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i want to start a national greenhouse/farm project for enhancing our food supply

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posted on Nov, 20 2008 @ 10:02 AM
Im interested to see if there are some rich people out there willing to donate a little to reap alot. I want to buy large properties using donations and public funding to create volunteer co-ops for locals to receive sustanance, since well all be poor soon thanks to morons running things..into the ground.

I for one know this could work good if there were enough and enough people to help water and seed plants. Theres no reason we cant work together on this issue, plus it fights the new world order by diminishing our need to feed off FEMA and ADM, sorry but you can go feed some other world..for some reason I get a bad feeling when I see those commercials.

please if you have anyway of helping me get something started nationaly, let me know here.

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