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posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 08:33 PM
cc and other posters,
I can't help but express again how familiar this thread feels to my own experiences in this timeline for this PC expression of my HS. And again I encourage all here to explore the Matrix material I mentioned in my previous post. You will find references to Dr. Monroe's development of techniques for Astral Projection and find detailed descriptions of the "platforms" I believe cc refers to in his latest posts.
With more than 50 years of experience in the path of consciousness development and gifted with clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities as a child I would like to emphasize cc's first axiom. Regardless of which particular path one chooses to explore this field of research, one must first train ones consciousness to remain in the observer mode ie that state of meditation until as cc suggest it becomes that state of consciousness that one perceives this reality from and as one branches out to other platforms from.
From my own experience if one centers ones consciousness in the heart center and proceeds from there to develop communion with HS and allows this communion to develop. Your progress will proceed at your own unique pace and guidance unique to your own choices of experience for this incarnation.
Some one asked in a previous post how one can change the past or the future. Souls can by choice experience different modes of development. There is development through linear lives where the experiences of one incarnation carry over to the next and the memory of those lives is carried onto subsequent incarnations. Those souls who are members of the current human experience chose differently. We have chosen to develop in simultaneous time. So whether consciously or not the choices we make inform and affect all the other incarnations we are having in this divine moment. So as they sit around the Round Table as cc described it on one platform they are informed and choices and changes proceed accordingly.
After listening to your post cc you are from others experiences, similar to your own, referred to as either one of several dominant or perhaps final incarnation at the Round Table.
"Ramzu knows this, you can only get lost if you are trying to get somewhere." Play hard, Laugh lots, Love more

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 09:07 PM
reply to post by citizenc

Much appreciated citizenc. I have to say i feel some kinship with you in regards how you do your research, with bare logic. The remark about that book 'the elegant universe' really hit home with me because i love science that is honest about what it knows and doesn't, that author hits home with me, i read his follow-up book "The Fabric Of The Cosmos" and it blew me away, even with his unfounded restrictions on the theories he postulates it's a great read.

Jung is a personal hero of mine in regards of psychology and i could continue with the whole story but you get the point. One thing i do not get is that scientists still try to dismiss the (for me) fact that what happens on a micro level affects the macro level.

Look at some theories of quantum, they mostly agree that the conscious observer has an effect on the particles it observers but deny it has any more effect on the macro level, it just doesn't compute.

Anyway, thanks for the info you gave there, it helps and i will keep on reading your stuff and research on my own. It 'rocks' to see someone with the same conclusions and way of research as myself that has some sort of affirmation on my beliefs/conclusions. gives further personal evidence that i'm not losing it

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 09:28 PM
The only thing I have to disagree with is that evil or the more traditional beings don't exist, because I would have agreed with you until almost 3 years ago. But my experience is otherwise, though the reasons are a complete mystery to me. The thing that has to happen for everyone to truly be happy, is to know that all are advancing, including them. It just makes everything more complicated, and really adds to our lessons. But in my heart I realized that patience was a virtue, and that in time all of this would be resolved for us and them, and not in a negative manner.

posted on Nov, 29 2008 @ 10:35 PM
reply to post by hawkwind

Nothing like the mind-expanding insights of Hawkwind, eh, hawkwind?
("...only the rushing is heard...")

I also have those 'gifts' you speak of, and am also 58. Small world. Luv your info, too. I wouldn't mind hearing about your Saturn episode(s), but respect your reticence.

Looking forward...

posted on Nov, 30 2008 @ 05:30 AM
reply to post by hawkwind

Thank you again for the encouragement and excellent comments. Glad to see that some "independent" work is mirrored by others.

I would like to emphasize a couple of the points you made as a very good way of understanding some of the "theory" behind what is going on:

From my own experience if one centers ones consciousness in the heart center and proceeds from there to develop communion with HS and allows this communion to develop. Your progress will proceed at your own unique pace and guidance unique to your own choices of experience for this incarnation.

That is exactly how it feels and works sometimes, and I recommend that whoever understands the above, to explore it an put it into practice. I have tried to avoid using some concepts that might be limiting, depending on the capacity of a "base" reader, but most definitely the study of chackra theory and meditation is most indicated for the person that wants to "advance" in these respects.

We have chosen to develop in simultaneous time. So whether consciously or not the choices we make inform and affect all the other incarnations we are having in this divine moment. So as they sit around the Round Table as cc described it on one platform they are informed and choices and changes proceed accordingly.

This is also right on. In fact, the acute reader may have now begun to understand what a day looks like for me and whoever has reached a certain state of openness and inner communication.

Just as others have "pushed" me into sharing some of these things, I encourage you and others to participate here and in the next and last two threads, and I will be very happy to participate in yours, when or if you decide to.

posted on Nov, 30 2008 @ 06:13 AM
To Mystiq and others:

I will post on the "Evil" issues and the Time changing matters as soon as I will have more time, for I will be a bit busy today.

I hope to see you later.

posted on Nov, 30 2008 @ 04:53 PM
to SS, Naga,
I want you to know I did try and post a response to to your inquiry and the unreliable server I'm on out here in western colorado saw fit to trash it as I was posting it to the board. Perhaps as it was not quite germane to the thread here and perhaps too long I will try in this reply to KISS it.
This Saturn return was characterized by the passing of my partner due to a bout with breast cancer. The previous era of my life which would read like a Dan Millman or Carlos Castenada novel seems very far away at this point. In retreat here in a town of 500+- I try to be of service to those spirit brings across my path but I seem to be keeping the jib just .02 west of nothing. Which I seem to know more about than ever before. As the limits of this painting shuffle around and rearrange themselves for what I can only imagine will be the next and last great adventure of this life I am patient and content to enjoy the unbelievably beautiful nature that surrounds me here. Perhaps that's nuff said.
Find Peace - Play lots - Laugh hard - Love even harder
to quote my HS .. If you find yourself doing anything in this life for any other reason than just for the love of it, be suspicious of yourself

posted on Nov, 30 2008 @ 05:53 PM
reply to post by hawkwind

I & my wife are partners of 22 yrs., and work like two halves of a ying-yang beachball; either would be hard put without the other, so I must commend your strength and courage.

I am myself a life-long student of don Juan.

When I lived in the Mts. of Colorado, my back door opened up to 40 acres of national forest, and my cabin hung over the cliff-edge of a deep river bend. Breathtaking beauty. It was in these mts. that I met the namesake of my avatar, which changed my awareness forever.

I presume our consciousness of such things cause this thread to resound within our souls. Well met.

posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 07:17 AM
reply to post by citizenc

Control of where our mind goes is useful and necessary. It is called concentration. No “self” can truly meditate

There is another theory of these selves. A reality for many who have looked into it deeply enough. If we look at our physical selves as a vehicle for our psychology to express itself and learn in this dimension it can help us to understand. These selves do live in other dimensions, so called parallel universes and are all connected by the soul in a way. They come about due the incessant creative nature of our mind and imagination. In this way our feelings, desires etc take shape in the worlds of the mind. Our past fears, future hopes etc over many lifetimes. In fact anything we devote enough emotional and/or mental energy to will take form. It is easy to see if someone spent enough energy perfecting music and had a picture of what they hoped to become, this too will take shape. It will personify these things. We animate them with the same thing that animates us, or what we might relate to our human soul. There are central or core selves, but they are all illusory. They are our illusion itself. There are selves that personify our anger, happiness, sadness and a thousand things in between. They cause our pain and they make up our subconscious. What Freud referred to, if memory serves me, as a deep vast cesspit. Or words to that effect. They come and go within us continually causing our different inner states, thoughts, feelings and give a feeling of continuity. They are quite often conflicting. Those with spiritual aspirations can even unconsciously “create” guides which seem real, and they are in some ways, but they come from this same process. They tell people what they wish to hear etc. Though I’m not saying this is happening here, or that there are no guides, there are. With some knowledge of this it’s easy to see how people can create all sorts of “divine” or “holy” encounters and even a very strong “self’ that is supposedly divine inspired. Saddly much of the new age movement and self styled gurus is based on this. We do have a soul that is immortal, but at the moment it is not at our disposal, because of these “selves”. It is even possible that the mind is so developed in this way that there is no light of this soul left available, for all intents and purposes. If we look further we can see “selves” that have no human form and relate to our instinctive selves. These things originally given by nature to help us survive, but complicated by us over a very long time. Their form can give a hint to their origin. It is a process we need to reverse, to find a way to be rid of these selves that make us robotic, in a way. Beyond these things of the mind there is complete peace, joy and beauty, but no sense of self as we know it. This self centeredness and division is of the mind. These selves stop the light of our soul or whatever term we wish to use filling our mind on its own. This is possible to experience to some degree just by finding a way to make the mind quiet and the animated/aware part stronger, or to go beyond the mind and become part of the great light itself, during meditation.

These selves are many but not infinite. It is possible to see them in total, all at once. This would be necessary to see ourselves as we are. It might not be pretty. We do create our reality, but blindly for the most part. We rarely understand what hits us until after, if at all. To create knowingly requires different options and some knowledge of the forces of creation. For example what forces created us? When we really have knowledge of this we can come to know our true guide, who guides even the “guides” and can create and destroy. Mother nature herself within us.

There is nothing new here, as there is nothing really new in this thread. Some very interesting experiences though. Some great advice on intuition, though faith is something we have to create through experience and knowledge. Otherwise it is just a strong but empty belief. That you managed to “cut something off at the roots” could turn out to be something worthwhile.

People have been known to teach all of these things, in fact I have looked deeply at both sides of this in one form or another over many decades. One seems to be quite ancient with roots to forms of Buddhism ( the ego/desires of the mind keeping us bound to the wheel of life etc) and in a modern way possibly to Gurdjeiff. While the other is quite new age. The groups that spring from them can often be very cultish. I would prefer to believe that we just sit back enjoy, shower a bit of white light around and all will be well. But it isn’t so. What I have said won’t be for everyone or please everyone. Some will have their mind made up without knowing both sides, as they are allowed to do. Some might know more than I could ever hope to. It is for the ones who might like to look further, for themselves. A balanced thread needs balance after all. I will now leave you alone.

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posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 09:43 AM
reply to post by Cogito, Ergo Sum

No need to leave anybody alone, and your search of "balance" is appreciated.

There are, however, a few instances where your type of arguments do not try to debate, but rather explain away the sort of experiences I have shared, in a way that seems contradictory: "the results are "interesting", and some are very useful, but it is all imaginary, delusional, quackery, etc...."

First of all, you mention the " desire of spiritual experiences": I assure you, my desires when I was 5, were not going very far beyond that red tricycle I got for my birthday.

The fact is, and I have said this before, that LEGITIMATE experiences of the STILL "different" kind leave no choice to the person who goes through them, and there are very definite ways in which THIS can be corroborated, whether the experience itself can be "proved" or not.

I have only shared SOME things, and will share a couple more, for EXPLICATIVE purposes only, so that others can begin to open themselves to THEIR so far hidden potentials, which are continuously denied by the "establishment", and are still stubbornly rejected by so many others who otherwise would admit to having many "unexplained" glances into the Human possibilities.

I think that even through this anonymous medium, I have demonstrated enough competence to be able to say the following:

Do you think that I have not asked, studied and researched many of the PSYCHOLOGICAL possibilities and putative explanations to the phenomena at hand?

Do you think that I have not CONSIDERED in a very serious manner MANY MORE than just a few of the themes you bring up?

The serious, intelligent seeker will NEED to have answered these and much tougher alternatives TO HIMSELF, way before any of this can be shared or even whipered in public.

I realize that there are many out there who speak the most unimaginable loads of trash, but when there is a possibility of a more serious and useful confrontation, for the sakes of INFORMATION itself, the standards can and should be raised, and some doors LEFT OPEN, which would indicate, at the very least, the necessary intellectual humility to get anywhere.

Lying or deluding others can be sustained up to certain point and can be done, but when when we talk about INFORMATION, which has always been my declared purpose, there are only three possibilities:

1- You TRY AND ANALYZE the information, and share some or all results.

2- You try and analyze the information, and you DO NOT share or achieve the same results or conclusions.

3- You DO NOT try or analyze the information, and then emit (or not) not thorough enough judgments on the validity of the information.

When speaking with people of the first two categories, it is at least possible to confront ideas and impressions on an experiential basis.

When, however, people speak coming from the third group, as your analysis SEEMS to indicate, for you share no strictly personal-based impressions whatsoever, it is impossible to engage in fruitful debate, for the core of the exchange will be based on the merit or less of information that, for either side, remains an insuperable divide.

It would be like saying "Rome is an imaginary land", just because you have never been there. It is very real for the rest or few of us who live and visit there.

posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 09:44 AM
The Aspected Self (mirrored image), includes mirrored shadow images, or the parallel selves in all-now time (4D up). Yet each must do the required work of soul growth (flowering). If one aspect of the multiple selves achieves this, all are affected, but all do not have to follow the energetic 'pulling' of such energies traveling through the parallel selves.

Message? You are working for awareness 'Crowning' in each reality level, but are part of the here now of each consensus agreement energy containment field. Part of your selves, as given by OP, are at unequal space-time & meta states. The here now 'concrete reality' (called our Earth) being experienced & simultaneously connected to parallel selves, is only limited or enhanced by them until You (or any self aspect) achieves this flowering, the state of 'Freedom' achieved by bridging the Gap/the Rainbow Bridge/the Abyss successfully, where one encounters the Pure Energy condition. At this time, mergings occur for the multiple selves remaining, not with them'selves', but with other energetic constructs.

This is called 'collapsing,' or 'imploding,' without which energy would continue into an expanding state of inertial expression without the potential of further evolvement of 'self-enfoldment.'

The nicest thing about this rather advanced thread (OP), is it brings awareness of the 'here-now' ability to merge active concurrent awareness of the multiple selves and benefit each from the other (see post#1). The opposite is a potential, also, but at a certain stage, predominant upward evolving effort takes hold.

Achievement of the state of Pure Energy? It is considered clearly impossible, or 'seems' impossible when viewed from this side of the Universal Energy Construct. That is Illusion! But an illusion sufficient to deter all but the most dogged efforts...

The number of parallel selves is heavily debated, but it is a moot point, and no two 'sources' concur on the topic. Similar to the actual structure of the Rainbow Self, or Generated Core (the mystery of the Caduceus), which nobody seems to agree upon, also.

You are in the Maze!

Only the bricks of Certain-Knowledge-of-Absolute-Truth (relative in the All-Now!) enables one to build the mighty pyramid of self, and rise above the maze. This does not come from the external (Reflected) condition, but from the internal (Real) state of the self(s).
The Irides[color=lightbl ue]cen[color=Magenta]t bricks of Truth.

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