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Peter Schiff Was Just Kicked Off CNN Live for telling the truth

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posted on Dec, 16 2008 @ 07:37 PM

Originally posted by Total Reality

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You´re the man!

Thanks a million for digging that up

posted on Jan, 14 2009 @ 08:16 PM
Interesting thread... actually, the video posted at the beginning, where Schiff is taking the other guys apart on the "phoney economy" is brilliant and, yes, hilarious.

Having now seen the video... I'd be a little bit more convinced if he'd been cut off while he was still talking about the Fed: but it is still pretty suspicious. The mention of Aaron Russo was interesting, too. I'd never seen his interview with Alex Jones before.

It had occurred to me that the all-too-predictable collapse in the dollar would be engineered to enable fascism to become visible in the US. (As others, notably Richard Dolan, have commented, the US is actually in the grip of "invisible" fascism.)

However, as an excuse to do some pretty swift consolidation and get people chipped, it's unbeatable.

Cool thread.

posted on Jan, 18 2009 @ 02:39 PM
reply to post by MoonMine
omfg !!!!!!!!

it's all there - right in front of our faces !!!

awesome post !

posted on Jan, 19 2009 @ 02:29 PM
Why thank you both kindly---

The VYVX test screen points to Level3 communications b.t.w. Lot of ex-gov and ex-mil on the board. This incidient may have been unintentional, but I still find strange: The timing of the cutoff & The lack of trying to get him back on air.

posted on Jan, 22 2009 @ 03:51 AM
Incident have been unintentional.

Peter explained it in ATS Mix.

posted on Feb, 2 2009 @ 04:41 PM
Peter Schiff is awesome, we need economist like him on the Senate floor. There's a group trying to convince him to run for Senate in 2010

They also have a money bomb started, lets show Peter he has support!

posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 04:13 AM
reply to url=]post by MoonMine[/url]
The news media is owned by some of the most powerful and rich elite members on our planet.

It's all inner connected and the truth is being supressed.

Control of the populace by feeding them "controlled information" (not necessarly true either).

The type of "news" / "information" we as a whole group are "being fed" IS a form of mind "conditioning".

Look at how many people walked around in a stupor tooting how wonderful a job George W. Bush Jr. was doing as President. The guy was a utter moron and his administration (the real puppeteers pulling GWB's strings, helped what we are now seeing as the financial ruin of this country and the whole time most of the "media / news" was behind him, expounding on how wonderful he was.....phooey! and the majority of people bought this shi*.

This "bail out" was planned and orchestrated by "the big boys" and we the common people that have to work to earn a roof over our heads and bread to eat are going to pay for it BIG TIME.

The "bail out"........why aren't the guys that were the head CEO's and company officials procecuted and their money and possessions taken away?

Because the common man is being kept "too busy" to rebel and demand change.

We've all become compliant little sheep. The last rebels are those who can do so safely (at least now) on blogs like ATS.

The rest of the populace doesn't care that their being screwed over and therein folks is one of the largest conspiracies there is.

Read 2. and particularly 3 of the very meaning of the word supressed below.

Suppress Definition
What Is Suppress? Find Out w/the Dictionary Toolbar
Main Entry: sup·press
Pronunciation: \sə-ˈpres\
Function: transitive verb
Etymology: Middle English, from Latin suppressus, past participle of supprimere, from sub- + premere to press — more at press
Date: 14th century
1: to put down by authority or force : subdue
2: to keep from public knowledge: as a: to keep secret b: to stop or prohibit the publication or revelation of
3 a: to exclude from consciousness b: to keep from giving vent to : check
4obsolete : to press down
5 a: to restrain from a usual course or action b: to inhibit the growth or development of
6: to inhibit the genetic expression of
— sup·press·ibil·i·ty \-ˌpre-sə-ˈbi-lə-tē\ noun
— sup·press·ible \-ˈpre-sə-bəl\ adjective

Want some interesting reading and to try astrologically to see the big picture I suggest Jessica Murray's book, Soul Sick Nation

A gaping chasm exists between the romantic ideal of “The American Dream” and the facts of people’s actual material lives. Though this has been so for some time, the configurations gathering in the sky right now indicate a meltdown of this “dream” on myriad levels of meaning.

First of all, the populace is starting to let a big, unsavory truth sink in: that the country’s economic gains have merely been trickling to the top. As news of the automaker bail-out blares out of their TVs day in and day out, Americans are being forced to listen to the facts; e.g. that the CEO of General Motors makes seven to eight million dollars a year, whereas the incomes of workers adjusted for inflation are lower today than in 2000. 3 For several decades now, this disparity has been masked: people didn't notice it because they were living beyond their paychecks (more working mothers, more workaholism,4 and, of course, over-mortgaging the house5). But the transits upon us are removing this mask. Realities long ignored are now disarmingly visible.

One does not have to be an economist to see that the government bailouts have not worked. After investing four trillion dollars in an attempt to lubricate the wheels of lending, the only result is the enrichment of the wildly reckless speculators who caused the crisis in the first place. From a metaphysical point of view the economic crisis is a purgative, an unpleasant but necessary precursor to healing. As the Neptune/Moon transit suggests, beneath America’s panic about the economy is a malaise that has nothing to do with the material world. Clients who visit an astrologer these days and insist that all they want to talk about are “practical” issues like their 401ks are missing the point. As distressing as the financial facts are, the deeper issue is that of psycho-spiritual health.

The abyss of difference between the stories American-dreamers tell themselves and the statistical realities of their economic lives is reaching the point where there will be either an unprecedented mass revelation or a mass psychotic breakdown.

The cosmos is using this “recession” (the act of receding or withdrawing) to force us to reassess the role played by material issues in human experience. How much does matter matter?

It was not just astrologers who saw the meltdown coming. Many economic theorists predicted exactly this kind of market failure, back when Clinton was killing off the last of the post-Depression-era protections. The smart number-crunchers said then that the answer was not tax breaks for big business but investment in small business; and in working people in general through good schools, health insurance and rebuilt infrastructure. It seems that only now has the moment arrived for the concept to crystallize within the public’s consciousness that money might actually be spent for people (Uranus), not for corporations (Saturn).6

What would America look like, if its businessmen were pledged to confine their profit-making to the creation of products that were beneficial to society? What a concept. What would happen if the billions now being demanded by failing monster companies went instead into mass transit, solar panels, organic farms and health care? The crisis is inspiring an outpouring of eager Uranian voices, asking once-heretical questions. Instead of transferring our wealth to another corporate boardroom, why not try giving it to the employees directly?

One polarity of the opposition above is to recoil in fear (Saturn); the other is to break the bonds of conventional thinking (Uranus). We know from history -- both collective and personal -- that crisis inspires invention. Crises usher in new ways of living. When a container (Saturn; in this case, the economic system) sustains cracks and fissures (Uranus), it starts to let in light.

Many Americans who took to heart the recent rallying cry "Yes, We Can" are thinking outside the box in ways that go beyond the political. An example is the daring suggestion that for a few more billion than the auto industry is asking for, the federal government could give all 600,000 employees of GM ford and Chrysler a $75,000 buyout each, so they could survive. Some have had the audacity to propose that the government could then take out the whole industry and rebuild it, as the Japanese did after WWII, with great success. What if American automakers were to emulate that success rather than begrudging it?

A heartening example of this New Thinking spontaneously arose (Uranus) last month in Chicago, when 240 union members took over the windows-and-doors plant that the bailout-rich bank had shut down (Saturn).

But lest we astrologers fall into the same sort of stereotyping that culture warriors fall into with their opposing points of view, let us remember that planets are neither bad nor good. It is a misreading of Natural Law to view Uranus as the valiant knight on the white charger galloping forth to vanquish the evils of bad old Saturn.

Another thing that WAS SCARY was how many people actually voted for McCain and Palin (what a dumb bunny, pretty but D.U.M.B.). For some reason, and I am wondering now why, Obama was hyped up by the media now ask yourself why?

(Read Tales From The Time Loop, D. Icke

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posted on Feb, 3 2009 @ 01:35 PM
reply to post by ofhumandescent

Great observation, thanks

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