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TA-THREATS: Bomb found on Spanish rail track

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posted on Apr, 2 2004 @ 01:59 PM
An explosive device was discovered on the rail line between Madrid and Seville. It is a similar device as the ones used to kill 191 people on March 11.



All trains between Madrid and Seville were cancelled after a rail employee noticed a suspicious package on the line, half an hour's journey from Madrid.

The latest alert comes as Spanish police continue to pursue suspected Islamic militants for last month's train bombings.

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[Edited on 4-4-2004 by William One Sac]

posted on Apr, 2 2004 @ 08:47 PM

The Spanish army was ordered to protect the country's rail network yesterday after police defused a bomb on a track between Madrid and Seville.

The bomb, weighing 12kg, was connected to a detonation cable, rather than a mobile phone as in the previous attack, when 10 bombs claimed by al-Qaeda killed 191 people and injured more than 1,000 after exploding on four commuter trains in early rush hour traffic.

These events are interesting as I was under the impression that the recent Spanish elections were largely seen as the country voicing it's opinion that the Spanish people do not agree with the foreign policies of the current administration. Indeed, the incoming party almost immedietely announced they would pull all troops from Iraq. Apparently this is not enough to quell the murderous intentions of the terrorists.

Railway bomb prompts Madrid to call out army

posted on Apr, 2 2004 @ 09:36 PM
William, as I have stated before, these terrorists will not stop for anything. They have said from their own lips that they want to destroy all the infidels.

This is why we can't just leave terrorists do whatever they want, so they become stronger and commit worse attacks on innocent people.

posted on Apr, 3 2004 @ 05:43 PM
could it be our goverment or say the americans planting the bombs to make it look like terrorist so that it forces spains hand into taking aa toughter stance on iraq and mending the political bridges they have burned with us and uk cos i cant see why they would continue a terror campaign when they have achieved possibly there largest evr victory

posted on Apr, 3 2004 @ 05:51 PM
Also in connection to this story, Police went to arrest possble terroists linked to the bomb...

Full story

Three terror suspects blew themselves up as police in Madrid tried to arrest them in connection with the March 11 train bombings.
One police officer was killed in the blast and up to 15 people, including 11 officers, were injured.

Spain's Interior Minister Angel Acebes said the suspects fired shots before detonating a device when they were cornered in an apartment block.

posted on Apr, 4 2004 @ 11:47 AM
The Spanish are now saying that the ring leader of the March 11 attacks was killed in the blast. I hope the Spanish people do not become complacent now, as the Brigade of Abu Hafs al-Masri, a group connected with Al-Qaida, has threatened more of the same types of attacks as the March 11 ones if the Spanish do not pull their troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan within four weeks...

Acebes said the four who died Saturday night included a Tunisian named Sarhane Ben Abdelmajid Fakhet, described by Spanish authorities as the leader of the group suspected of carrying out the March 11 train attacks that killed 191 people.

Ringleader of Madrid Attacks Dies in Raid

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