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Fallout 3 Helpers Guide!

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posted on Nov, 23 2008 @ 12:00 AM
Greetings game fans!

Not to long ago I got Fable 2, and it didnt take me long to beat that game.
its kinda short so I went out and got myself a copy of Fallout 3!

WOW! This game has taken RPG/shooters to the next level!
I really love this game!!

And when I got the game, the guy told me, now your going to need to buy the book to help you out with the game..
I told him no thanks.. As I didnt feel any reason to spend an extra 20 bucks on a book, that I could just get the info for free online.

Thus For those of you who love this game and thinking about buying the guide, save your 20 bucks, and allow me to give you some insider knowledge and what I have found thus far on my own.
And well you know, doing some google searches to bring up anything I missed!

Firstly this game rocks!!! By far my fav. game right now..
What an in depth game, with tons of action, and that RPG flavor that I so love!

Fallout2 was a grand game that I played so many years back on the PC..

But this game just takes the cake!!!

So without further rambling I will share with you some things I found out..

Warning!!! Spoiler alert!! If you dont want to know and would like to get this stuff on your own, please stop reading!

Okay first things first..
Fallout 3 - Bobble-Heads

Throughout the game Fallout 3 there are 20 hidden Vaultboy Bobble Heads.
These little guys give you boosts in Stats & Skills.

The Republic of Dave - Perception
On bookshelf in Museum of Dave on the right when you walk in.
Megaton - Strength (VIDEO)
In Sheriff Lucas’ house. For the ones who want to blow up Megaton: You should pick this one up BEFORE you decide to blow up the town because once you do it’s gone. It is located upstairs on Lucas’ desk.

Deathclaw Sanctuary -Endurance
At the entrance of this cave there may be some patrolling Deathclaws and a few Enclave Soilder’s and a Enclave Scientist. You can use a stealthboy to get past them and enter the cave. Just go straight and once you reach the end of the decline form the entrance turn left and you will see a rotting Brahmin corpse. The Bobblehead is right beside it. Use another Stealthboy and exit.

Rivet City - Intelligence
On Dr. Li’s table in science lab.

Vault 108 - Charisma
Cloning Labs

Greener Pastures Disposal - Agility
This entire area is covered in Radiation so be prepared. The Bobblehead is located within the small stone office building that is back against a rocky wall. The Bobblehead is right in front of you on a desk beside a terminal when you walk in.

Arlington Cemetery North - Luck
Arlington House

SKILL Bobble-Heads

Paradise Falls - Speach
Inside the Slave Masters house (Euology’s pad) On a table next to a computer terminal and safe. In the corner of the back room.

Evergreen Mills - Barter
Market Bazaar- On a shelf in the upper right hand side of Smiling Jack’s Workshop. It is down one of the side tunnels in the Bazaar near the back.

Vault 106 - Science
In the living quarters on a racked shelf. There will be much navigating in this vault along with attacks from crazy vault dwellers and being plagued by flashback from our childhood. I will say this is a trippy vault….

Yao Guai Tunnels - Sneak
In the Den, on top of a metal box on the right side of your map near some water where a body is floating on the other end.

Vault 101 -Medicine
On Your Dad’s Desk. You can get this one BEFORE you take the G.O.A.T and BEFORE you leave the vault when your trying to escape.

Arefu - Repair
Evan Kings House. You will need to pick the lock on his door. (Requires 50 Lockpicking Skill) The Bobble-Head is on your left as soon as you enter the house and is sitting on Evan’s kitchen table in the corner.

Bethesda - Lockpick
Bethesda Offices East. Will be sitting on one of the desks past the flamethrower raider.

Dunwich Building - Melee
Inside the Virulent Underchambers. In a lone office that is accessed by two or three sets of stiars. It will be on the floor when you open the door.

Fort Constantine - Big Guns
C.O. House - In the basement. In a safe in the wall.

Rockopolis -Unarmed
West of Casey Smith’s Garage. Should be near same tattered banners. The door to this place is a rock so your in the right place if you see the banners. Just approach it and you will get the option to go in. The Bobblehead is on your far right on the ground.

Ravenhold - Energy Weapons

National Guard Depot - Small Guns
National Guard Armory -(There’s a switch on the 3rd floor) Once you pull the switch the Armory Door will open.

WKML Broadcast Station - Explosives
Sealed Cister (aka. manhole)- It is not inside the Broadcast Station, actually, it is more or less on it’s perimeter. The best way to get to this location is to start by facing the stairs that lead up to the Station. In the position looking foreword, up the stairs, DON’T GO UP but turn left and start walking as close to the rocky wall (Not the building wall but the rocky wall around the station base.) as possible. Keep moving along with the wall, keep your cursor on the ground base of it and eventually you will see the manhole on the ground nestled against the rocky ledge. I saw raiders in the area near it so look for them to if you think your lost. The manhole is white with a brown seal, it looks like a circular rock so make sure to pay attention. Once you find it just go down and a desk will be right in front of you with the Bobblehead on it.


Okay here is the part where I had a little bit of trouble.. I ended up the first time around losing alot of my karma and becomming an evil charater.

I wanted to play this one threw as the good guy..
Sure its great fun to blow everyone and everything away.. But for the sake of a good challenge I wanted to be the good guy!

So here is the tip for the postive karma in this section..

Tranquility Lane - Good Karma
Completing this quest with good karma as the reward is actually really easy. Enter the abandoned house and examine all of the objects in the living room. You need to examine these objects in a specific order to make the computer appear.

TIP: The correct sequence is: Radio, pitcher, gnome, pitcher, cinder block, gnome, bottle.

A squad of Chinese soldiers will raid the town, killing all of its residents for good. It may seem like this is actually an evil thing to do, but remember that if you didn't do this, they'd be forced to endlessly repeat the cycle of living and dying at the will of Dr. Braun.
Talk to Betty to listen to her whine and cry about how you've ruined everything. Once you're done talking with her, use the door to exit the simulation.

Once the door of the lounger opens, you'll finally be able to reunite with your father. Talk with him to complete the quest. Quest Completed.

Okay this is just a little start to this new thread here..
If anyone else has any questions about any part of the game feel free to ask me. Either in this thread, or Via U2.. Id be happy to help you out.
And save you 20 bucks...

No need to buy a guide in this day and age when information is at our finger tips!!!

And any other comments about this game too are welcome here!!!

This game just simply kicks all butt!! And these guys know how to make a video game!
Ive been waiting for this title for many years now!!

Happy Gaming!!!

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posted on Nov, 24 2008 @ 01:47 PM
dang it i love this game so stinking much!! im a level 13 with 100 in repair and 70 in small arms, im your basic gunner with slightly above average lock picking skills..


how do i find the cellar key for hamiltons hideout?

vault 106 did trip me out a lot, so i need to go back there and get my fifth bobblehead.

i find that if you give purified water to that bum outside megaton it will just increase your good karma, i give ALL my water to this guy, cause i want to as good as possible in the game.

posted on Nov, 24 2008 @ 07:39 PM
reply to post by LordThumbs

And my aim is to get as evil as possible, i've noticed it doesn't really have much impact on how u play the game, wether your evil or not, granted some reactions to you differ alot, and you can get into paradise falls and be accepted or respected there, and i also heard of a place where you can't get into at all unless you have an evil i actually take it back, the effects of your actions are pretty varied.

Mannn, wanna go play now but im stuck at balls!!

posted on Nov, 24 2008 @ 10:43 PM
Im buying this game for 360 on Friday....Im going away for Thanksgiving so when I get back I plan on spending all weekend exploring. The graphics and the game look awesome. I cant wait to check it out.

I loved Oblivion and the Elder Scroll series and these are the same creators that made Fallout III. Makes for an amazing experience these digital universes that are being created, they sure have come a long way since Spy Hunter and Qbert.

posted on Nov, 24 2008 @ 11:09 PM
reply to post by BlackOps719


Space Quest!!!

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 09:56 PM

Originally posted by LordThumbs
how do i find the cellar key for hamiltons hideout?

Hmmm I will look into that one for you later tonight..
I have some time this evening so IM going to play a bit tonight and see what I can not find out about that key for you...

But I have some information that will lead you to every skill book that I have found thus far.. I will add in the cords for you aswell

X Y Cords, and breif note on where to find...
2331 264 Barter - On a shelf in the locked (Average) shop in the NE corner of the second floor of the Atrium in Vault 92.
2157 1751 Barter - On a bucket sitting on a bench near a baby carriage in the upper mezzanine of the Bethesda Underworks.
2385 1694 Barter - On the corner table in the upstairs master bedroom of the Raid Shack in the Bethesda suburbs.
790 1606 Barter - On a corner table in an Abandoned House in the Wasteland village (located north of Jalbert Bros. Waste Disposal).
1686 2775 Barter - On the bed in the destroyed bus sitting on top of a section of ruined freeway, by the nearby overpass.
2805 2402 Barter - Archival Secure East Wing of the National Archives. Northern part of the map, on the table where you find the Declaration of Independence.
2659 656 Barter - On a shelf behind the counter in the Grisly Diner.
2975 2450 Barter - In the Capitol Building, East Entrance, the book is on a desk along a row of make-shift cubicles.
440 1013 Barter - Lying next to the mattress in the Abandoned Car Fort.
1731 692 Barter - On a bookshelf in one of the burnt out remains of a house in Reclining Groves Resort Homes.
2150 2150 Barter - In the back storage area of the Super-Duper Mart.
1010 2946 Barter - To the east of Tenpenny Tower, you'll find Willy's Grocer. Enter this small building and you'll find this book resting on the counter near the cash registers.
2821 1705 Big Guns - On a table in the back of a jackknifed truck under the monorail, south of the Corvega Factory.
1775 2811 Big Guns - Northeast of Andale, there is a little diner on the side of the road. The book is on a table in the back, behind the counter.
1130 2270 Big Guns - In the back of an abandoned semi truck.
2220 1685 Big Guns - Bethesda Offices East, on the body of a raider equipped with a flamethrower. The book does respawn with the raider, so you can obtain as many as you want if you choose to.
1031 1709 Big Guns - On the roof of the VAPL-58 power substation, by the barbecue.
1835 2545 Big Guns - In the NE corner of the car dealership, on the raised area you must jump to.
1915 578 Big Guns - On top of the hill northeast of the silo and barn, next to a small tree and some cans.
2140 1290 Big Guns - Locked inside John's Treasure Box in the bombed-out bus near the NW corner of the Scrapyard.
2425 1385 Big Guns - Locked behind a door (Very Hard) at the back of the Wheaton Armory.
2250 2070 Big Guns - Behind the average locked door inside of Farragut West Station.
749 2282 Big Guns - On a shelf in the Southern Shack outside Evergreen Mills.
2648 597 Big Guns - Inside a burnout vehicle near the onramp to the freeway.
2945 2439 Big Guns - In the West Entrance of the Capitol Building. On the back table of the room with the Super Mutant Behemoth.
2052 2803 Big Guns - Outside, across the street from the Red Racer Factory to the east, there is a Raider camp with a raider and some dogs. It's on the floor at the foot of the bed by the ammo boxes.

635 1225 Big Guns - In the back of the semi truck with the three matresses and three Raiders in it.
383 355 Energy Weapons - Floating in the back of a half-sunken boat by the docks serving as a Raider base.
1034 633 Energy Weapons - On the table in the western abandoned shack.
1122 455 Energy Weapons - On a shelf in the abandoned tent.
1241 286 Energy Weapons - On the workbench in the power substation.
2337 250 Energy Weapons - On the desk next to the Studio Computer in the southernmost room of Vault 92's Sound Testing area.
1331 1756 Energy Weapons - Hidden in a stack of crates on the desk in the NE corner of the Vault 106 Living Quarters, 2nd floor.
1960 2757 Energy Weapons - In the CEO office of the Red Racer Factory. On a shelf in a room locked by an average lock.
2800 2497 Energy Weapons - Near the terminal of security room in the Museum of Technology Atrium.
2700 2143 Energy Weapons - In the Galaxy News Radio Studios. Found on the broadcast table with some radios.
2955 2433 Energy Weapons - In the West Entrance of the Capitol Building. This book is on a table behind the (Hard) locked door.
2726 2415 Energy Weapons - In a bathroom stall of the Museum of History.
2266 2065 Energy Weapons - In the office of the Ferragut Station, inside the save on the floor.
1821 2211 Energy Weapons - Become a resident of Megaton and by the scientist theme for your place from Moira. The book appears on a shelf on the lower floor.
568 645 Energy Weapons - In the first cavern of the Deathclaw Sanctuary, lying on a large grey plate.
544 2579 Energy Weapons - On the counter in Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop.
770 2240 Energy Weapons - Deep in the Evergreen Mills Bazaar you'll find a prison cell and this book is on the bed in there.
1170 2000 Energy Weapons - Enter Gold Ribbon Grocers, then go left and stand on the pressure plate. STAY THERE until a large explosion goes off, knocking down a skeleton in the corner, along with this Skill Book.
1044 2287 Energy Weapons - Sitting on a low shelf in the destroyed house in the SW corner of the destroyed town.
283 531 Explosives - Lying on the ground next to a car, a skeleton, and three ammo boxes.
1868 975 Explosives - By the bathtub in the Raider camp in the wreckage of the train cars NE of the Germantown Police HQ.
2316 264 Explosives - On a shelf in Vault 92's Overseer's office.
355 2445 Explosives - At the southernmost end of the Olney Sewers.
2147 2021 Explosives - On a table beneath the bridge southwest of the Chryslus Building; disarm the Frag Mine here before approaching the book!
1560 1133 Explosives - On a shelf in the destroyed house SW of the Germantown Police HQ.
2822 2412 Explosives - Inside the National Archives, you'll find this book on top of a small tipped over desk in the corner. To the west of the northern Mall exit.
1833 1950 Explosives - In Springfield Elementary on second floor, behind locked door (where the raider with the dog is) it lies on the desk next to terminal.
580 2075 Explosives - At the end of the platform on the second floor of the Charnel House.
2006 2628 Explosives - On the shelf at the Scavenger's Bridge.
837 2921 Explosives - On a shelf in the bombed-out house west of Tenpenny Tower and east of the nearby intact house.
1438 1442 Explosives – Deep inside Hamilton’s Hideaway, you’ll find this book on a large brown counter.
2790 2448 Explosives - Inside the Bunker south of the National Archives. On top of a table with a radio.
232 2792 Explosives - On a picnic table at the F. Scott Key Trail & Campground.
785 1480 Explosives - On the floor in an Abandoned Shack in the Wasteland village.
565 657 Explosives - Just outside the Deathclaw Sanctuary, you'll find a footlocker with an average lock on it. Pick the lock and claim this book from within.
690 2655 Explosives - On a table in the room at the end of the drainage chamber.
745 2260 Explosives - In the Evergreen Mills Foundry, get on the upper catwalk and look down toward the southwest corner to see this book lying on top of the lower roof, then jump down there.
983 735 Lockpick - In the back of a truck, next to the safe.
1048 642 Lockpick - On the floor between the fridge and footlocker in the southern abandoned shack.
360 600 Lockpick - On a shelf in the destroyed house serving as a Raider Base.
2115 1042 Lockpick - In the Gibson House (the first house on the left from where fast travel takes you), on a desk on the first floor. The front door is locked, so you'll need to kill the sniper in the area to get the key first.
510 638 Lockpick - This book is inside a Drainage Chamber just east of Broadcast Tower KB5. The book is on the floor in front of a locked door.
547 2289 Lockpick - In Smith Casey's Garage, in the open safe behind the counter.
1170 1990 Lockpick - Enter Gold Ribbon Grocers, then go left and stand on the pressure plate. STAY THERE until a large explosion goes off, knocking down a skeleton in the corner, along with this Skill Book.
2093 3030 Lockpick - South of the Flooded Metro you'll find a Raider camp. This book is on a lookout near a bed.
1783 2932 Lockpick - By the safe in Milo's office in the Nuka-Cola Plant's shipping/offices area.
1785 1420 Lockpick - Follow the Meresti Service Tunnels to Robert's post (the path is heavily-trapped), then lockpick the gate to get to his junk supply area (or just pay him 100 Caps to get in). The book is on one of the tables in there.
1991 2421 Lockpick - To the west of Grayditch you'll find a Talon Company Camp. Inside this book is resting on a shelf of a room near the entrance.
1730 1050 Lockpick - On a shelf in the locked (Lockpick skill 50) storage room in the basement of the Germantown Police HQ.
1315 1749 Lockpick - On a table in the room with the computer servers in the Vault 106 Science Lab.
2945 1478 Lockpick - Under a stepladder hidden behind some crates in the SE corner of the Vault 108 Entrance, in the storage closet east of the reactor. This skill book is impossible to obtain because it is out of reach.
760 1485 Lockpick - In the open refrigerator in the half barbed-wire fenced-in area outside an Abandoned Shack in the Wasteland village north of Jalbert Bros. Waste Disposal.

There are so many more skill books.. And this is just the start to this huge guide that I will put some time and effort into..

I will also try to get you the key information..

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 10:01 PM

Originally posted by BlackOps719
Im buying this game for 360 on Friday....Im going away for Thanksgiving so when I get back I plan on spending all weekend exploring. The graphics and the game look awesome. I cant wait to check it out.

I loved Oblivion and the Elder Scroll series and these are the same creators that made Fallout III. Makes for an amazing experience these digital universes that are being created, they sure have come a long way since Spy Hunter and Qbert.

Dude ! You are in for a real treat here then!!! I really had a great time with Oblivion! And the same people who brought you that great game made this game..
Oh man! its like a great mix of a shooter, with a touch of RPG!
And these days RPG are the next big thing..
However since the days of spy hunter and Qbert, Ive been a huge RPG fan!
You are so right! They have come so far from those days!
I remember spy hunter.. I wanted that game so bad, because I use to wasted all my coins on the stand up machine!
Then I got it on NES.. I was about 7 years old at the time!
Good times man! Your going to really like this game bro!

I will have to say this is my fav game right now!

I even went ahead and busted out my old Fallout 2.. Just to remind myself of how far they have really come from!
I have always really lliked the fallout PIP boy style..

I think its one of the better titles out right now.
I can say this should be game of the year 2008 hands down..

Playing this game on the big screen TV, with all the lights out..
And having roaming ghouls run up on me, makes me jump a bit out of my seat.. hehe love it!!!

Have fun man...! And Happy thanks Giving!!!

War.. War never changes!!!
X, Y Cords
1630 385 Science - On the table in the sealed cistern east-northeast of the Broadcast Tower LP8.
2236 2466 Science - In the kitchen of Arlington House.
1807 2967 Science - In the Office of the Nuka-Cola Plant on top of a grey table.
1613 1316 Science - In the church at Hallowed Moors Cemetery, inside the pulpit.
2174 1683 Science - Bethesda Office West, on the table near the entrance, near the turret control terminal.
2186 2496 Science - In the Queen Ant's Hatchery, deep in the Marigold Station tunnels, on Dr. Lesko's table.
2818 1627 Science - Drop down from the rocks into the container located at the southern end of the Corvega Factory to find this book inside.
2814 1561 Science - On a desk in the office in the NE corner of the second floor of the Corvega Factory.
2215 614 Science - Greener pastures site, lying in an open shipping container next to dead scientist.
300 1127 Science - Search the corpse floating in the irradiated water by the pile of ant eggs in the Shalebridge Tunnels for this skill book.
811 3017 Science - On a desk in the room with three doors on the east side of Warrington Station.
2330 1910 Science - Chryslus Building Basement, on a shelf in a room in the far west of the floor.
1195 2100 Science - In the drainage chamber, on a table next to the ham radio.
803 271 Small Guns - In the CO Quarters of Fort Constantine, on top of the bed in the corner.
480 1377 Small Guns – Inside the Abandoned Shack on top of the hill west of Rockbreaker’s Last Gas, you’ll find a bedside table littered with junk. Move the toy car and the pre-war book to reveal this skill book underneath.
2397 1211 Small Guns - Upstairs, in Sonora Cruz's chamber.
2054 2796 Small Guns - To the east of the Red Racer Factory, you'll find a small Raider camp. This book is on the ground by the refrigerator.
2868 838 Small Guns – Northeast of the Temple of the Union, you’ll find a farm on top of a hill. Search the outhouse to find this book.
850 1212 Small Guns - On a table inside the MDPL Mass Relay Station.
485 1537 Small Guns - On the floor of one of the trailers in the Everglow National Campground site.
2667 363 Small Guns – To the northwest of the Chaste Acres Dairy Farm, you’ll find the old driveway off a main road and a mail box. This book in inside a mailbox.
697 690 Small Guns – Next to the ammo boxes and the mattresses on the ground of the Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel.
2142 1292 Small Guns - Locked (Hard) inside John's Treasure Box in the bombed-out bus near the NW corner of the Scrapyard.
2178 2442 Small Guns - On a shelf in the Abandoned House SE of Wilks' house in Grayditch.
2333 1895 Small Guns - In the Chryslus Building Reception Area, on a table in a room behind a locked door (Hard) in the northern part of the floor.
2821 1700 Sneak - Inside a locked (Very Hard) footlocker in the back of a jackknifed truck under the monorail south of the Corvega Factory.
1805 2945 Sneak - In a filing cabinet visible (and accessible) through a hole in the ceiling of the lobby.
2006 2638 Sneak - On the shelf at the Scavenger's Bridge.
545 340 Sneak - Inside the satellite station on a desk on the ground floor, by the Ghoul Wastelander's terminal at the SatCom Array NW-05a.
823 259 Sneak - Inside the CO Quarters of Fort Constantine. Make your way into the basement and you'll find this book next to a dead body.

There is so much to this game! I mean soooo much that there is no way Im going to be able to even touch base here with a couple posts.
So as the weeks go on, anything I find I will add here into this thread.

And I will do my best to find out the questions you ask me aswell..

Good or evil? Big changes in the game is made threw your choices of good VS Evil charaters..
You just have to make a couple different games.

You can either Disarm the Bomb in megaton.. You need an Explosive skill of only 25 to do that..
If you do it for free, the Lucus Sim will give you the key to the house in mega ton

And Want I do.. Is when I find tons of loot, I go back to the house, and drop everything in the locker, and go back out.
Horde everything, and sell later when your barter skill Is higher.

Or you can arm the bomb to blow up.. And head over to Penpenny tower.
And then you will be given a Room at tenpenny tower..
But megaton will be gone forever..
So if you do that, besure to rob and kill everyone in megaton before you blow it up..
And thats just the start... Oh yes only the mere start to the vastness to this game!!!

Tenpenny tower is great fun too.. You can either team up with them.
Or unleash feral ghouls on them, and turn the place into a dead zone!!

So many choices!! and so little time... lol

More to come folks..
STay tuned!! And so many different outcomes to what you hear on the radio too!! Galaxy Radio changes depending on what you do..
Or you can kill 3 Dog and shut him up for good.. Like i said soo many choices!!!


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posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 10:22 PM
I got to level 20!!! And I got the explorer Perk.. Which gives me every single place!!

So here they are.. With the cords!!!

Happy hunting!!! Going to take us all a long time to get to all these places and explore!!!

X Y Description
2050 520 Alien Crash site - when you get close, you'll acquire a radio signal, follow the signal strength to pinpoint it.
171 171 Raven Rock
231 363 MDPL-05 Power Station
154 649 SatCom Array NW-07c
540 347 SatCom Array NW-05a
818 264 Fort Constantine
1088 335 SatCom Array NN-03d
1667 161 Oasis
1593 416 Broadcast Tower LP8
1478 526 Montgomery County Reservoir
1726 687 Reclining Groves Resort Homes
2021 833 MDPL-13 Power Station
2100 1037 Minefield
2883 1133 AntAgonizer's Lair
2918 1191 Canterbury Commons
2880 1297 Robot Repair Center
2168 1320 Scrapyard
1945 1377 Agatha's House
1791 1420 Meresti Trainyard
1618 1321 Hallowed Moors Cemetery
1258 1306 Northwest Seneca Station
874 1044 Roosevelt Academy
862 934 Faded Pomp Estates
603 796 Mount Mabel Campground
435 1008 Abandoned Car Fort
320 1108 Shalebridge
1823 1936 Springvale School
1635 2075 Vault 101
1806 2212 Megaton
286 2530 Girdershade
806 3022 Warrington Station
897 2930 Tenpenny Tower
685 2911 Wattington Trainyard
1020 2784 RobCo Facility
1706 2069 Springvale
2955 2460 Capitol Building
2980 2910 Rivet City
1230 2013 Jury St Metro
2683 2143 Galaxy News Radio Plaza
2323 253 Vault 92
3073 2097 Takoma Industrial
2955 2173 Takoma Park
767 2247 Evergreen Mills
2978 2845 Anacostia Crossing
547 2283 Smith Casey's Garage
585 2080 Charnel House
190 2070 Yao Guai Tunnels
2497 297 Old Olney
3023 240 The Republic of Dave
2767 403 Chaste Acres Dairy Farm
2950 410 MDPL-16 Power Station
2273 577 Greener Pastures Disposal Site
290 2293 Rockopolis
2667 660 Grisly Diner
2773 613 Relay Tower KX-B8-11
2623 920 Temple of the Union
2340 873 The Roach King
1250 297 MDPL-21 Power Station
1887 277 Clifftop Shacks
1310 913 Paradise Falls
1323 1767 Vault 106
2940 1473 Vault 108
2673 2893 Jefferson Memorial
563 640 Death Claw Sanctuary
850 733 WKML Radio Station
847 771 Sealed Cistern
1197 1450 Aferu
2190 1683 Bethesda Ruins
2907 2027 Nation Guard Armory
290 2910 Dunwich Building
2090 2972 Flooded Metro to Mason District South
2303 2354 Flooded Metro to Arlington
2279 2357 Arlington Cemetary North
2231 2461 Arlington House
195 1475 Vault 87
315 1725 Little Lamplight
1601 1645 Big Town
1790 2955 Nuka-Cola Plant
2373 2642 The Citadel
2145 2145 Super-Duper Mart
2310 2985 Arlington Library
2200 2502 Marigold Station
2173 2437 Grayditch
2087 2307 Sewer Waystation
2292 2265 Wilhelm's Wharf
2442 2287 Anchorage Memorial
2517 2311 Tepid Sewers
2731 2420 Museum of History
1035 1697 VAPL-58 Power Station
765 1647 Jalbert Brothers Waste Disposal
792 1946 Fort Bannister
480 635 Broadcast Tower KB5
2718 2458 The Washington Monument
2799 2481 Museum of Technology
2805 2417 The National Archives
1392 2952 The Overlook Drive-In
1586 2924 Andale
1740 1040 Germantown Police Headquarters
2254 2074 Farragut West Metro Station
1959 2773 Red Racer Factory
2535 2233 Georgetown West
2548 2343 Dukov's Place
1460 2600 Fort Independence
2809 1566 Corvega Factory
1015 2951 Willy's Grocer
950 2580 VAPL-84 Power Station
698 705 Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel
310 1288 Broadcast Tower KT8
578 1388 Rockbreaker's Last Gas
1433 1427 Hamilton's Hideaway
1485 1550 Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema
1383 1581 Fordham Flash Memorial Field
2261 2478 Arlington Cemetery South
2277 2475 Mama Dolce's
2157 2628 Falls Church Metro
2222 2607 Falls Church North
2269 2653 Falls Church East
2256 2659 L.O.B. Enterprises
2650 2560 Irradiated Metro
2975 2775 L'Enfant South
2885 2655 L'Enfant Plaza
1991 2425 Talon Company Camp
542 2278 Vault 112
2814 1949 Rock Creek Cavern
2320 1900 Chryslus Building
2715 2015 Friendship Heights Metro Station
1260 2890 Cliffside Cavern
1200 2105 Manhole to Drainage Chamber (in the middle of the road)
1830 2550 Car Dealership
1615 2600 Fairfax Ruins
2001 2633 Scavenger's Bridge
2915 2097 Vault-Tec Headquarters
415 2095 Broadcast Tower Papa November
428 2049 Sewer Entrance to Drainage Chamber
539 2574 Jocko's Pop & Gas Stop
470 2708 VAPL-66 Power Station
647 2626 Broadcast Tower Sierra Victor
680 2665 Sewer Entrance to Drainage Chamber
762 3079 Lucky's
237 2797 F. Scott Key Trail & Campground
845 1217 MDPL Mass Relay Station
640 1220 Five Axles Rest Stop
290 1040 Shalebridge Hill
325 1275 Sewer Entrance to Drainage Chamber
515 1550 Everglow National Campground
1323 1709 Kaelyn's Bed & Breakfast
1179 1993 Gold Ribbon Grocers
2435 1400 Wheaton Armory
2162 1756 Manhole to Bethesda Underworks
2246 1671 Chain Gate to Bethesda Underworks
2389 1222 Regulator Headquarters
2806 1411 Radio Tower Yankee Bravo
2771 1443 Sewer Grate to Drainage Chamber
2380 1689 The Raid Shack
2815 697 Sewer Grate to Drainage Ditch
2450 341 Olney Sewers
1630 400 Sewer Entrance to Sealed Cistern
1048 628 Mason Dixon Salvage
999 745 Drowned Devil's Crossing
938 835 The Silver Lining Drive-In

I remember in Fallout 2 you came across Star trek referance..
With a downed shuttle, and you saw some Dead guys in red federation suits.. hehe just like the show.. Those poor red suits always got aced!!!

Again Happy hunting!!!

And Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!!!
Xmas is next and this guide is going to take us into the new year!!!
Going to be a long guide here, and is going to save you 20 bucks

posted on Nov, 25 2008 @ 11:51 PM
Repairs and Weight issues...

Okay so you want to carry as much stuff as you can.. Atleast to the point where you can get that stuff back to a place where you can store it.

If you put some stuff in a locker, or any type of container, no worries, it will still be there when you come back for it..
The stuff just doesnt disapear, it will stay where ever you put it, until you can come back to pick it back up..

This is a little trick I use over and over so I can gather up as much stuff as I can..
And I have lockers full of spare parts to fix and repair my good stuff..

---Edit in-- having a partner can help you carry much stuff aswell!
You can find people who are either willing to join you.. Or you can pay them to come with you..
however it depends upon your Karma who will join you or not.
Tommorow my next post will be about those who join you, and what and where they are and what karma is needed for them

Thus having a high repair skill is very important in this game.
This way when you have more than 1 of the same weapon, armor you can then repair what you are wearing, and that will ease up some weight for you.
And this way, when something is in top shape you will get more caps for the said item.
A gun that is about to break is only good for one thing really, and thats spare parts.. It wont be sold at a very good price, unless you fix it up real nice like, and then sell it.

Also it best to wait a little bit until you have a higher barter skill to start to sell alot of stuff... And vendors and merchants only have so many caps at one given time.
This is why its good to use Barter and trade to earn yourself some ammo.
Stim packs and other things in trade form.

Also in Megaton, when you go to the bar, be nice to Gob.. He will sell you really cheap Stim packs if you are nice to him the first time you talk with him!

Its really easy to be a bad guy in this game.. And sure I have one charater where I play one mean bad guy who kills and murders, steals from everyone I met, and makes them slaves aswell..

But its a true challenge to play as a good guy.. And the better Karma you have, 1 time a day you will be met by a towns person in megaton..
They will give you 1 random item for being good.

In the slaver town, if you are bad, the slaver will give you a random item for negtive Karma..

In Big town, The chick Bittercup will also give you some goodies.
If you are nice to her to start..

Also there is a little EXP exploit in big town.
If you have a high speach skill.. Talk to bittercup, say all the good things to her, then go back to pappy.

And you can do the speach thing over and over again.. Which will earn you 6 EXP each time you do this..
Here is a video, that explains this exploit.

This is only good if you want to play threw as a high level charater to get the feel for this game.
When I first started the game, I turned the level down to very easy.
Just to get the feel for the game.. Next time around Im gonig to crank the level up to very hard.. See what kind of maddness I will get from that..

Also its a good idea to save up your ammo..
Use hand to hand weapons verse minor things.. This way you dont blow threw all your ammo..
Rad scorpions are easy hand to hand,, just dont get backed into a corner.
You can ease back and swing, and they cant hit you..
Just keep on moving backwards, and they will miss you!

There are a few foes in this game that you can dog out, and get behind, and they wont be able to hit you, as long as you dont get yourself backed into a corner

Well thats all for right now.. Back to the game..

Much much more to come.. Writting as I go along here

Oh before I forget.. Edit...
Never crank a stat to 10 off the bat.. Such as strenght, only put 8 into that max when you start.. There are many items and things you can do to earn yourself a point here and there.. Thus it would be a waste to max anyone SPEACIL trait to 10 to start..

I suggest starting with 8 on any given stat.. You will find stuff to raise your stats 2 points in the game here and there

Thats a good little starter hint and you wont waste points..
As with strenght, its easy to get a 10 strenght.. By just starting it off as a 6 or 7 to 8...

Many things and drugs will raise your stats up to the point where you need to get it maxed..
Drugs are Bad mmmkay! Unless its in Fallout 3!!
My guy is a bad junkie!!! heheh

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posted on Nov, 26 2008 @ 02:27 PM
Best game I have ever played bar none!!!

The only thing I would like to see is the level cap at 20 to come off so you can keep going an build your character to the max with stats and perks. Im curious to see what kind of downloadable content they will come out with for the game.

Also there are a few REALLY cool (personal) weapons you can find in the game through quests and such. Keep track of the notes you receive.

Ultra 10mm smg - from the girl you team up with in the National Archives. Don't waste your stims and time trying to keep her alive. Let here die and take her gun.

Xio...something something assault rifle (Chinese assault Rifle) huge damage- found it on a body in a diner. I believe its part of a side quest you find at the aerospace museum from one of the computer terminals. Its pretty easy to figure out as long as you have a good grasp of prime numbers.

Terrible Combat Shotgun - taken from the body of the CO (Talon) at one of the forts. I believe you need to have a huge lockpick skill (100?) to get into the underground of the base (bunkers) once inside, fight your way through and kill the leader..its on him

you get an awesome laser pistol from the robot superhero guy in the quest about robot guy and the antagonizer. I killed her because there was nothing really to get from her. Once done, go talk to the robot guy and be nice to him. Give him the Antagonizers armor and convince him to leave town to go help others and he will give you the laser pistol.

So far thats all I have found.

Easy Money - when you go into a building where most of the enemies are robots, take a lot of pulse grenades to help and collect all the ammo you get from them. There are certain types of the energy ammo that is worth 2 or 3 caps for 1 ammo so build up a lot of that type (no weight to ammo) and sell what you dont need at any trader or store. I played the game a few times over so far but found I didn't need more than 100 of each ammo type. Also I never used a lot of the big weapons like the mini gun or rocket launcher too much so I sold what I found. When you kill a bad guy and search his body, check out the condition of his armor. Sometimes you can get quite a few caps (40+) if its in good shape and you have the strength to carry it.

Cont: Nuke Cola quantum quest gives you quite a few caps. plus you can sell what you find after the quest is finished. I found that I never needed to drink it. sell it !!!

Sugar Bombs - save those and give them to the goul you will find in the underground close to tenpenny tower. He's making super jet with them and will give you 15 caps per box.

Reilly's Rangers - once you complete this quest she will give you a gps/mapping tool and will pay you for every place you discover (you can make thousands of caps) so dont be too eager to explore everything before you get the mapper. I made over 10000 caps in less than an hour of exploring new areas.

Buy as many stims as you can, sell all your water and food stuffs you find.
once I had collected a bunch of stuff to sell for caps, I buy about 200 stim packs which is more than enough plus they dont add to your weight. you can then sell what ever food stuffs you find (i suggest doing this early in the game) you will always come across more throughout the game to add to your inventory. Plus buy as much RAD-X and RAD-away too.

if you help the ghoul get into tenpenny, he will give you a ghoul mask to wear that while wearing it, ghouls will not attack you unless you attack them first.


- get up close and use the combat shotty to the head. 1 or 2 shots is all it takes

- the animal friend perk comes in handy if you are tired of having dogs, yao guai and mole rats come after you while exploring. (does not work on insects, death claws, scorps, or ants)

the first 2 skills you should max out are science and lockpick along with repair and small guns you will be a one man/woman killing breaking into machine. Plus there are quite a few places that require 100% on lock and science to get into but its well worth it for the shwag you find.

I will add more as well when I remember it.

posted on Nov, 26 2008 @ 02:39 PM
Another tip I thought of.

- instead of using stims or food to heal yourself all the time. After you kill all the enemies, look around for a bed to sleep in for a few hours. you 'll wake up fully healed, get a well rested xp bonus for a few hours and save your stock of stims for when you may be in dire straights (middle of a battle)

- I also suggest having the animal friend 1 perk before you look for the bobble head in the yao guai cave.

Money#2 - save all the mines you find and sell them. I found them useless in the more of a "in your face with a shotty" kind of player.

Tip - repair you armor always!!!! or get it repaired on a regular basis.

Tip - be careful when selling things to vendors. They only have a limited amount of caps and if you are not careful you will reach there limit and basically end up giving them valuable things for free.

Tip - Save as often as you can or at least before you do something / decision in the game that could have unwanted or bad reactions. That way if you don't like the choice you made you can revert back to the point before you made the decision and go the other way

Tip - dont pay Dr's to heal you. Its a waste of caps and cheaper to buy the stims and do it yourself.

Tip - if your medical skills are high you will get more use out of food, stims and rad-away

Bartering tip - buy what you need from the vendor then sell whatever junk you have to get your money back especially when the vendor hasn't many caps to begin with. After some trading from them they might not have any so if thats the case, buy what you need first then they will have the caps to buy the junk you need to offload.

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posted on Nov, 26 2008 @ 02:55 PM
Also, in the quest you get from Arefu and you locate "the Family" convince the boy to go home and be nice to "the Family" because they will teach you a skill where you get 20hp from a single blood pack instead of 1

posted on Nov, 26 2008 @ 03:08 PM
When doing the quest for the ant scientist be sure that when you are finished to take the ant strength bonus as it will allow you to carry more shwag to sell at a vendor.

Tip - explore the buildings even if they don't have a quest involved. Its a great way to find lots of things to sell at vendors and make big money.

Weapons I thought were useless IMO.

-minigun - too much weight and any other gun will do the trick
-flamer - not a fan because in close quarters you can cause yourself damage.
-Dart Gun - useless
-Deathclaw hand thing - its ok but.....
-knives (any kind) except the ripper
-power fist - I prefer the shotty for close quarters

Tip-keep track of what you need to build your special custom weapons and save them in your locker at home for future use.

-all weapons you make have multiple upgrades providing you find the schematics

-fix broken limbs asap

-nuke cola not only gives you hp, you can collect caps from them so look in every vending machine

on a side note, I am having trouble getting to a few places maybe someone can help me with

1. the whitehouse
2. in the irradiated metro I cant seem to find the door to get to the other side of the river.

posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 12:53 PM

Originally posted by QBSneak000
1. the whitehouse
2. in the irradiated metro I cant seem to find the door to get to the other side of the river.

Great Tips!! Thanks for taking part in this guide!
And you know what man.. Ive been trying to get into the white house for the past couple days.. No luck..hehe
Im also stuck right where you are too.. So once I get some further info I will be sure to let you know.
If you happen to find it before me, please let me know!!!

And with level caps.. I hate um... Thats the only thing that bothers me about the game is the fact you can not move past level 20.
But more reason to feel they will add an expansion pack, or another add on to this already wonderful game!!!

I have a couple different games going on right now.. One good guy. One bad guy.. And one slaver guy.. TAking a look threw the game at all the different outcomes of playing each way.

Also depending upon your actions is how your father will feel about you.
He will either be proud of you.. Or disapointed in you for doing bad.

I also suggest doing the wasteland Guide as soon as you can.
Many of them are easy, that you can get done in town..
Such as the Rad sickness.. Take it up to 600 and you get a new perk!

For the damage one, you can jump off a ledge break your legs then run back up there!

All the other ones are pretty easy and you can get them done before you go out in the world.. You can also lie on many of the quests, and just get them done. But you get more out of it if you really go and do the quests.

Also I suggest taking the special perks such as Child at heart, and lady killer! They help out a bit when you met up with the Antagonizer!
You can tell her you belive in her and she will not attack the town anymore and give you her suit!

It just so happens, that in my game most the merchants are dead..
I found them laying on the road side taken out by Enclave encampments!
Bastards took out lucky!! And thats where I got most my ammo from too.

Turn in for money.. Fingers.. Once you have the lawbringer perk, you can turn in fingers for good karma and caps.
Ears.. Once you have the contract killer, you can kill normal folk and get negtive Karma and caps.

Scrap metal. You can turn them in at megaton. Water processing plant.
Or take them to underworld, to Quinn.

Prewar Books.. Take them to the scribe at the libary for easy caps!

All tech- The outcast brotherhood will pay you for all high tech you can bring to them!

And as you said in the above post Sugar Bombs, you sell to the ghoul so he can make his Super Jet!!

Jericho.. In megaton, he wont join you unless you are a bad guy.
Ghoul in underworld.. He will join you if you buy his contract off the bar man!
Brotherhood chick- She will join you after your father dies, and you have postive karma
Guy Fawlks.. Meta human-- He will join you after you have gotten out of Raven rock.. YOu need a high karma for him to join..
He is kick as NPC!!! I have him in my group, and hes tuff!!!
Dogmeat-- You can find the dog in the scrap yard..
My dogmeat got aced.. I sent him to find ammo and he got killed.. Poor doggy.. hehe

Those are all the NPC I have found.. But Im sure there are many many more I just havent found yet!

Well thats all for now.. Happy thanksgiving everyone BTW!!!!

I will have some time to get into some FAllout later today after I pack on the pounds with tons of grub!!! woo hoo!

Lets talk Fallout 4!! hehe so soon? well kinda

Fallout 3's radiation sickness hasn't even begun to set in and already people are talking about another sequel. Understandable, given the pause between Fallout 2 and next week's post-nuclear follow up stretched on for a decade, a wait that Bethesda's executive producer Todd Howard even admits was a touch much.

"I think it's good for people to miss things," Howard commented to Reuters. "Ten years between 'Fallout' is a bit long, but I think there's this nostalgia factor." In fact, the report notes that Howard thinks waiting three years or so is about right, though Bethesda's Pete Hines gives the inevitable sequel a wider berth. The company's VP of public relations tells Edge that it would be more accurate to expect Fallout 4 "before 2018" (since Howard did say 10 years was too long to wait). Geeze, by that time, we'll probably be living in our own apocalyptic wasteland, and Fallout will just be the game we play when we go outside.

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posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 01:42 PM

Originally posted by QBSneak000
1. the whitehouse

When you find Pennsylvania Avenue, head west until you hit the radioactive part where the White House used to stand. There is a fence around it that you cannot cross, and you'll see some warning signs that it's Radioactive. You'll see a courtyard to the North, on your right, and a little bit behind you if you're right at the fence, if you're facing the White House(what's left of it), and in the center of the courtyard is a statue of 3 women holding some sort of bowls, I'm thinking it was supposed to be a fountain. Anyway, in the North West corner of this courtyard, not where the cobblestones are, but on the actual cement part, is a manhole. Go down the manhole, and you'll be underground. Straight ahead is a car that someone on a motorcycle tried to jump, and failed. Anyway, to the right is a room with a workbench and a bottlecap mine in it. And to the left is a hall that goes down some stairs, and around a corner, and then up some more stairs. You'll eventually hit a door that opens up onto Pennsylvania Ave. Before you go through the door though, take some Rad-X, and make sure your Rads are low. Once you open the door, there will be 2 Glowing Ones. Blow them away and head up the broken stairs, and on the next floor will be a Fat Man launcher as well as 3 Mini-Nukes for it. And to get it, you just go back the same way you came, or fast-travel back to where ever

There you go! Hope that helps those who haven't already discovered it. And if this is old for some people, don't bother replying and saying it is, because I don't care. I'm only here to help the people that have been asking how to get into the White House.

Ive been saving up my minni nukes.. I have 30 of them so far..
And going to drop the B's on any Enclave camps that are now all around the waste land!

Once your father dies.. The enclave spots will start to spawn..

Also when you are in town watch out for the drop points!
Vertibirds will come in and drop off Encalve warriors, and Deathclaws!

You can blow them up if you are quick about it..
But let the Vertibird drop off its warriors, then hit the thing with a missle lancher..
Or the minni gun! You will blow up the Vertibird, and take out whatever was dropped out by it!!

Its good fun to blow up Cars, trucks, and other things in the world..

IF you see your foes taking cover behind cars or trucks.. throw a frag at the car, and BOOM!!!! Body parts go flying everywhere!!!


And just a reminder... When you get a house, or find any type of locker..
Store up your stuff!! It will all be saved where ever you drop it off at.
That way you can pack rat a whole bunch of stuff. and not have to worry about trying to lugg all that crap around with you!!!

Plus its good to save that stuff up until you have a high Barter skill!!!

REmember before you barter, dress to impress!!
I have a Button wig, which gives me +5% to speach and barter.
Then my prewar biz suit..

I always carry those extra clothes on my charater.. So when IM in town, and not in battle I dress for the extra Barter points..

As my enclave helmet gives me -1 to char. So dont want to be wearing that stuff when I go to sell my goods!!

Its a great way to stock up and store everything you need until its time to go and sell!!

My Good Karma Charater has 25,675 Caps!!!

I just like getting as many caps as I can!
And I save up my nuka cola.. I got a vending machine for my home.
and you can make them Ice cold..
Ive horded up on everything I can.. I have alteast 400 ice cold Nuka Colas.
And I save up my stim packs.. I have over 500 of them

This game freakin rocks!!!

I remember in fallout 2 you could find yourself a Car and fix it up and drive it!
Now thats the only thing fallout 3 is missing.. A motor bike would have been pretty damn cool to have!

I can understand driving a car wouldnt work to well on this ruff landscape.

Fallout 2 was a bit different.. Much flatter game, hence made driving a little easy to get done..

Now what would be even better if you could STeal a Vertibird And fly it all around the map!!!
Prehaps you can?? Does anyone know if you can steal a Vertibird and fly it around?? Chance are no.. But thought I would ask anyway.. That would be pimp!!!

They put alot of work into this game.. And I dont expect to much more from this already wonderful title..
But still it would be easy to put in something you could drive or fly..
I mean the game could handle that...

How cool would that be.. To fly a Vertibird around the waste lands!!!
A little information about the Vertibird!
The VB-02 VTOL craft, codenamed Vertibird, is a pre-War military multipurpose helicopter, extensively used by the Enclave in post-War America. It has a heavily armored fuselage and can be outfitted with a variety of offensive weapons and defensive countermeasures, the most common being a Gatling Laser and a missile rack.

It was still in prototype phase when the Holocaust of 2077 struck, preventing it from entering full military service (scheduled for 2085). However, aircraft that was produced were seized by Enclave members and loyalists and either transferred to their bases or secured in shelters.

Two models of the craft used by the Enclave - a less combat oriented version with a glass canopy, six legs and a large cargo bay and a dedicated gunship version with a more heavily armoured hull, four retractable landing struts and an impressive air maneuverability.
The Vertibird is a lateral twin-rotor (non-synchronized) helicopter design. An actual experimental prototype for this type of aircraft was the Platt-LePage XR-1/XR-1A tested by the US Army in the 1940's. Others included the German Fa 223 and the McDonnell XHJD-1 "Whirlaway".

The XR-1 was the first American military helicopter to takeoff and hover with good control, but the lateral design was generally plagued by significant vibration and control problems when in motion. Synchronized lateral rotor aircraft like the Kellett XR-10 worked better, but the concept was eventually abandoned in favor of the tandem (fore-aft) twin-rotor configuration that is in use today (e.g. the Chinook). In Fallout 3, closer inspection has revealed that they are indeed tilt-rotor craft.

The name "Vertibird" is the trademark for a toy helicopter playset popular in the 70's. Some design aspects of the unusual aircraft appear to be inspired by that hovering insect, the dragonfly. For example, the six legged landing gear and twin bulges in the forward fuselage.

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posted on Nov, 27 2008 @ 02:12 PM
Mr. Sandman bring me a dream.. Or just bring me Infinite XP !

Here is the Slaver glitch.. He will keep on giving you stuff to keep you happy!!!

Well its time for me to get my eat on!!! So much food so little time !!

hehe I will return with some more videos after I stuff my face here!!

Okay now that I am fully stuffed, going to add some more videos into this post here..

Here is a good shot at night time at Tenpennies tower, when you nuke the hell out of Megaton, and earn yourself a room at the Tenpenny tower.
And you are now well upon your way to be a very bad bad man, or woman

Here is a pretty good review of the game for those of you who do not have this game, and or are thinking about buying this title.

This game comes highly recomended by me and many many others!!
I give this game a 10 out 10!!! While sure, nothing is perfect, but this is one hell of a game!

And then lastly.. I know you all want it, so here you go!!

Fallout 3 Hidden Sex Scene!!

heheh sorry had to do it!!! LOL You pervert! You deserve it.. haha

Oh yeah.. I have my house full of intact Garden Gnomes! I found 5 of them so far, and a few crappy looking ones... But Garden Gnomes will brighten any room or empty house up! hehe

I tend to make my house look really cool.. When I find Nuka trucks I set them up in my house, along with many of the cool things I find..
I will make a video of my house so you can all see just how much you can do with decorating part of this game..
Thats just another part to this massively huge game!!!

Now just think if this was multi player.. Oh man!!!
Some day they will make this like a WOW type game..
A MMO fallout style would be pretty damn cool, I belive its just a matter of time before they think about that one.. Yet Im sure they have given it some thoughts.. So its just a matter of time..

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posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 03:45 PM
thank you so much for all the info thus far.

you werent kidding when you said you wanted to make a helpers guide. sheesh.

well im a level 15 with some very impressive positive karma,
i find that giving your purified water to the homeless guy in front of megaton helps.

im really enjoying this game to the fullest. i cant say it enough.

i have so much ammo,and different types of guns now.. but after reading i think i may just stash em up in my locker at the house.

i've discovered tons of location but have yet to even tackle the main quest. i havent even visited 3 dog yet!!

lastly you know a game is good when you can sit in front of it for 3 hours and it only feels like 1 hour has gone by. i cant believe it. ill play for what truely feels like 20 min and its actually 45 min!!!

posted on Dec, 3 2008 @ 05:03 PM
Ahhhh I got Rick Rolled....damn you Zysin!!!

posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 05:37 PM
reply to post by LordThumbs

NP!!! Im glad that this info has made your gaming exp that much more enjoyable!!!

I will be working on some more info here this comming up week!!

Yes the pure water is great for getting karma back up too good!

There is one guy outside of Megaton.. And there is a guy that sits close to the bridge near Rivet City, the huge aircraft carrier..

There is also a guy who is sitting somewhere near the vault 101 that you come out of.. I found him on one charater, and I will be damned if I cant find him again.. he is hiding behind some rocks close to vault 101..

Also there is alot of people who are taken prisonors by super mutants..
Or as they rather be called Meta humans!
You can save them, and tell them to keep what they where going to give you and it will give you more postive karma!

Another good way to get good karma is by donating to the many churches you will come across in the game.. The church of Atom in Megaton.
And the church in Rivet city aswell..

You can also kill a queen ant, and bring the Girl that works at Gary's Galley some pheromones, and she will end up getting married!
That to will bank you some postive Karma and you can watch the wedding!

Its extreamly easy to earn negtive Karma in this game.. To play the bad guy is an easy route that will lead you down a dark path..
Such as getting into the slaver city without having to get the VIP people they are looking..

But I ended up killing all the slavers, and saving the people who where in paradise city.. And in another game, I am a slaver and I run around and gather up slaves.. But you have to clear a path for them to get their safely. Otherwise the slaves you send on their way will only get aced on their way back to the slaver city..

So you have to walk all the way threw, and kill everything that is standing in the way and will kill your slaves..
And sometimes the device that gets the slave will not work and you will go into a hostile mode.. And if you have an NPC with you.. They will start shooting them, and kill your possible slaves..
So if you have an NPC.. Before you get a slave, leave them behind for a little bit until you get what you need done..

I have Jericho with me on that charater.. He is a real baddass and is good to run with on an evil charater!

Well thats all for now.. Wish I had more time to play this week, but work calls and well, gotta do what I gotta do.. the game will be here waiting for me when I get home

Originally posted by BlackOps719
Ahhhh I got Rick Rolled....damn you Zysin!!!

LOL I got rick rolled myself.. So I just couldnt help myself there, and had to post that one up so I wasnt the only rick roll'ed foo!! hehehe

Good times man! Good times!!!

Do enjoy and if you have any more questions about the game, feel free to ask away.. Ive gotten pretty good so far, and know my way around !!!

I have beaten this game a couple times so far, but running back threw and getting everything I missed..

Also trying to figure out whats up with all these radio station channles Im finding.. I dont know if I can get to the station where the signal is comming from..
But one such channle I hear heavy breathing.. sounds like the likes of a Deathclaw!!!

Those thigns are bad news at low levels!! They will eat you up and own you but good, and extreamly fast!!
But if you have a weapon that does over 50-75 damage you shouldnt have to much problem with them, aslong as you keep your distance..

Also the Enclave uses deathclaws in many of their outposts..

Back in Fallout 2 There was a group of Deathclaws who where smart and would talk with you.. They wouldnt kill you unlesss you saw them as monsters and tried to kill them..

Deathclaws are the next step in the evolution of the fallout world..
These things have very deep and intense socities! And they can speak english...
Yet in fallout 3.. they are simply monsters who will go hand to hand and beat up on a low level charater..

But you can get the deathclaw hand, and find the pattern to make yourself a deathclaw weapon!!! Its a pretty good hand to hander..

And best of all it saves up that well needed ammo!!

Ah also to add... YOur NPC do not run out of ammo.. Just make sure they have some of the ammo they use for what ever weapon they are using, and they have an unlimited supply of ammo for the said weapon!!!

I shall return with more info!

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posted on Dec, 4 2008 @ 10:27 PM
Okay I took a little time on some research and wanted to share this information with all you hard core gamers who are looking for a little bit more knowledge about this great game!!!

Okay here we go.. We are going to start with the Combat Basics..

-----------------------------Combat Basics----------------------------------------

Always use VATS to attack. Fallout 3 is not a run-and-gun shooter, so don't play it like one! In combat, tap the right trigger (PS3 and Xbox 360 versions) to enable the VATS targeting system. VATS will allow you to inflict the maximum amount of damage — far more than simply firing from the hip — and take down enemies quickly and easily. If you're not using VATS regularly, you are asking for trouble.

Concentrate your fire on one body part. Use the VATS targeting system to concentrate all of your attacks on one body part (such as the head or torso). Once that body part becomes crippled, it's easy to blow it off with one or two more shots. Easy peasy!

Conserve ammo. This one's a no-brainer, but still bears mentioning. In the grey, dismal world of Fallout 3, resources are in scarce supply and it's wise not to waste what little ammo you'll find.

Small Guns are big on power. There's no dishonor in investing in Small Guns. Contrary to its diminutive name, the Small Guns class encapsulates high-end killing machines such as the Sniper Rifle, Scoped .44 Magnum, and the Assault Rifle. And because bullets are more common than laser batteries and explosives, you'll generally have more ammo.

Repair is important. Consider boosting your Repair skill to 40 or 50 if you're a combat-centric character, as making repairs in town can be a pricey process.

Always carry a spare for your favorite weapon. To fix one weapon, you'll need another of the same variety. If your combat shotgun breaks in the middle of a fight, you'll want access to a spare so you can perform a quick field strip and get right back in the fight.

Strength and Agility are critical for fighters. These two S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats are most important for fighters, and will let you carry more gear and inflict more damage in combat. A high Agility will give you more accuracy in VATS aiming as well.

---------------------------Scavenging for Loot-----------------------------------

Be sure to carry bobby pins. Many players forget to bring bobby pins to the battlefield, which will prevent you from accessing the best loot. These little miracles are the chief way to open locked containers. Without bobby pins, you'll only be able to force locks using your screwdriver.

Bump up your Barter skill. The Barter stat directly impacts how much — or how little — items cost in the shops. If you want to amass a mountain of bottlecaps, bump Barter up to 50 or 75. Having high Charisma will also help here.

Crafting items fetch a hefty price. Even if you don't want to construct your own weapons, crafting items are often worth collecting for their high resale value. The heavier components — vacuums, leaf blowers, motorcycle gas tanks — aren't usually worth the wasted inventory space. But smaller items such as conductors and sensors are worth a pretty penny, so grab 'em and sell 'em.

Save your Scrap Metal. In Fallout 3, scrap metal is a valuable resource. So much so that two characters — one in Megaton, the other in Underworld — will happily buy your scrap metal at high rates.

Ammo is gold. In Fallout 3, ammunition fetches a tidy resale sum. That means you should grab every single round you find, from the lowly BB all the way up to the mini-nuke, even if you never intend to fire them. You're never broke if you have access to thousands of rounds of seldom-used ammo.

Save those mini-nukes! You'll earn a free Fatboy launcher and almost 10 of the mini-nukes when you first fight the Behemoth outside of the Galaxy News Radio Station. Because the mini-nuke ammunition is worth a small fortune in resale value — 300+ caps per round — it's better to blow away the Behemoth with a standard missile launcher and save the pricey ammo.

Practice picking locks. Picking locks requires a little persistence Think of it as a cold-warm-hot test: the idea is to spend your first try testing to see where the lock's "cold spots" are, then spending your second attempt on locating the hot spot and opening the lock. Once you've narrowed down the "cold" parts of the lock, you'll have a much better idea where to stick the next bobby pin. Common "hot spots" on locks are the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock positions.

Put at least 25 points into Explosives. If you invest 25 skill points in Explosives, you'll be able to disarm frag mines and collect them for resale. Once you hit 25 in Explosives, head over to Minetown to scoop up over a dozen of the little buggers and cash them in for some serious dough.

Wearing certain outfits will boost your skills. Some special outfits in the game will boost your abilities by 5 points in a particular discipline. The most useful are the ones that boost your Repair skill — swapping to this outfit when repairing items is an easy way to get more

Keep your armor in tip-top shape. The lower your armor's condition, the more damage you'll take in battle. Keep it patched up or you'll be at a big disadvantage against tougher opponents. The same goes for weapons: the lower the condition, the lower the damage.

--------------------------------Levelling Up----------------------------------------

Reading is comprehending! While picking through the rubble, you'll occasionally find books with snappy titles (Puglism Quarterly, Grognak the Barbarian). If you pick up and use the book, you'll gain one skill point. Also consider investing the Comprehension perk early the game — you'll gain an extra skill point for every book you read.

Choose the right perks. There are plenty of fun perks in Fallout 3 (Bloody Mess, anyone?). But you're better off choosing perks that give you more tangible, lasting benefits. Useful early perks include Gun Nut (boosts both Small Guns and Repair skills by 5), Strong Back (grants 50 extra pounds of inventory space), and Intense Training. Which will raise one stat point by 1 permantly!!!

Don't spread out your skill points. It's a mistake to try and be a "jack of all trades" in Fallout 3 by diversifying your skill points. You'll have far better luck by choosing two or three areas of mastery. I went for Small guns, med, and repair. Secondary, Lockpick, stealth, Barter.

There are several "must-have" skills. Some skills are too useful to completely ignore. Medicine, Repair, and Barter are all extremely helpful and worth sinking at least 25 (preferably 40-50) skill points into.

Endurance and Strength are the most useful stats. Endurance enables you to take more damage in combat, and Strength gives you more carrying capacity. Both are well worth investing in. At the start before you leave Vault 101 you can crank char to lets say 1, then make other stats 8. Never go over 8 to start, you can always get 2 points down the road. High intl, means more skill poinst pre level!

Choose the Fast Learner perk to earn more experience. Every time you sink a point into the Fast Learner perk, you'll earn 10% larger experience rewards. If you want to reach level 20, invest in this perk as early as possible.

High Intelligence grants you more skill points. Boosting your Intelligence rank will grant you extra skill points every time you level up, enabling you to master more disciplines. As with the Fast Learner perk, you'll want to make this decision early in the game in order to get the maximum benefit.

Level 20 is the highest level. You can't proceed past level 20. In order to reach that, you'll have to embark on most of the game's numerous side quests. You'll also want to kill as many enemies and disarm as many traps as possible to get maximum experience points.

Collect the Bobbleheads. If you search hard, you'll find Bobblehead collectible items that you can stash on the trophy case in your house in Megaton. Each Bobblehead you find will slightly boost your stats, so it's worth tracking down as many as you can. You can find one in Sherriff Lucas's house in Megaton.

Find the secret perks. In Fallout 3, you can earn undocumented "secret" perks as quest rewards. The first one, Rad Regeneration, is earned if you complete Moira's Survival Guide chapter on radiation poisoning. To earn Rad Regeneration, which heals your limbs when exposed to radiation, you want to accumulate at least 600 rad points before visiting Moira for the cure. Complete other quests in the game to earn other secret perks.

Well thats the well rounded information I could come up with..
I hope this helps even more!!

When Zysin makes a guide, he does so with style! And to offer you something that you would otherwise have to pay 20 bucks for..

In this day and age you need not do such things.. Unless you know you want the book to put to your collection~

I can understand how a person would want the book for all the pictures and easy to follow directions and just the book to go along with the game.
I mean I would suggest anyone get the book, just for anything I have missed on here..
As there is so much that I have not even touched based upon..
Even with all this information, its not even close to getting to everything in this game!!!

There is sooo much to this game, that its going to take more than just me putting information and stuff down to this guide.
So everyone else thanks for your help!!!
You can contribute to this guide and make it your own!!!

I dont take any credit for this stuff.. I mean Im just saying what is already put out there. Its just the fact of the time spent researching and playing myself and then putting it all over here for you all to read and learn!!!

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