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Americas Mysterious Furnaces

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posted on Jan, 19 2003 @ 11:04 AM
Neiburger's Evidence: Native Americans
Melted, Cast Copper at 1,000 BC Site

Scientific evidence of prehistoric Indian copper casting was published in an article in North American Archaeologist, written by an Evanston, IL dentist, Ellis J. Neiburger, a man who became interested in metallurgy while in dental school. The title of Neiburger's paper is "Melted Copper From the Archaic Midwest," 1991, V 12-4, Baywood Publishing Co., Amityville, NY. This paper offers xeroradiographic proof of ancient casting. All of Nieburger's photos and images which appear in this web site are: Copyright, E.J. Neiburger, 2001. Dr. Neiburger has kindly permitted me to publish information from this article here in "America's Mysterious Furnaces." His 1991 paper contans important evidence of prehistoric copper melting and casting.--William Conner

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