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Do the ufos now have the jesus bones that were in the gruft by externsteine 33AD

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posted on Nov, 22 2008 @ 12:15 AM
This is something that not very many people will understand, according to the web the gruft by externesteine is a copy of the tomb of jesus in israel, but there is a book in the soester archive in germany that is strangly stamped by the german government in 1962, that this information is not to be released to north america, it is about that gruft or tomb by externsteine, I remember reading that the romans brought jewish sculptureres to make
it 33 years after jesus died. The body was hidden there by the romans but just before King charlemagne went to destroy irminsul. King Widudind removed it and transfered it to the secret location of his grandfather King Attano or in modern terms known as King attillas underground schlangen turm in soest, next to a well, hmmmmm looks like the well in the legend of the golum of prague was the wrong place jewish people thought the bones were hidden during the 2000 year juden wanderung looking for those bones. Even though adolf hitler found one third of the thidrek saga treasure in a cave by hammerberg warstien, and sunk that part of the teasure in a sub, the third that King Widukind had control over, was the part that contained the body of jesus that was in the gruft by externstiene, this is the main reason why king charlemagne backed by the pope had no choice but to agree to a peace treaty with King Widukind .
King widukind knew about his grandfathers King Attannos secret about the gruft by externstein. Adolf Hitler wanted that third of the treasure very badly, because when you dig out schangen turm in soest, the pope might very quickly reinstore the chair that
was in patrokli dom hoff soest which you can see in carlo crivellis painting, petrus emfangt dem shlussel. The church removed that chair when the archiologisted started digging by the widukind mauer. I would like to see that chair put back where it was in soest by the patrakli churh, I loved sitting on it. Anyways I guess the churh is very scared about the externstiene gruft, schlangen turm and the well hidden jesus bones.
somewhere in the thidrek saga schatz. When I had my 1st contact ufo sighting I transfered this info to them, however if I listen to what Proffesor Hienz Ritter Vom schaumberg told me. in his manmade cave behind his house on his 80th birthday, he said, one day you must make sure the world knows about this, for now I just made sure the ufos know about this first. This is what I told the alien bioluminous dragonfly that came to see me during my ufo sighting. Okay, all this I will clear up in the future on ATS, I need my books, The ufos want these bones very badly, and Im glad I had the chance to transfer that info to them. The last people that had this info were the SS nazi MiniMax generale vertretung fuerwehr in soest. To make it short, germany has the bones that were in the gruft by externstien, there is no nibelungen treasure in france, but a thidrek saga treasure in germany, the vatican would love to get thier hands on it, but the ufos now have it, tyr, tyr, tyr, may the underground missile rails in germany by salamanca barracks serve. RRR 1000 megaton, direction IRAN...

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