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Sleep Paralysis - I just woke up with a Demon atop my bed.

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posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 07:17 AM

Originally posted by patrickrpg
Dude it sound like a strok, and you should probly see a doctor and the demond is you eyes tring to make since of anything it can see, but I wouldn't tell the doc about it. It could even be a stroke caused by a clot in the brain. GO SEE A DOCTOR< then come bac and chat!

Thanks for your concern.
I don't think you have any knowledge or experience with medicine/doctors or sleep paralysis so i will take your suggestion with a grain of salt. Be Well!

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 07:22 AM
reply to post by poltergeist

Awesome experience shared, thank you kindly for your honesty and openness!
Be Well!

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 07:23 AM
reply to post by Little One

I like you.

1 lines not acceptable here.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 07:30 AM
Sorry if it's already been said but what you're talking about sounds very much like the "the dweller on the threshold"
It's not really a Demon, dont worry.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 07:33 AM

Originally posted by s0ndernet

Originally posted by patrickrpg
Dude it sound like a strok, and you should probly see a doctor and the demond is you eyes tring to make since of anything it can see, but I wouldn't tell the doc about it. It could even be a stroke caused by a clot in the brain. GO SEE A DOCTOR< then come bac and chat!

Thanks for your concern.
I don't think you have any knowledge or experience with medicine/doctors or sleep paralysis so i will take your suggestion with a grain of salt. Be Well!

Indeed, it's not a stroke - as if that wasn't already blatantly obvious. Sleep paralysis is the stage just prior to an OOBE - if you so wish. There is however like I already mentioned - a gatekeeper so to speak. This "being" will try to scare you into staying put - warning you not to leave your body etc. The dweller on the threshold must be overcome before astral projection is possible. I'm not sure if this happens to everyone, but it certainly does with fearful people.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 07:38 AM

Originally posted by s0ndernet
I want to share this story with people while its fresh in my mind, it happened approx 3.5 hours prior to the time of this posting. And i would appreciate some sharing of experiences or even theorizing on the topic but please dont bash me and be gentle this is a fresh wound per say.

I have not experienced sleep paralysis since i was a child, during which time i had developed life threatening cancer and a tumor on my heart.

I awoke after an interrupted dream at 3am, I lucid dream nightly and this dream was CUT OFF midway and a bright electronic light was waived over my face/eyes out of nowhere in my dreamstate at which point i saw a silver car pulled up to the room i was in and i looked out the window at it.
Then awoke from my dream:
Instantly my eyes open, body paralyzed, face up, head turned left. And i can feel a vibrational force of energy being sucked out of my genital region, upward. My bed is vibrating and shaking lightly with a similar sensation to the buzzing vibration around my genitals. (Shaking in a way i cannot replicate now with all my force shaking the bed and intent to do so)
My right eye is still blinded from this light waived over it in what i perceived to be my dream. I am now aware that i can only see out of my left eye which is smashed to a pillow.
I'm frightened, compressed breathing and within seconds of my eyes opening I recognize I'm paralyzed, similar to my childhood experiences.

I turned my eyes first to break the paralysis then my neck and head to face upright forward to see a small multidimensional being sitting atop the end of my bed frame, it made an evil smirk and disappeared before my eyes.

It was very real and it was not as science explains sleep paralysis which are hallucinations.
I was awake when i saw this being, this was NO hallucination, i've done my fair share of psychedelics and i know that this was not a 'trip' or vision.

I've not been one to give credence to 'evil forces' or things like this as much as 'good forces' and i do recognize the dualist good/evil world we live in.

The only thing i did differently before going to bed last night was recognize my creator and reminded myself and my creator that i am a willing warrior/soldier in the spiritual army of light/good what have you.
I then said a few prayers for friends and family who are struggling in life.
Most nights i don't pray but because of a discussion earlier in the night regarding spirituality i thought to spend time doing so.
I think in offering to be a soldier i set myself up for a battle, it wasn't even 2 hours after praying this that i awoke to this experience.
I spoke to my father before he left for work an 2 hours after the experience, he prays A LOT, i know this, and he was awoken at 3am and reminded to pray, after i told him this experience he was startled and promised to continue to pray for my protection, for which i am thankful.
Fear does not control me and i live my life intentionally with focus on unconditional love.

This experience is going to take a lot of milling over to fully grasp but i will say that i now have a personal experience to prove (for myself) certain aspects of spiritual realms of which i could only speculate before.

Let it be said, i do not intend to let this scare tactic by the forces of evil stand in my way of my purpose and promise to be a warrior for good.
Thanks for taking the time to read.
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[edit on 26-11-2008 by s0ndernet]

Ohh... Silly me, I probably should have mentioned this earlier. The vibrational sensation in your genital area would have been your base chakra and is where the seat of Kundalini lies. It is important for this chakra to first be developed before any real spiritual progress can actually be attained. This might have been an answer to your prayer bud, or at least the beginning of a good work not yet complete.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 07:53 AM
Sorry for being such a Johnny come lately here but I just had to post this. I have had similar sleep paralysis experiances myself. The most recent one was waking up to the sound of buzzing flies in my ear. I awoke, fully concious but unable to move any part of my body except my eyes. I was instantly aware of a presence in my room at the foot of my bed. I was very scared and my heart was racing. The figure was a dark hooded individual with one of his arms outstreched as if pointing to something. As I started to come out of the paralysis, and my body started to twitch back to life, the figure faded into the night.

I have had many experiances like this one. Often with the flies buzzing. Sometimes with the static noises as described earlier by another poster. I have had what you would refer to as a Grey Alien in my room, very sinister looking and scared the hell out of me.

I am a born again Christian and I beleive these entities to be demonic in their origin. I have a friend who is a Christian who has had similar experiances. Our pastor went to his house and prayed for protection from the Lord and my friend decribed what he heard during the prayer as rushing wind trying to escape from his house. I know that most people are going to be sceptical about these occurances but I can guarentee you that they are 100% real.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 08:02 AM

Originally posted by TheRealDonPedros

I experience sleep paralysis regularly ( once a month ), I have yet to experience the pressure on the chest phenomenon. I just get scared and feel as though I could let go and die or struggle with every muscle fiber, starting with the most miniscule shakes to wake my body up. I can sometimes mumble and ask for help from my fiance, she can speed the process by moving me up.

Some common variations of the chest pressure phenomenon include:

The Throttler: A being perceived as strangling the experiencer who feels unable to breathe

The Crusher: A being perceived as sitting on the experiencer's chest or suffocating him or her.

The Old Hag: A witch or a phantom being sent by a witch to torment the individual.

Demons: Any sort of entity that is perceived as evil in a religious or spiritual sense. Could be a Dark Man, a Robed, Hooded Figure, etc.

The Incubus/Succubus: An Incubus is a spirit/demon that seeks sex with sleeping females while a Succubus is a spirit/demon that seeks sex with sleeping males. The human partner may enjoy these visits and maintain a long-term relationship with the 'spirit lover'.

Aliens: Beings who paralyze experiencers with technologically sophisticated devices and abduct them. Some experiencers report being physically abducted, while others report that only their spirit was taken (abduction of the Out-of-Body self).

The Dearly Departed: Apparitions of the deceased.

Creatures from Folklore: The folklore of various cultures mention any number of strange beings that paralyze, abduct and interbreed with humans.

I envy you're ability to let go into the lucid dream as I'm pretty sure thats what would await me on the other side of my paralysis struggle.


The Don

your post resonated with me in many ways...the image (i think have been messed with by such creatures on a few occasions when i was younger)..and also your mentioning of the chest pressure thing..i often get that and i always think im going to die..its like a truck resting on my chest and it will just explode any minute...HORRIBLE..

however..i never linked this to any aliens..i just assumed i should do more sport..

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 08:08 AM
Nimrods Son,

I too get the static and buzzing. Then usually it feel's asthough there is pressure in my head building up... then boof and there is a flash of light in front of my eyes. Startled i then realise i can't move!
Just one example of how it starts for me.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 08:10 AM
reply to post by mortalengine

Both your replies have given me further insight, Thank You!
This idea of the gatekeeper who is there to keep the fearful from wandering beyond OOBE and into the spirit realms by testing their fear, thats why if you overcome the fear the OOBE begins and when you dont it is manifest as whatever archetype your mental coordinator visualizes the fear to be. I have no experience with turning the SP into OOBE but i've always wanted the chance to try and i think im getting there with controlling/removing my fears.
As for the base chakra and kundilini.
I have done kundilini yoga and i am aware of auras and my own chakras including what kind of state each chakra is in. I have had my kundilini open completely, a few times and in this case as i mention in a reply on the 6th page, maybe, that a lot of release of my fears through my base chakra occurred that night and that was most certainly related to the sensation i was feeling. How its related i must still continue to work out. It could very well be that the energy was leaving my base chakra causing a physical sensation while my body was at rest and that the sensation was NOT in fact an entity feeding on it but the release of the energy itself.
I think ill spend some time studying the energetic process by which certain chakras release/unlock themselves and what each one of those should feel like. Wow im getting my mind blown right now. time to sleep a bit before waking to turkey day. Zomg this post broke the front page just now, im glad its been an affective thread for discussing this phenomenon and its varying interpretations.

I encourage people to continue to share their experiences and even guess at what certain aspects of the experience relate to. More to come later. Thanks!

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 08:47 AM
reply to post by s0ndernet

Actually this sounds exactly like a sleep paralysis experience to the tee. The discovery channel did a special on this and your story sounds identical to others interviewed on the show. Scientists can actually recreate these experiences by stimulating different areas of the brain.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 08:58 AM
reply to post by alienesque

Its all just an interpretation of the event based on the individuals perception. Someone who is heavily influenced by the UFO subculture would more than likely experience an ET presence. A devout Christian may experience the Demon phenomenon. Ive dug pretty deep into OBE's via Psilocibe Cubensis, Ketamine and Salvia and recognize the feeling (as least for my experience) as the beginning of "Ego Death" or loss of self.


posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:04 AM
There is a difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection. The paralysis, and heavy vibration you felt isn't a bad thing. Its the normal process one goes through right before they step out of there skin and enter into the astra plane. The so-called demon you saw, isn't what you think it is. There is a guardian at the gateway which exists, but can't harm you. Always rember YOU are in command. And you can't live in fear. Once thse two things are understood and put into practice, You will win your battle. It has nothing to do with prayer, or gods, or devils. You have to control your own destiny. Do this and the mutiple deminsions will become availible to you.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:05 AM
Here's a real event for you, but first a little background information, currently 19, in university asnd have no real issues with anything, I consider myself incredably fortunate.

A few years ago when I was maybe 16 I had experienced what at the time seemed like a completely elogical unexplainable event that to put it frankly, scared the living ***** out of me.

I had come home from school early and decided to go have a nap seeing as I had a long borring day, I tend to fight my "demons" in my sleep and in day dreams (what I mean by that is my fears or issues I contemplate, metaphorically speaking, I have no belief in demons, god, devil or any of that and am in no way relegious to any extent).

So I was day dreaming about flying, I was in 3rd person view looking at myself flying in (the only way to describe would be a fly by camera in movies) a way that pressured my fear and anxiety level, I was flying backwards, upside down in a endless corridor with endless rows of pillars and what seemed to be endless levels and I would glide to lower levels untill I reached the basement, which (just remember this is my imagination, just a mental movie so to speak) was starting to scare be because flying upside down and backwards symbolised the fear of uncertainty and having no self control or in simple terms being vulnrable. Once I was flying on the lowest level there where cracks on the floor and beneath was a bottemless empty drop fiilled with fear and what I considered hell. and as I flew closer to the floor I felt so scared but I kept imaging it, testing myself trying to over come my fears, and suddenly, I couldn't take it anymore I opened my eyes and bam, I was paralyised.

Could you imagine my fear as I awoke from this dream, what had happened is I was concentrating so hard that I actually fell asleep and was officially dreaming, and when I woke I couldn't move, it was like as if something had grabbed me by the neck and was pulling me into the bed, I was trying my hardest to move and yell for help but it was useless. To cut a long story short once I snapped out of it I was dumbfounded, I could not for the life of me understand what just happened, so I did it again, started the same imagination and wouldn't you know it after what seemed like 3 minutes I was paralysed again.

I spent many hours trying to figure out what happened, I got the relegious point of view, the your crazy point of view but eventually I found out it was sleep paralysis and it made complete sense, no demons, no evil spirits, no witches or aliens, just the power of my mind waking before it could physically do so.

Which brings me to my next point, people are so under educated that it is dissapointing to hear certain stories, and without discredeting anyone else I would like to put forth a concept, that concept is.

For every action, there is a physical reaction, to live our bodies must do millions of things we are not aware of things that can be seen, touched, tested, measured and eventually justified. Now sleep paralysis is simply a chemical imbalance in the brain so to speak, without getting into neurology or anything like that, we can basically understand that for us to think a neuron must spark for us to see our eyelids must open now to think a demon or an unknown entity is attacking you based of ignorance is just silly is it not? when we don't know something we have to replace it with some sort of "fact" that justifies it or we would go into chaos from fear of uncertainty, now I think that's sad, that instead of imbracing a simply concept that your lower brain stem designated to motor movements can still be asleep while your frontal cortex activates, people replace it with silly things like aliens or demons, face it your genetic make up makes you prone to sleep paralysis and your lack there of your body would lead you to believe otherwise. Just to clarify I don't doubt aliens, in fact I think it's silly to doubt in the vast universe out there that we are alo

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:09 AM
I believe you s0ndernet.

Although I can't really say much as I don't know much on the subject. But I believe it can happen, whether being awoken by spirits, demons, aliens or multi-dimensional beings, any one of those is possible. There are an incredible amount of things that we do not see in this world and you had a glimpse of one of them.

I had a similar but pretty different experience, it was not demonic, thats why I can't give much advice. But I was paralyzed and I focused on trying to break the paralysis and was able 'jump' at the being. I wish you luck and strength if there is a next time.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:17 AM
s0ndernet -

Remember the entity you saw? It's presence verifies that it was feeding from your energy. Energetic development takes time and has infinite aspects and variety of experiences-feelings-effects: these are not to be confused with other commingling (concurrent) aspects of given experiences.

It's called 'the maze,' which everyone travels. Certain Knowledge of Absolute Truth will lead to achievement, the structuring of your energetic Body of Light (BOL). Without discernment, you cannot ascertain true knowledge, but remain lost (confused/wondering).

If you wish to know (& you seem to), SP takes many forms (as I posted earlier). In the energetic development of evolving individuals, e.g., those working with their chakras, SP is a belssing. It is a sign that you are ready to form the BOL. Here, most fall miserably short due to lack of Knowing. Directions for the Brave:

Sensing SP occurring, instantly enter a stage of non-thought (non-energy action); stop all mental wondering, effort, response. Ride through it, suspend mind entirely! Your etheric is about to extrude from your physical at this time. You will not achieve this without intent, which must be directed from mediation or earlier visualizing. You won't (most likely), achieve the exteriorization the first time or times: "everybody falls the first time" (Matrix). Pre-prepare yourself with Intent to exteriorize; anytime you are aware in the dream state, train yourself to rise, lift, whatever, from your body: seperate from it consciously. Move away from the physical form immediately if/as this occurs (12-15 ft.) to avoid being absorbed back in.

Energetic Maneuver: stay awake until the last second possible as you are falling asleep. Hold as still as possible up to this moment. This is called 'the Crux." All effort to exteriorize is Accumulative, and will result in a conscious (actual) experience of being in the etheric or astral body. This will happen naturally from these efforts (given here), and then will have to be accumulated for another experience subsequently (power must reach a given threshold before conscious awareness is achieved in the BOL state).

Too much work? Becoming a doctor is tough, too, and other disciplines. None are more integral to the life experience as developing the BOL (incarnational primary-stage work). Let nothing stop you here. You can do this by giving it the effort.

I have spoken of the fear factor. Re-read my earlier post so you understand the nature of fear. The "dweller" is merely your soulic-state which will keep you from entering the inner realms consciously for your own protection, and may seem inimical: it is merely attempting to frighten you to protect you until you have developed inner knowledge/power to deal with these inner states-conditions. It will allow you to pass by using (continually) the White Light shield/protective substance. Learn to repel by using this same energy, for you now know there are many of inimical fauna residing in the inner dimensions. It's a Sea of Awareness. You wouldn't swim around sharks without knowing their kind or nature, would you? Same here. Plenty of sharks, etc.

This entity you encountered is as nothing to what your short 'noticing' of it may lead to. Never succumb to panic or fear. You are very strong in the White Light. Feel all this in your head: mind-body. You will achieve inner growth by doing so. Let nothing stop you now. Never give in. Escape the body.

This goes for everybody who has some grasp of this posting: you are also at this level, and must give attention to this achievement, rather than merely the daily rounds of concrete life. Grow.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:20 AM
reply to post by s0ndernet

I feel I need to reply to this thread.

I have experienced something weird too, not quite the same.

I am familiar with sleep paralysis. I have had it before and I have been in the past capable of inducing that state at will.

But this experience was years ago. I was a very doubtful christian at the time. Frankly I was at this point where unless god "proved me" he existed I was ready to not bother anymore with religion. By the way, today I am an agnostic although sometimes think like an atheist.

I went to bed and I made a "prayer" i.e. demand of proof.

I woke up at who knows what time in the middle of the night with what appeared to be a very bright blinding light right between my bed and my closet door (like two feet in front of my face) I had been asleep on my stomach.

I stared in the middle of this light squinting and I wasn't paralyzed. I somehow reached the conclusion that this light was "somebody" staring at me and I somehow (mentally I guess) communicated to it something along the lines "I don't know what you are, or why you are here, but if you don't mess with me I don't mess with you" So my attitude was alert, not frightened, but suspicious. And it kind of vanished, much like your TV image kind of shrinks when you power off just as it vanishes. The best I can describe this "light" is as if it had a diamond shape or like an eye sideways.

I am not sure whether the experience was "real" in any way, (i.e. not just in my head) but I am perfectly sure that the experience happened in continuity with the moments immediately after when I was certainly awake in my room. I sat on the bed immediately after and I stayed awake for several minutes thinking about what had happened just to make sure it had been a "continuous" experience with my fully conscious awake state, and to make sure I would remember.

I guess my experience has something in common with the OPs, a "prayer" before going to sleep and some vision of something inexplicable.

To this day I have not had any other experience quite like it.


posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:24 AM
reply to post by Little One

I think peoples replies here that make jest of this encounter are thoughtless and cruel.

I can personally tell the people making fun of the OP's story have not a clue to what is going on around them.

As the masses awake more and more of this will be happening to all of us.

Mark my words, you will all have similar experiences very soon and it will be like a rollercoaster ride for the soul.

Peace out

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by s0ndernet

Sondernet Ive been through very similar circumstances.
Did you have any questions concerning your experience?

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 09:57 AM
reply to post by rickyrrr

Hi Rick. Sleep paralysist is the first step to out of body experience. This is what many people fail to realize. You go through sleep paralysist if you are conscious at the beginning of the out of body experience. Many people wake up during this process and find themselves stuck.
The entity OP saw was just one of some many different entities that there is no need sitting here going through a list of different multidimensionaal beings that exist not in our physical dimension but just outside of it, watching, waiting, looking to help, or even looking to hinder. Ive seen things also but wont waste time on this site talking about them.

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