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Does anyone know Maximillien de Lafayette?

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posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 05:40 AM
I know of two shows, he has appeared in;

Ancient Aliens and UFO Hunters.

His intelligence and knowledge is very hard to explain, I cannot classify him as a hoax. But there is something rather strange about him and his appearence.

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posted on Oct, 5 2010 @ 01:45 AM
reply to post by infinite

To all the people on this thread ...
This information may be interesting for you .
11 years ago I have met maximillian de lafayette thru personal website he had profile on.
I didn't know ANYTHING about the guy but he was certainly very strange creature to me .
The first time he replied my profile , I had to wear my glasses because he wrote so much about himself .
I spoke to him few times on the phone(he called me because he didn't want to give his number) and he was not very consistent about the things he told me .
After few times of talking I have decided to cut any contact with him.

So below few things he told me about himself (and you will consider if it's right or wrong) :
1. He told me that he is originally Tunisian.
2. He said that he is famous painter who sells his art for billions .
3. He is artist and writer.
4. He refused to say where he lives exactly and when I asked him if he is from the US , he refused to answer.
5. I asked to meet him and he refused .
6. He was talking a lot of rubbish on many subjects per minute.
7. He didn't mention anything about having family , kids or anything like that.
8. He was talking a lot about himself and about hos good he is.
9. He had very nasty and strange / scary laugh.

Now after 11 years , I am smarter and for my opinion this guy is either:
Genius or professional crook or UFO who lives between us and he has purpose to help US gov .
For sure , this guy loves himself a lot and love the attention he receive.

He is certainly has a huge size of information about many issues that considered "dark" and unknown .I wrote all this after I was watching UFO hunters and I was in shock I have seen him there especially under the title "french UFO's investigator" .
So either he really is or maybe he succeeded to wind up the UFO hunters team .

He is certainly controversial person and who knows really who he is .

posted on Oct, 5 2010 @ 01:47 AM
reply to post by Safandjaro

Please read my post in the last page

posted on Oct, 5 2010 @ 10:01 AM
reply to post by marinab2000

His knowledge of writing and languages is very impressive. I've read on ATS, and other sites, he speaks numerous languages and done some significant translations - including of dead languages.

Maximillien de Lafayette does know, as you put it, the "dark" stuff - his books and documentation of the UFO field are very difficult to dismiss as a hoax/fraud. Hybrid Humans And Abductions: Aliens-Government Experiments is considered the Bible for those who are interested in alien abduction. Worth noting, his books are not random thoughts and opinions - some contain a lot of science to explain the functions of UFOs. Which makes you wonder, how does he know this?

posted on Oct, 6 2010 @ 02:12 AM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Every book he has written is full of information.

You are dicrediting a great writer..........why?

His books are beyond reproach.

posted on Oct, 6 2010 @ 02:21 AM
has anyone thought this guy might be Count-St.germain?

posted on Oct, 6 2010 @ 02:24 AM
reply to post by marinab2000

I have seven of his books, the guy is a genius.

Granted he may be weird, but just read some/any of his books. Chalked full of information.

You are trying to discedit him, yet he is a genius.



Maximillien de Lafayette wrote 97 books in almost 40 different fields ranging from art history and comparative civilizations to foreign policies, Milano/Paris fashion and mysteries of parapsychology. All sold out. And almost, all of them are out of print. Several books went gold, meaning international bestsellers with 6 editions, distributed in 85 countries. Unfortunately, this prolific creativity ceased to exist some 9 years ago. Until 2003, one could find more than 5,500 listings for his published work, posted and described by all sorts of organizations, universities, booksellers and books distributors, starting with Barnes & Noble and Encyclopedia Britannica, and ending with the United Nations/Fullbright Commission and The University of Hong Kong. It must be, somewhere, somehow, a reason, an explanation why Maximillien de Lafayette ceased to write books, exactly, in the same way, he ceased to paint.

Some close relatives claimed that his bitter divorce battle in the United States and the greed of his ex-wife were the REASON. Some recorded passages of his life in America could substantiate this claim. A reference was made to a court settlement mentioning this bizarre phrase: "...and fifty per cent of the proceeds of the sales of his books, paintings and performed musicals would go to Mrs.------------ (his ex-wife) for a period of twenty years." De Lafayette was advised by one of his lawyers to do so, because it was the only way -at that time- to stop the fleet of lawsuits filed by his ex-wife against him, wherever he went and which continued on a regular basis for more than 10 consecutive years. His ex-wife's lawsuits crippled him. She got lawyers and big time law firms to file her lawsuits against this great man, pro bono, meaning at no cost, free. While De Lafayette had to pay hundreds of thousands of Dollars to his lawyers for a long period of 10 years. Fortunately to a certain degree, I might say, he turned to journalism and produced approximately 15,000 published articles! Not bad! I will refer you to this INDEX ARTICLES WORTH READING. THE ARCHIVES which lists some of his fabulous articles. Or click on the photo, below. This was taken from . I had the pleasure of working on the Index with Ms. Arlette Lagrange and Mrs. Valerie Constand. The INDEX can be found at: SELECTED COLUMNS, IN-DEPTH ARTICLES AND ART CRITIQUES BY MAXIMILLIEN DE LAFAYETTE. CLICK HERE

Despite the fact, that it has become difficult to get a single copy of any of his 97 books, it is still possible to find one or two copies, if one could afford time, lots of research and enormous patience. De Lafayette's books are amazing. The titles are unusual, like the man himself. And the contents are abundant with wealth of information, humor, imposing knowledge and wisdom. I surfed the web and here is what I found; hundreds of listings for his books on booksellers and bookstores websites, such as Barnes & Noble (They don't have any of his books), and other bookstores stretching from New York to Berlin. Contact them, you might get lucky. I was fortunate. I tried and got 2 fabulous books " ONE HUNDRED REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT MARRY AN AMERICAN WOMAN". It was just fabulous! And "DIVORCE FOR THE HIGHEST BIDDERS" at Ebay. And now it is out of stock again! The book was great and the price was unbelievable; $1 instead of $25.


I did not like that disturbing headline for a brief biography of Maximillien de Lafayette, written by Mr. Mordecai Ben Zvi, a close friend of his, who knew him very well. I was glad, the bio was not published. However, I was saddened to see a large part of it , published by an European magazine on its web. Many letters written by Mr. de Lafayette's friends and associates were sent to the editor of the magazine expressing concerns and discomfort. Thankfully, the magazine agreed to delete the article. Unfortunately, I discovered, later on, that a great number of those who read the article, rushed to copy the article in its entirety and took the liberty to circulate those copies among friends and less friendly persons. Such action created further unpleasant remembrance and mass confusion. I must confess, one particular section of the article was quite revealing and accurate. It described a series of events and a chain of tragedies that hit de Lafayette in America, in an unmerciful way.


According to Mr. Ben Zvi, Penelope de Vassy told him: " Usually, people who want to settle in America for good are those who are looking for a better life. They go to America to have a better job, to make money...they look for a better future. Well, mon cher, with Maximillien, it was not the same story. He went to America with six million Dollars. He was a very rich and very educated man. He did not need a better future, he had already a great one. He did not look for a better job. He opened his own business and employed hundreds of American employees and workers. Alors, the truth is, Maximillien took him long time to understand America. I want to say by that America the materialistic country. So everybody in America who came to work with him or for him used him and took advantage of him. True. I am telling you the truth. The worst scenario is when he married an American gold digger. Quel horreur, mon Dieu! Listen to me, you ask me why he stopped to write music, books and paint? Well mon cher. Every time he created something big, his ex-wife will jump on it with her lawyers and take half of it. So why he has to kill himself for her? She sued him 56 times. He lost his 33 room mansion on 4 acres in Potomac with all the art and furniture in his villa, there in Potomac where all the rich people live. Maximillien lived there on his villa for three years...And before that, she sued him many times and Maximillien lost his million dollars house in Washington, DC. It was a fabulous small chateau on Massachusetts Avenue. And three years later, he lost his Marquis de Rochambeau. This one was the best place in America. What else. Yes, this one...she took all his paintings, his Rolls Royce, all the French antiques from the 17th and 18th centuries we gave him when he got married. We shipped to him on Air France. I helped in this. I shipped 4 containers full of art and antiques to America, to Baltimore. Poor Maximillien lost everything. When you divorce in America, the wife takes everything, not like here in France. Yes, I know, sometimes, the husband takes everything, but this is very rare in America. I am telling you this is why mon Maximillien stopped writing wonderful books and paintings. He left America with a few dollars in his pocket. America ruined him...No, excuse me, I should say bad materialistic friends in America destroyed his life...And something else more tragic destroyed his spirit.

When Maximillien lost his mansion, his penthouse apartments, restaurants, clubs, cars, everything because of his divorce. He was left with $25,000 to live on or do something with it. For the first time in his life, he started looking for a job, I mean working for somebody else. It was fine for him. He did not mind at all. He thought that his experience, credentials, great reputation and contacts in high places will get him a great job offer. Well, it never happened. He contacted everybody he knew. He called all his powerful friends in New York, Washington and California asking for a help. Nobody cared. They would not return his telephone calls or answered his letters. The situation got ugly and difficult for him. He sent 125,000 copies of his resume to employers and recruiters and applied to 9,000 advertised positions....and listen to this: He applied to all kinds of jobs. From the most modest and smallest jobs to the most impressive ones. Nobody would ever hire him or give him an interview. He tried everything to get a job in America but no luck. His students and employees applied to the same jobs he applied to and get hired but not him. America killed Maximillien....The story of Maximillien breaks my heart. He went through hell in America. My God! he spoke 10 languages, wrote close to 100 books, he had impressive academic degrees, a doctorate, he taught in universities, he was world famous, great writer and artist...he owned prestigious businesses and was president of important companies in America and Europe. Everybody wanted to be associated with him. I mean before. When he lost his fortune an businesses in America, and started to send all these stupid copies of his resumes to thousands of people in America...nobody wanted him anymore. It is awful. It is terrible. Nobody would give him a chance...."A bullet in my head is my last and own option", told me once Maximillien.... Every time I think of him...I cry and cry and I can't stop crying...Tough times..."

Mr. Ben Zvi asked Mrs. de Vassy: "So, he was not good in handling money?" Mrs. de Vassy answered: "You must be kidding me? Maximillien made millions. He was brilliant, but he trusted everybody. A man who made millions is a man who knows how to make and handle money. But, I admit he had a very bad and deadly habit: Spending like a crazy. He had four or five checking accounts but he never opened a saving account. This should tell you a lot about his generosity and spending habit... Did you know, Maximillien was the ONLY OWNER OF A FANCY RESTAURANT AND CABARET IN AMERICA WHO WOULD COOK HIMSELF FILET MIGNON AND SHRIMPS AND GIVE IT TO THE HOMELESS AND POOR STAYING OUTSIDE HIS RESTAURANT... staying on the streets of Georgetown...He was the only one! The only one who fed the poor people. Do you understand now who is Maximillien. He was like a legend for the poor and homeless people in Washington. Everybody loved him...Pity, he did not protect himself....."


Genius yet non knowing about the workings of our wayward world.................go figure.

I have about 300 books in my library, and Max's books (now seven) are my most cherished. Every single book I have purchased is chocked full of vital (and proofed) information. The guy is a genius and just wants to disasociate from humanity (for good reason)........

I have researched his information and it is valid/known.
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posted on Oct, 6 2010 @ 02:41 AM
reply to post by marinab2000

He is strange due to his nasty divorce where his ex-wife took him to the cleaners..........literally.

Very reclusive, who can blame him?

And very informative.........spends all his time researching.

As stated before, this guys books I own, (7) are some of my most cherished items...........he has done his research, he has the information and has documented it.

I often wonder if Maximillen de Lafayette has outside sources ie: beyond Earth's realm.

Rather pricey, I could only afford seven of his books, but in reading them, I would not resell his books I own simply because of the information they hold.

posted on Dec, 28 2010 @ 04:04 PM
Im a "New" too all this so bare with me haha..
But im intrested and been intrested for a long time about this kind of stuff. And
im sure like every one else i've tried looking this maximillien guy up cause with the books and
the interviews, shows he appears on seem to know a lot of the unknown. The sites that mention him
seem like a big internet scam almost like he writes it all himself (as if he's the most intersting guy alive lol)
Can Anyone level with me and let me know if this guy is seriously gifted with this almost godly knowledge of
ET's, UFOS, And pretty much anything paranormal/scientific?? Or is he just seriously bullsh*ting and
use's big words too make u think he knows what he's talking about?? P.s- nothing against the intellectuals im
glad there out there

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 02:57 AM
reply to post by Safandjaro

Is it just me or do every single one of the books from the second posters links look faked ? It seems like something I would make with Microsoft Publisher not an actual book ..... Look at the fonts and the pictures they seem overly digitalized to be an actual publication. If you use google images to look at any other publication cover you will see a visible difference however slight.

posted on Dec, 29 2010 @ 09:36 AM
Yeah... For Someone that has so much knowledge to share in a 700 to 800 page book the
Book designs are ridiculous that one with the "et" on it looks from a 90's computer game lol

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:23 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

Oh please!! It is quite clear to me and I wish to make it clear to all members of ATS that Anonymous ATS is Maximillien de Laughayette himself. I lived with this narcissist most of last year, writing and editing with him and producing and co-hosting a radio show with him on from it's inception in July of 2010.
And the gratitude I get for all my work (professional, financial and domestic assistance as well)??
He had me falsely arrested, and lied to the NYPD and falsified a police report. Then published a book
"PHOTOS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD, PICTURES NO GOVERNMENT WANTS YOU TO SEE: An Illustrated History Of human Atrocities" we had both been working on and I had edited and corrected, written all captions for, researched photos from archives and websites, a total of SIX DIFFERENT TIMES, taking all the credit for himself. He is a user, an exploiter, a liar and a thief!! Look up my amazon profile (Angelique Doudnikova) and read my reviews to gain more insigh as to what he is capable of doing. Crimes to me and my animals!
He always refers to himself in the third person. When I was taking verbal dictation, or taping interviews for the book I was working on "OUTSIDE THE WHEEL OF TIME" as well as "The Anunnaki Final Warning to Humanity and their Return in 2022" he would always say "and Lafayette said this" and Lafayette predicted that" and Lafayette knows this". I know "LAFAYETTE SPEAK" ONLY TOO WELL!! Better than anyone else. You have to live with him, and work with him every day, day and night, to be able to instantly recognise the words, phrasing and self-glorification of this charlatan narcissist, who is nothing more than a chain smoking (pipe tobacco), meat and espresso addict who is nothing like how he portrays himself. And yes, all fifteen websites hosted by Netfirms, are created by him, to advertise his books with fake names and false reviews, and glorify his completely fake, fantasy image of himself. And their was never any Anunnaki woman named Victoria. Another lie perpetrated on an unsuspecting public that is seeking truth and knowledge. Even though he stole all my writing,
all my private diaries and the memoir I was writing about my daily experiences with him, everything is being written anew and will be revealed to all of you this year...
I will out this deeply closeted charlatan with illegal and fraudulent publishing practices once and for all!!

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:35 PM
reply to post by DrunkNinja

Indeed that is exactly what he uses, an older version of Microsoft Publisher, on an old Dell monitor, with the most disgusting, scummy, ash-filled keyboard you have ever seen. The mess of tobacco and ash inside of it, when I was cleaning his computer table and picked it up and turned it over is UNBELIEVABLE! This man is personally filthy and disgustingly sad. Does not shower or shave for days. Wears the same clothes all day and to bed, and the next day and to bed again. I had to demand of him that he shower and change his clothes daily, because I was getting a rash all over my body from the filth on the sheets. And everything had to be laundered THREE TIMES, the water so so stinky and black from all the pipe tobacco smoke. This man is disgusting dirty and does not know how to keep himself or anything around him clean. The floors had to be vacuumed and mopped three times a week from all the discarded matches on the floor and shredded loose tobacco leaves and ash from his pipes. I had to do it so my cats Roxie and Shiva would not get sick!! Read my reviews on amazon under my real name (Angelique Doudnikova) to get more insight into what he did and who he really is as a human being...

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 03:54 PM
reply to post by marinab2000

Dear Marina,

I wish I had read this before I met and moved in with Maximillien de Lafayette last year.
yes he is an absolute narcissist, completely in love with himself, and speaks perfect arabic, and converse in different arabic dialects. I personal am convinced he is an arab specialist. Whether he is Syrian or Tunisian, I never got to find out, because he refused to show me a passport or birth certificate, even though he said he had six of them. Maximillien de Lafayette has other aliases, and was married to a woman he met at the Pentagon, who did work for the D.O.D. and did some covert work/operations. She was the real deal not him. She divorced him and has an order of protection from him, so that he may never contact her again, in any fashion, as long as he lives.
For five years after this, he was held under supervised living/ containment, to make sure, he would not be squealing about any of her operations/ covert work, as she is now retired.
He has abandoned his new york apartment in chelsea, stolen my money and some of my personal property,
all of my writings, interview tapes, the memoir I was writing, and abandoned my cats without any food in their bowls, and no water left out for them to drink whatsoever!! This man is an egomaniacal lunatic who is losing his memory and his mind. And I will be coming after him, through the courts and legal system, for what he did to me.

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 05:14 PM
reply to post by Safandjaro

Maximillien de Lafayette aka Maximillien Jean Delafayette aka M,J DELACROIXDELFYTT
aka Jean Maximillien Delacroix Delafayette and all other aliases, are that of a man of arab descent, who speaks perfect arabic in different arabic dialects (Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian, North African arabic dialects) and as far as I have personally seen and heard, is an ARAB SPECIALIST. He showed me a check he had received for translating the Iraq Constitution for the Bush Administration, but does not speak any other languages fluently except for French. His English grammar and spelling is very bad, and I had to edit and correct several of his books. His ex-wife has an order of protection from him.
He is most certainly human, and is 63 years old. He tells everyone he looks thirty seven, but in truth I used to dye his hair dark brown (it's mainly silvery grey) with the product "JUST FOR MEN" that covers all grey hair in about ten minutes. He portrays himself as a spiritual vegetarian ulema who only smokes dried fruit tobacco(??), yet nothing could be further from the truth!! This man's favorite dishes are steak tartar and filet mignon, salami and prosciutto, corned beef, fried liver and all kinds of animal pates and products. Meat! meat! meat! is what he loves to eat!! And drinks at least six six beers a day (BECKS), and chain smokes black cavendish pipe tobacco, that stinks up everything, and makes a mess all over the floor and bedding and furniture with his matches, tobacco and ash. A more filthy human being, who does not clean anything I have never seen!!
He publishes and republishes the same information over and over in many different books, putting a chapter of this one in that one, a chapter of that one in this one, the most often being repeatedly published over and over in bits and pieces are "Anunnaki Ultimatum" - a work of fiction, and "On the Road to Ultimate knowledge."
This mad man, this egomaniacal, self-obsessed, self-absorbed narcissist built fifteen of his own websites hosted by Netfirms to glorify his own fake fantasy image of himself, and writes his own fake reviews on those websites, as well as most of the five star reviews he writes himself under different fake names and personas on amazon.
Read my reviews on him on amazon, under my real name: Angelique Doudnikova.
I met and moved in with him last year, and saw him on a daily basis, for who and what he really is.
And he is a deeply closeted, mean and vicious, vindictive old man, a charlatan at the end of his game...

posted on Jan, 25 2011 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by The Great Reveal

I have already reported his activities to law enforcement, and the F.B.I has been investigating him since last year.
I lived with him last year and saw everything with my own eyes. I must admit he is an extremely charming charlatan, and never a dull moment around him, or knowing when the next sabotage, intrigue, lie or charade was coming.
In the end I got severely exploited, mistreated, humiliated, abused, threatened and intimidated, and ultimately he stole my money, my stuff, and abandoned my two cats in his now vacated apartment, telling no one, and leaving them with no food in their bowls and no water to drink either!! This man is a monster! An evil narcissistic charlatan and fraud. In all the time I was with him, he never drew or painted a thing, even when I asked him to. Those are not his paintings. They are files he publishes from his rickety old computer, using an older version of Microsoft publishing. And the fifteen websites hosted by Netfirms are all his and of his making.
Read my reviews on amazon, look for my real name to learn more : Angelique Doudnikova

posted on Feb, 1 2011 @ 01:33 AM
Tonight, Monday January 31st, 2011, was a game changer for me, exactly one hour and thirty minutes ago. I put on an old album by Sade entitled "SWEETBACK", because Helen was too strung out on you know what, to do the vocals in the studio recording sessions for one of the bands most amazing , if not the most amazing album , aside from "no ordinary love"...
And then track 9 on SWEETBACK begins with : "Maybe the lateness of the hour, makes me seem bluer than I am, but over my heart there is a shower, hope she'll be happier with him. Maybe the lateness of the hour, makes me feel lonelier than I am, but over the darkness I have no power, hope she'll be happier with him."
And my little one Shiva starts to cry. And in the seven years I have had this most amazing and smart, runt of the litter rescues, that was abandoned at three weeks old, I have never seen her cry. I have never seen Shiva shed a tear for anyone. Not me, or anyone she has ever met through me. Only for her first true love, to whom I noticed she gave more love and affection and attention, than I ever thought she was possible of... Maximilillien de Lafayette.
Shiva would always burn the midnight oil with Max, right behind him, in the small of his back, on his computer chair, till six or seven in the morning. And would rub up against him, and gently nibble on his wrist, when she felt he had been ignoring her for far too long. Max would tell me about these habits of hers, over espressos for breakfast, or lunch the next day, and when he said it, and the way he described it, I knew my darling little runt of a rescue who I had named after the Indian "god" Lord Shiva had fallen in love with him.
On the bed in the bedroom, Shiva was beside herself. Max would say "This one she is confused!! Look how she is so confused!! She cannot decide what she wants. Where or how to sit!!"
Well I know my little girl, and she only ever did that when she felt really good. When something made my furry purry feline "shake and bake" and feel awesome!! And feel loved. And their relationship was a sight to behold.

Shiva has not been the same, since Max and I broke up, and he abandoned her, and my other cat Roxie in his Chelsea apartment in the beginning of January. After the super called me to come get them, I found out they had been without food, and no water whatsoever for almost three days. They were traumatized and terrified, and would not come to me. It took two weeks to return to being the "foxy roxy" that I know her to be. And to kiss and cuddle with me. Not so my little Shivvv...
She would only come out to eat, and use the litter box. And then run back to hide and tuck herself away out of sight.
As heartbroken and betrayed as I was, I saw Shiva going through the same thing, and figured, just as I need time to heal and return to the world, so does she. But tonight, for the first time ever, Shiva was crying:
Like a human. Shedding tears for twenty minutes. I have seen my other cat Roxie cry twice. But not for twenty minutes. I did not know what to do. I sat next to her and said "I'm so sorry Shiva, I know know how much you loved him, I saw it every day, and I know you loved him far more, way more than me. Unlike me, you Shiva truly loved him unconditionally." And then, with more tears in her eyes, she meowed in heartbroken response.
I counted the minutes I spent wiping the tears from her eyes. I have grown up with cats and dogs, chickens and goats, snakes and monkeys, but I have never seen this level of heartbreak in any of them. I can take antidepressants to get myself back on track. But what should I do for my little heartbroken angel?
Who did nothing but love him, and now misses him, does not know why he abandoned her, and does not know what to do with her melancholy. Of all the things Maximillien de Lafayette ever put me through, this tonight - SHIVA'S HEARTBREAK - was by far the worst. And she truly did not deserve it.

posted on Mar, 21 2011 @ 07:05 PM
This old thread has prompted me to join,that I may post a reply.I often come here but only now have I signed up.I would like to say,I have spent the last 5 yrs reading extensively since having several sightings of ufos,& eventually I got to ordering 2 of DeLafayettes many books.the 1st was ok ,it was an encyclopaedia..'c',ie the listings were all stuff beginning with c,or was ok bar i noticed they seemed to want to write phil schneider out of ufology.Anyway,it was the other book I wish to mention("anunnaki,ufos,extraterrestrials & afterlife greatest information as revealed by delafayette") contained some supposed revelations from some made up fictional anunnaki woman,victoria,who made the most ridiculous assertions about having blown up Dulce base,also it was full of childish little games like,give your age and it will calculate your odds of meeting an anunnaki(p.96)"write down the number 2022,add your age to 2022,subtract 6,deduct 14,add together these 4 digits,add these to form one,add this to 2022" the answer,of course,is the same whatever you age I say,childish.this man is no doubt very clever but there is also no doubt that THIS IS THE MOST INSIDUOUS DISINFORMATION I HAVE EVER SEEN! MIND BOGGLING IN ITS SCOPE,SOME SUCKERS WILL SPENT ALL THEIR MONEY ON THE NEVER ENDING LIST OF BOOKS FROM THESE PEOPLE.he works with a fiction writer,arbel,who claims to be some illuminated master of a fake 'book of ramadosh'..they do not even reveal any real important number codes(,like,for example,6x6x6=216) wonder he was the man who helped the vatican with their library,even managed to get himself on 'ancient aliens'.but people are not as dumb as they think,as a look at their site will show(-noones on it).H claims to be an expest in sumerian and 25 other languages,but again,this is disinformation DISINFORMATION!:flame
o yourself & your wallet a favour & avoid like the plague! instead read william neil,william bramley,sichin,gray,hatcher childress,cremo,quasar,tellinger..or anyone but this fraudster and the people behind him.see the way they suddenly flood the market with 50 books from this man and UNDERSTAND,THIS IS DISINFORMATION!

posted on Mar, 26 2011 @ 08:53 PM
Phil Schneider is not the only one the "author" wants to write out of ufology. Sitchin, Stanton Friedman and Erich von Daniken as well!! Why so much jealousy of others in the field, who have been writing on this subject far longer than he, was always something of a mystery to me. and yes, I ended up finding out that "Anunnaki Ultimatum: End of Time" is indeed a work of fiction by Ilil Arbel and maximillien de lafayette. After doing a radio show with him on, the other author Ilil Arbel, sent max an email saying she had listened to the radio show, and wanted to be in on the profits of the sale of the script for "Anunnaki Ultimatum" should it be optioned or picked up etc, as she had contributed a lot to the vivid imagery and characters in the book.

And that is when i knew there was no script ever delivered from a Sinhar Marduchk to her door.
There is no "Victoria" as described in the book. This man is a charlatan and a conman and a thief!!
And believe me when I say I learnt these lessons in a very hard and most awful way.
He is currently under investigation for a number of infractions. This online publishing fraudster will not last for long!!
His days are numbered...

posted on Mar, 27 2011 @ 04:37 PM
reply to post by irmensul

The Worlds Most Hilarious, Gruesome and Entertaining Book: There Are Lots of Dummies Out There
Price: $9.99

Availability: Auto-delivered wirelessly
196 used & new from $9.99

WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY!!, March 27, 2011

This review is from: The World Most Hilarious, Gruesomes and Entertaining Book: There Are Lots of Dummies Outs There (Kindle Edition)
Attention to all potential buyers/ readers of this book:

The material herein is merely a compilation from various websites, archives and internet sources.

Maximillien de Lafayette's command of the english language is not good, with many grammatical and spelling errors to be found within these pages, as well as poor editing.
You only need to read the mistakes made in the title of this book, to see the beginning of page after page after page of errors, which occur throughout his books, unless they have been edited and proof-read by someone else, who is proficient in english.
These types of compilations are rush jobs that are Max's specialty.

Having lived with him and worked with him for much of last year, I should know.
The books I painstakingly worked on with him were a labor of love for me.
But I have still not been compensated for my work, and those books have been republished by this "author" with my name as co-writer/ editor removed.

Maximillien de Lafayette thinks it is ok to steal all the credit for my work, intellectual ideas and input for himself, as well as all the profits.
He also thinks it is ok to pay for his radio show (where he advertises his books) by making unauthorized charges to my bank account for the last six months,
since he had me forcibly removed from the apartment by telling lies to the police, to throw me out at 4:30am, friday October 8th, 2010, after an argument ensued,
when I woke up to find him having published a book we had been working on together "PHOTOS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD", and he had deleted my name from it as co-writer and editor.

Do not feed this narcisisstic man's ego with your money or you time on this, as you will be disappointed.
Anyone can come up with an idea to hodge - podge together a compilation of any kind, on any subject, by pulling together a bunch of articles and photos from various

Maximillien de Lafayette does not have the time or the patience to sit down and write something really original, meaningful and worthwhile, about the human condition, human cultures and societies, a masterpiece/ quality book that will stand the test of time.
He is only out to put as much stock - or rather as much schlock - as he possibly can, on all kinds of subjects, in the online publishing world.
A successful gimmick, to catch as many first time curious and unsuspecting readers as possible.
Your money is his bottom line. That is the only thing that matters to him, and not the quality of the material you are buying from him.

(Germaine Poitiers is a fictional persona maximillien uses on facebook, to advertise his books in the third person, as if it is really someone else.
Having lived with him on a daily basis, I saw him posting on facebook as Germaine Poitiers and Carol Lexter to advertise his own books. These are just
more fake personas he uses to legitimize his work as collaborations, in the eyes of his readers. Collaborators who don't exist, who never worked on the books, whom he never has to pay - like me - or face up to in the REAL WORLD. I never approved of this behaviour, and never understood why he chose to do this, but now I know why.)
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