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Father's Experience

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posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 04:10 PM
Hey guys, this is my first post here so be gentle

Alrighty as the subject title says this is not my own experience, but rather something recounted to me by my father.

So one night, while he was eating dinner at home, he said that he suddenly heard a voice. The 'voice' itself wasn't so much a voice as it was a command that he somehow understood, and it told him to go to his room and sit down on his chair. During his walk to his room, his five senses started getting sharper and sharper until it reached the point where he found it almost impossible to make sense of it all. Seeing colors that weren't colors, hearing sounds that weren't quite sounds, stuff like that ever changing. The one thing that was constant throughout this 'journey' (just a walk to his room) was the command to focus and not lose control.

When he finally managed to reach his room and sat down, new commands flooded his mind. The 'voice' told him to control his breathing into a set rhythm which was given to him, and then once he had managed to do that, it told him to focus all his consciousness to the air going into his nose.

My father went on to tell me that the voice guided his focused consciousness through the air, into his nose and he started to feel a searing heat that worked its way through the air into his brain. The voice said that he had to maintain complete composure as it guided him. Apparently it tasked my father to unlock certain points in his body one at a time and allow the heat/energy to pass through him. It started with the air he breathed, then the next point was his brain, one or two other points in the head area (i forget how many there were), in his throat, the neck, the chest, his lungs, etc.

However, my dad said he couldn't finish the process, because when the energy got to his heart, which the voice said was the most crucial part, he felt himself starting to lose control so he turned all his focus into retracing all the previous steps and closing the points/gateways and blacked out. When he woke up, only fifteen minutes had passed(it felt like an entire day went by to him). The voice was gone, and he was left with the feeling that he had not succeeded in something very important.

He told this to only me because he didn't want anyone to start sending him to a psychiatrist or a mental institution. I mean even I think it is pretty whacky so yeah. Have any of you had anything similar happen?

posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 04:40 PM
Yes as a child though it was different and much more of a mental state external realm type exercise, though I can relate to the guiding voice portion of it.


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