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Possibilty of a Global Flooding apocalypse unlikely

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posted on Nov, 26 2008 @ 09:36 AM
PS. Not sure where to put this thread so please move if neccessary..

Please bare with me, as my story will take a few turns but will get to the point eventually. :-)

Let me start off by saying that I am not a 2012 believer/fanatic in any sense. But after having read some of the threads on the matter, I came to the following realisation:

Since I can remember I have always had this freaky fascination with a flooding scenario. As a kid I always used to get my siblings to play "Flood Flood". We would pretend to gather food stocks etc just before a major flood would strike and eventually sit in a small boat with only oceans of water all around. I have flooding dreams/nightmares on a regular basis. It is usually something in the lines of having to climb high mountains/ground faster than sea level is rising to survive, with major loss of life all around.

I am in my 30's and have probably only written 4 "kinda" poems in my life before, but found the following quite coincidental. 8 months to the day before the Thailand Tsunami wrote a poem at work when I was bored, but at the time didnt even think of flooding or anything of the sorts..

. A drop in the ocean

Embalmed, the body of water insidiously grins
Taunting the mortal sole with eyes of revenging dare
Smothering earth’s face, virtually enveloping naked land,
keeping and taking life at its own will.

Each tiny drop collaborates
Giving their all, with virtuous intent
Bending, shaping, tugging, pulling
Creating an ocean that can swallow the moon.

But every drop is too tiny!
Way too small to see the might
And the muscle of their chaste joint force
Joint shackled force that destroys and kills…

Waves eating away at rock & stone,
Killing, Crushing, Gobbling
Spitting out the dead,

Recycling murder….

……into beautiful sandy beaches.

Aren’t we all simple drops, with naive intent?
Is God merely a surfer, excitedly watching us,
Him, praying for a wave,
Us, continuously rolling at his feet…

ALL oblivious of the bigger picture….?

CK 26.04.2004

Needless to say I really enjoyed D-Day movies depicting some sorts of flooding like
- "Deep Impact"
- "The day after tomorrow" etc

It also dawned upon me that I have always suffered a fear of deep dark water. Like some would have fears of heights. Whenever I would go water skiing, I'd not fall for fear of bobbing above a deep body of water, rather than just enjoying the ski.

To get to my point, I have been questioning the remote possiblilty of an event causing a global flooding for some time now, and came accross this very interesting picture:

A very neat visual comparison of the total amount of water and air in the world, provided by Dan Phiffer.

On the left is 1.4087 billion cubic kilometres of water and on the right 5140 trillion tonnes of air gathered into a ball at sea-level density.

I was shocked at how little water and atmosphere was on earth and am asking the following question:

With so little water on earths surface, would any event example: melting of the poles, Planet X, Pole shift or Huge astroid, be able to ever cause a global flooding, because looking at the pic above, it just seems highly unlikely!!

Apologies for all the uselless info, just had the urge to share the history of my fascination with the subject.

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posted on Nov, 26 2008 @ 09:38 AM
chance of flooding apocalypse = ZERO

thank you, come again

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