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What is your "Crank it up" song?

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posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 02:08 PM
Great posts here !!!

Counting Crows's Mr. Jones is one of a "crank it up" song. Ha,ha never knew what label to put on that song. But thanks to you're thread...


posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 02:39 PM

Originally posted by BlackOps719
But the first group that came to mind when I thought about it was The Doors. You just can't listen to Jim Morrison at a normal volume level.

AGREEEEEEED. You can NOT listen to Morrison at a Normal Volume, there is no such thing, as too loud.

- Roadhouse Blues
- Soul Kitchen
- Break on Through

All of those are my favorites to listen to reallllly loudly.

And..of course The Crystal Ship (except, sitting in a really dark room, with the music super loud, and closing your eyes - THAT's the way to experience this..)

- Carrot

posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 02:47 PM
Back when Punk was Punk and Minor Threat was Straight Edge. I still love this song "Filler"

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posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 02:53 PM
Just one more...
(I know my music taste is all over the place.)

Sorry but..Gotta crank it, and bootie shake.

posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 03:31 PM
If you don't crank these up to eleven
there's something wrong with you!

Rob Zombie - More Human Than Human: Stereo/Explicit

Rob Zombie - Dragula

Marilyn Manson - Beautiful People


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posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 04:03 PM
You got to crank this up! JACKYL " Down On Me "

And LYNYRD SKYNYRD " Sweet Home Alabama "

I could name a thousand but I'll leave it with this.

posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 05:03 PM
Santana ft. Rob Thomas - Smooth

One more crank it up. LOL

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posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 06:33 PM
Well... Diffrent Music Diffrent moods...

This one will get you going... give it 60 secs...
Giant Steps - John Coltrane

Thats music like how my brain works...

8 things per second
12 movements per thought

There is no way to contain that, there is no way to teach that
Its all over the place

I guess a diffrent era had a diffrent mind

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posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by flymetothemoon

Excellent choice! I could say more, but shouldn't.


posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 06:44 PM
This is absolutely AWESOME guys!
Like AD suggested. It gives a bit of an insight into our members as well.
I think Sauron and Gools both need some kind counciling though...WOW!
I have forgotten about alot of these songs. I think I need to replace the speakers on the laptop soon....

TKZ. Great choice. Very different but great tune for cranking.

posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 06:47 PM
Layla (the electric version)....

LA Woman....


All Along the Watchtower.....

Hey Jude....

To name a few....

posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 07:06 PM
People seem to have the Classic Rock section down nicely...

You need some music with some adititude to it.

Something that is going to make your head spin...

Now... this song is a little darker...
This is an anger song...

I know everyone knows it... it been around for a while... i have no idea what they are saying... but i will leave it to the germans for the meanest, loudest, darkest, fericest...

Du Hast - Ramstein...

It almost seems so slow, and tame... compared to Coltrane... But i guess everything is going to sound slow and boring after that...

Either that song or

Pantara -Walk...

At least i can understand the words in this one... and it is equaly dark... if not less known

posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 07:19 PM
I have somewhat obscure tastes so I'd say this song:

Pendulum - The Other Side

Or Linkin Park - Bleed it out

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posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 07:40 PM
Just one more fo' the of my all time favorite songs and the ultimate sinners prayer...turn your volume to 12 and enjoy.

Social Distortion - Ball & Chain

posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 10:32 PM
And someone brought this to my attention:


posted on Nov, 22 2008 @ 11:55 AM
Here's a song for you guys to PUMP UP THE VOLUME to!!!!!
Steve Miller Band - Take The Money and Run.

posted on Nov, 22 2008 @ 02:31 PM
Cranked this one today.....

Finger Eleven: Paralyzer


posted on Nov, 22 2008 @ 05:32 PM
You guys are so much cooler than me!
If I'm driving and this song comes on the radio, I have to sing it at the top of my lungs while extending my fingers in an arthritis-like pose while swinging my arms around like a conductor. It gets me weird looks from other motorists but I love ballad type music that incites passion:

Edit to swap out videos. I didn't like the actual music video although his singing is better than the live version now posted lol.

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posted on Nov, 22 2008 @ 06:00 PM
reply to post by hsur2112

Read thru the thread and there were a few I liked but finally found what I was looking for.. gotta crank any Aerosmilth song. And gotta love a band from Boston.

posted on Nov, 22 2008 @ 06:52 PM
The following is my opinion as a member participating in this discussion.

You guys brung some goods tunes, but meanwhile back in the 20 first century

If you like Black Sabbath you can't not like BLS

Black Label Society - Funeral Bell

Dragonforce - Heroes Of Our Time

As an ATS Staff Member, I will not moderate in threads such as this where I have participated as a member.

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