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Its Do or Die Time President Obama.

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posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 11:04 PM
Here you go sir. You wanted the job, you got it.

Your first months as president are going to be the most crucial. Are you going to play "the game" or are you going to go "maverick?"

So far in your choices of cabinet members you are leaning heavily towards "playing the game" and showing your cards to everyone. That is highly unfortunate. Even though, I will not write you off. I believe what you represent is far, far, far of a greater thing than any political agenda, and I believe you understand that better than anyone. I find you to be more competent and far more intelligent than our current administration. I don't trust you yet. You can thank our current administration for that. But I hope you are an honest man. I hope you are up to the challenge.

You are only one man, and that is understood, but the decisions you make are going to affect myself and my family. I believe you are being setup for failure, but that failure can be averted. I hope you have studied your history sir. I hope you can identify our enemies. Our enemies that have infiltrated this very system we call a democracy. You have quite a unique opportunity here. The text books can look back upon your presidency and say how great of a human being and how great of an American you were, or the text books can talk about how badly you failed the people who placed you in power.

For my sake, my fellow Americans sake and my childrens sake I hope you succeed. People all across the world are loosing faith in America. Worse yet, they are loosing faith in what America stands for. What the people stand for. The turbulence ahead is going to shake some of us to the core, but the decisions you make can rattle us apart or bring us together.

I don't need you to survive and neither do most people, but the country and the world is counting on you for societal progress and sustainability. Life for the unfortunate can be bettered. The middle class should be able to expand. Tyrrany can be stomped out and corruption can be reversed and averted. These are your tasks. These are the challenges, amongst others, you must defeat. These battles will be the tale of you legacy.


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