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Did Gnosticism try and Usurp Christianity or is it the Real Message of Christ.

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posted on Dec, 31 2010 @ 07:52 AM
reply to post by gnostician

I've begun to suspect that more than a few Gnostic passages were intentionally littered throughout the edited texts that survived the Nicene Council. The Gospel of John (for sure), a few of Paul's letters and definitely the Book of Revelations seem like they are packed with coded messages from Gnostic editors who worked to (it seems) warn the future that something improper was being done to these documents.

The most obvious indication is the blatant timeline and event contradictions between each of the 4 gospels, but only if read "laterally", meaning that one needs to lay the timelines out side-by-side to easily see the problems. I could very easily see this slipping past the Roman middle managers (if Rome was like any other bureaucracy that's emerged as a replication ever since) since each gospel would have a different managing editor assigned to it. And knowing middle managers, none of them would be working with the other middle managers to ensure consistency. If they had, those clumsy contradictions would have been easily corrected.

They weren't ever corrected, and that has to be noted in the light of how aggressive the effort was - at that time - to stabilize the history of the religion itself. Imagine allowing so many glaring inconsistencies to survive such a massive effort. Then, for hundreds of years, the book was only referred to for the purposes of copying, serving mass, and verse-by-verse, chapter-by-chapter research by monks and others psychologically dedicated to the belief that this book is the inerrant word of God. It'd be many centuries before uninvested readers would ever be allowed to inspect what the bible contains. By then, what could be done? Nothing. Hell, even now there are "scholars" who perform intellectual backflips in order to justify what would otherwise seem obvious. That the bible is riddled with internal inconsistencies that can't possibly be rectified without a wholesale rewrite of the main events of Jesus' own life and ministry. The Romans weren't idiots, but they did (likely) approach this project in the wrong manner - employing brute force without suspecting that the conscripted editors might think well beyond the immediate future as they crafted the final documents for compilation.

And don't get me started on how the Book of Revelations seems to (almost too specifically) warn that the whole Christian thing was in the process of being hijacked by Rome. It's almost as if the writer of that one got it through by the skin of his teeth, and even slips some fairly direct references to the "harlot" Rome right by the overseers untouched. That book was a bold move by whoever they were that had infiltrated the editing effort. Gutsy stuff, that's for sure.

posted on Feb, 11 2011 @ 09:26 PM
Hi all, I'm new here and I am trying to fulfill my 20 post obligation. About 5 years ago I wrote a personal book. I chose not to publish because of the immense controversy it would cause. Chapter 1 is about the life of Jesus. I have posted that chapter on my non public website. If you are interested you can read it from the instructions below this post.

The question as I understand it was whether Christianity stems from Gnosticism or is Gnosticism an offshoot of Christianity or something else entirely. I wish to give you an excerpt of that chapter if I may.

"The authors of the first three Gospels put the Last Supper as the Orthodox Jewish Pascal Feast which began when the trumpets sounded the beginning of Passover at sundown and that it was served the night before the surrender, trial, and crucifixion. This is impossible due to the fact that it would have put the crucifixion on the Orthodox Sabbath but this year it was also Passover making it twice as sacred. Even the Romans did not crucify nor let anyone who was crucified remain on the cross even one minute into the Sabbath.The Synoptics(the first three Gospels) state that Jesus was removed from the cross because the Sabbath was approaching. By the Synoptics time line Jesus ate the Passover meal on Thursday which is also impossible.
The only way the time line works is Jesus was an Essen, which he was. The Essens followed the solar calendar instead of the lunar calendar that the Orthodox Jews followed because of Genesis 1:14-19, which was when God created days and nights on the fourth day, their Sabbath was on Wednesday. With the Orthodox calender Passover could land on any day of the week but with the Essens Passover landed on the same Wednesday every year."

The reason I posted this section was to show that Jesus was an Essen. Now, the Essens where remnants of the Gnostic understandings. Therefore If Jesus was an Essen and the Essens were Gnostic than Jesus was Gnostic as well. If Jesus was Gnostic than Gnosticism obviously predates Christianity. Most of the posts in this thread about the Gnosis are, at best, a politicians answer. Pieces of truth mixed with either lies or misinformation in the attempt to further the Christian Cause. Please understand, I do not blame anyone for purposely posting this information. When information is found a lot of time the search stops or slows and the truth is missed. Yes there is a lot of true information represented here but it is done in a dark and misunderstood way. Jesus taught the Understandings of the Gnosis in his parables and made statements everywhere that are deeply rooted in Gnostisism in example; Mark 11:23-24, Mark 4:26-29, Mark 5:34, Mark 9:23, Mathew 7:7-8, Mathew 7:13, Mathew 7:24, Mathew 8:13, Mathew 9:29, Mathew 11:25, Mathew 13:18-23, Mathew 17:20-21, Mathew 21:21-22, Luke 17:5-6, Luke 17:19, Luke 18:6-8, Luke 18:15-17, John 8:47, John 10:33-35, John 14:11-14, Romans 8:29, Romans 14:22-23, Corinthians 3:1-3, etc, etc,etc.

Gnosticism in it's whole contains 4 steps to Ascension, each a compliment to the other and each must be learned in its order, in order to ascend. The teachings of Christianity are simply the first school of understanding. Without the others its practitioners are lost to unknown truths.

Thank you for letting me throw in my 2 cents worth.

As soon as I am allowed to post a new thread my intention is to post the Chapter mentioned above. I wish for all to read it all and then SHRED IT. Yes, thats right Destroy it, take it apart with a fine tooth comb. Please don't look for only the contrary. Look for both sides and way them. Please, do not use the Bible as your ONLY reference because even though I was raised Roman Catholic(I received Communion from the Cardinals while Pope John Paul 11 said Mass) I believe its like our currency, just because Bob said its worth something doesn't mean it's backed by anything. It has truth and validity however it is NOT our only resource. You will find answers in places like Roman Records, the Nag Hammadi Library, or ancient Hebrew texts not to mention modern history excavations.

If you wish to read it now you can go to click Agarta, and on that page my initials are in the bottom left corner. Click on the J.

posted on Feb, 12 2011 @ 06:55 PM

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posted on Feb, 14 2011 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by Agarta

That is quite an interesting interpretation of the Gospel. I think you made some exceptional points.

It only makes sense that Jesus, or Joshua, would be married. Rabbis marry, and it seems unlikely that a man of the age of Jesus in the bible would be married at that time, or else not looked upon highly by the community.

You take the gospel, and turn it into a story about the attempt to take the throne of Israel from Herod, and do an excellent job of this.

Things that don't fit, are Jesus brother, James, continuing on Jesus church, and wouldn't Jesus brother have also been in line for the throne? I thought their lineage was both being born from Mary, but I have never studied all of this.

The bigger question is why would Jesuses disciples bring Jesuses teachings to Greece, and continue on a religion in his name, if the whole movement had only been an attempt to take the throne.

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