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The Spirit of Resistance- An American Civil Revolution

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posted on Aug, 31 2012 @ 11:45 AM
The corruption in higher levels of government is easy to see, along with their methods. They give people opportunity to do deceitful things legally so they can use it against them in the future. They trick us into thinking that deceit is normal for all people. They promote deceitful practices like lowballing estimates to get bids, then adding on to make your profits. This is a tactic used by big powerful contractors of the military, so not wanting to be deceitful makes you lose the bid. The honest man stays small this way while the big companies prosper. Then if you take the bait and get benefits some time in your life, you fear challenging the system because you were involved in the deceit at one time.

This policy of making us like them is an often used ploy. Contractors around here got so used to seeing this that it became normal practice to give low estimates to people which don't cover known problems and a customer has to go back to the bank to get more money. I tried to include everything I could see in my estimates and only had a few times that I had to ask for more. I even had a buffer in my price and was not afraid to give money back off the estimate. Most people just had extra work done if this occurred, almost every other job. I bid government funded jobs but could not in good conscience do what they wanted. I did not get those jobs for that reason because my estimate included every foreseen problem.

I see that the money in the media is another example. All the money from the campaign funds controls the media. It is suicide to go against this overall deceit because both parties use it. Back the system the way it is and you prosper.

I could go on and on. The government buys their ways into everything to control us. Trouble is that these practices aren't really paid for, they just went on a tab. This practice of hush money is the main problem with this country. Teaching small guys to be deceitful is another. They pass the laws allowing these things to occur and have made everyday acceptability of deceit in this country a widely acceptable practice. Most people would think an honest company isn't legit because of their lack of advertising. Does a person getting a license or certification owe the one giving him that certification their soul? No, but it is widely assumed to be true. I feel honesty should be something people should be praising, not the persons ability to deceive others.

I know that not all in our government are deceitful. They have to bargain with the devil to help their people though, the word devil meaning deceit. Occams razor is also the devil, cutting the truth with a lie still means it is a lie. So what can we do. Go back to being honest so we can challenge the system. Is the work we are doing really worth what we are being paid for it? I see people getting big salaries with not much sales in a company. Give it your best when working for someone and the company may survive. If it survives they can take care of your financial needs. Don't waste your money on things you do not need. The more you spend the more you need to earn. Put your money into CDs or something that is stable. If the government crashes so will that worthless paper they call stocks.

I'm almost certain that if the United States economy collapses the whole world's economy will tumble. That includes if we were to overthrow the government. Changing the government to a more truthful system will stabalize the world economy.

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posted on Jan, 9 2013 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by rickymouse

Nice to see a fellow Yooper, I was born up north, and was blessed by not being a troll.

Back on topic though, corruption is the problem.

We as a Nation, need to have a more proactive and aware public, if this issue shall be resolved.

posted on Jan, 22 2014 @ 04:27 AM
reply to post by ADVISOR

Another year and still, same ole same ole.

How many more years will go by and We the People remain asleep.
Sure more are waking up every day, but when counted in years or decades, it is not fast enough.

Will it be too late, I dont know.

I do know, I will never give up so long as the fight remains.

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