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Better for interpretation

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posted on Nov, 22 2008 @ 11:57 AM
Part 1:

What persons have you learned of been famous in the following categories???

A) The magician (A sorcerer; a wizard.)

B) The astrologer (the study that assumes and attempts to interpret the influence of the heavenly bodies on human affairs.)

C) The Chaldean (A person versed in occult learning.)

D) The soothsayer (a person who professes to foretell events)

E) The philosopher (a person who offers views or theories on profound questions in ethics, metaphysics, logic, and other related fields.)

F) The numerologist (the study of numbers, as the figures designating the year of one's birth, to determine their supposed influence on one's life, future, etc.)

Part 2:

Are yet you any of those categories? Which?

Part 3:

Do you think anyone can become any of those categories? If so, how so?

Note: Did you know that a magician is the only one who makes an intrerpretion through carrying it out in thier own way? Acting out an interpretation of a prophecy is what wizards do since they interpret prophecies as wise plans or wise blueprints for willingly fulfilling (carrying out for a higher caller).

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