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", and command education "The Watch."

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posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 12:34 PM
Learn the watch.

It comes five deep, implicated, and applicable senses: smell, taste, hear, see, and feel. They all read-out and make-out.

So let me ask my educated ppl, what have you significantly learned through each?--smelling?, tasting?, hearing?, seeing?, & feeling? And which one have you learned more with?

Let me also pin-point a fact... What you have only inside your momentary, sensing focus, is "The etc." Example: If you're yet reading a Mabus thread, then it's, inside your only current watch, "The Mabus Thread". If you are yey listening into something your homey saying, then such is become your watching priority moment (nothing else), and so such inside your senses top the moment is "The Homey Saying". At a computer? Then it's, inside your current, utter focus, "The Computer".

What you are yet sensing is become your senses top focus. And basically, it's a watching concerning any stimulated sense.

According to the gospel (particularly Mark 13), a commander has for all a priority education named "The Watch". Our five senses are yet tools for "The etc." when it's issueing, or arising, or come across. And the tools usages serve our priority education commandment.

All 5 senses together give you your greater sense of balance. Remove a certain sense, and your sense of balance is hindered. So yes, five senses, together, when working smooth with each other, make extra senses for you (a platform).

What's inside come a priority focus I currently sense theme wise, is "The Redemption". And such is my theme (even: the me) platform, implication wise and application wise. A second, third, fouth, and fifth theme, for me, are yet "The Wizardtry", "The Duality", The Desireables, and "The False-Lasting."

With your sense of feel, it is how you can talk since it's how you can feel to use parts you make the concentrated focus of your feel. Like vocal cords, you have to feel with focus on them to work them. You should feel your whole moveable parts through awareness (feel). You can make certain areas of yourself you aware to the more. Without feel you would actually not have concentration. This is why when deep asleep you dont hear anyone, say, whispering into your ear since the ear lacks concentration. And being yet awake should give automatic concentration into your hearing areas. Vibrations your ear hears are yet feel connected, are yet they not? So with feel you have some basic, automatic feel-concerntration areas when awake.

You aint learning jack without your commander. Be yet it DNA and/or Cosmic Harmony and/or Higher Power, you do have a commander up the chain, nonetheleast says you still watching-able. Until senses whole shut off, you have a relevant commander's comandment.

"Watch" is 5 letters which correlates with the 5 senses. Watching = reguarding. And such is what all 5 senses work for doing.

[edit on 27-11-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 01:08 PM
"The Wizardtry", (It's Wizardly)
"The Duality",
The Desireables, and
"The False-Lasting." forgot the Less-Desirables. Remember each side, with Duality has a mirror-image. And, don't forget the Evaporating Truth.

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