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An Ode For Early Christianity?

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posted on Nov, 20 2008 @ 04:04 PM
When Julius Caesar committed 'Assisted Suicide,' as identified in the last few years by forensic Italian police, he used his gift of 3 months wages to every Roman to whip them up into a frenzy that was to end with his named successor Augustus with the status of 'God,' and many human powers besides as in charge of the biggest empire in the oldest world. Romans were quite terrible to people who disobeyed them, raping women and putting them to the level of slaves. The Roman Colloseum shows that women were only to be allowed to watch from the same parts as slaves. But if you behaved, well, they would even try to bring their Gods into tandem with yours, diifferent names, same powers and hey, but they allowed religious diversity.

The Christians were an equality religion that taught everyone to read, so that they could understand the Gospels. They believed in Healthcare (the good Samaritan), but also (Gospel of Thomas) in sexual equality. Thet may not have believed in 'charity,' but since UNICEF's myth, where so much money gets wasted, charity traditionally has a reputation of wasting money, and only modern accounting systems have changed that. Anyway, we had an equality religion between men and women that respected other's ways, multitheistic God or monotheistic.

Christians got into trouble, they got fed to the lions. Mens singing with women alike. They would not bow to the Emperor, like the Jews. In the end Constantine called 'all in' with the Christians, they went on strike and as the only ones who could read ground the civil service to a halt.

So Constantine made it the Roman religion, but had to become head of the disciples in the line from St Peter. So he brought together Julius Caesar's power with the Power of the Judea/Christian God and by Roman Law, overuled the Christian ways and descended women to the level of slavery. This descendance of women was totally at odds with older religions, but the Roman Emperor ran roughshod.

In AD 509 Emperor (Pope) Justinian shut down the Greek Philosophical Schools, the Emperor went on a Pol Pot and destroyed all education, we went into the dark ages and a woman who tricked her way to Pope later was ripped apart by the mob whilst giving birth.

How did such an equality religion that respected other people's traditions end up like this? Witch hunts, women who spoke out witch hunted, other Gods denigrated, education destroyed.


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