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Pleiadian Talk - Messages from the Great White Brotherhood

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 11:21 PM

My dear friend, I am glad you liked the recent video. More powerful material will come soon, and my work has barely started, though I know my mission and why I have come here. As mentioned, I have been traveling lately and had many new experiences and insights, including contact with the higher from a meditation on a mountain 1900metres tall in the desolated jungles of south america far away from civilization. Now the time has come to act - and I hope others will follow my example and stand up and act and form their own groups around the world. I will present various ways and methods on how to arrange this in future videos and presentations, and I hope it will be beneficial and practical for at least some of you. I shall present for you all the structure of the Power, the Government, how they work, and how to break free - it is the new age and time for changes, and it can not be stopped.

You ask how to wake people up - For that I can only say millions of people around the world are already awake and waiting, they just need to be UNITED , there are many like you and others sitting on their own wondering what they can do - what you and the rest can do is to GATHER and be ONE, create a UNION where you work together as a GROUP instead of individuals alone. That is what HAS to be done for anything to change, for any effects to take place. We, you, have to imitate the Governments, as they work in a union, a group of people, so do we have to do.

First you need to collect a few likeminded people, then you need to make a group of more likeminded people, let this group expand to a form of community and further grow into a sort of colony - be many, and be strong, and be together. Then, these "colonies" need to group together, stay on the same path, working for the same goal, and at a certain point action will be taken by these colonies synchronized not only in one country but around the world at the same time to show what they, what WE, stand for - to demolish the current system and bring out a new true democratic system based on the PEOPLE, the MAJORITY, and not a small group of corrupt governmental officials as per this day.

These groups, colonies, communities - whatever you want to call them, must stay in contact with eachother and work for the same goal, the same purpose, and each have a leader that is trusted and voted for by the rest of the people involved to make sure things are as democratic as possible.

I myself represent the beginning of this new movement, and anyone interested can contact me privately to take part and unite. This is the beginning, a lot of more preparations need to be carried out, but the general intention and action of the movement has been established.

We do not need to hide, or try cover up our identities, in fact showing them who we are makes us more strong and united.

This is about truth, freedom, peace, love, harmony, righteousness, liberty, honesty and a united people - and together we can reach that and replace the corrupted little fraction called "Government" with Ourselves, The People, and work together as I mentioned in my video.

Blessings be with you, and may your spirit be strong.

The planet in the Pleiadian system that I come from was destroyed long time ago - no physical life is left there. The only "pleiadians" currently existing are in spirit form, or incarnated in the form of other beings physicall such as humans here on Earth. The guy in your thread, which is a video that do not work, I do not know anything about as I am not able to view the mentioned video. Blessings and love be with you!

-IX-777 Maggador / Commandante Edward Alexander, Argentina

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 08:23 PM
You know I find everybody so busy arguing points because you feel you are right. But seriously, open your mind and try the healing meditation, you will be well surprised. I finally found a direct link to GOD, the ONE, the SOURCE of all Creation. My passion is even deeper than before and it was really up there.

Ascension is upon us . . .

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 12:26 AM

Originally posted by IX-777
Evil is a lower level reality, indeed, but because of the lower level God wanting to have the Powers and Control as a Real God would.

Thus, from originally kindness, pureness, and even neutrality, sprouted what we can now term as evil, which in turn made a difference between Good and Evil.

The lust grew, and thus, as his power grew, he made sure to take advantage of you in every way he could - and even though he left this programming is still here.

You are NOT here for any "purpose" - you are here because you are TRAPPED, in the ILLUSIONS and PROGRAMMING. The only time you will "ascend" or go "further" is when you realize this and manage to keep your awareness with you at the time of death.

The only thing you will learn here is what deception and lies and illusions are - not because you are "supposed to", but because you have been forces to, partitially by your own choice.

This is the most cogent response I've seen in this thread.

It's a shame you have to associate yourself with this "Great White Brotherhood," which has obviously done a rather poor job of "guiding" humanity. We all seem to be still thoroughly mired in the World-Illusion. But I have a bit of an aversion to the name as it is often associated with those bogus Ashtar Command channelings and Elizabeth Claire Prophet's ascended master doomsday cult. Anyways, didn't Blavatsky just make up the whole "Ascended Master" thing?

How much of what you are saying is from your own "memory" and how much of it is simply what you were taught by your New Age/occultist parents? For instance, in your blog you talk of "Spirit Guides"--why would such things exist if our only purpose in this world is to be deceived?

Now, then, you seem to have implied that as a Pleiadian, you died and then incarnated here. Why does death exist at all? Who "created" it and why? Were there such things as art and culture on your planet? Did you ever have the Pleiadian equivalent of, say, "Hamlet"?

Additionally, why are you now suddenly so into starting a new political movement? Does this not seem like giving too much value to an existence that is, ultimately, illusory and worthless? Tear down the walls of this prison--don't just give it a fresh coat of paint.

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posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 04:59 AM
I've read a lot of asinine threads and the biggest red flag for bull# is someone who writes like they're living in an awful ten cent fantasy novel or crappy scifi movie. I appreciate your sentiment but do you seriously believe you're anything but a regular person? You're not special dude, get over yourself.

posted on Feb, 21 2009 @ 06:23 AM
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posted on Feb, 23 2009 @ 11:21 AM
reply to post by spuddyboy

You may find yourself embarrassed at some time at adopting a worldly position instead of trying to find a greater truth for yourself.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 02:46 PM
IX-777 where have thou gone?

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 03:24 PM
I honestly think Ix-777's intentions are good but, this whole Plaeidian thing, methinks it may be a gimmick to attract the desperately gullible who are depressed with their lives, like I am sometimes.
If I am wrong he is the real deal.

He may be trying to attract a following by pretending to be someone who he is not,a lot of those who don't play these games never gain a following, like me, imagine the traffic my website and forum would get if I claimed to be something that people were desperately looking for, a saviour, an alien, or a Plaiedian.

Hell, I could increase my traffic load overnight if I chose to be a liar and made up a fantastic story, but I don't, because I am too darned honest.

But I can not prove that IX-777 is who he says he is, you can decide that for yourself.

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 04:38 PM
At times it is hard to know, especially when you are just getting familiar with the place! Oh, but wonderful discussions! I can be my own devil's advocate, ha ha, so I end up with a whole entire discussion with myself alone!
In my head I'm questioning the pros and cons. There is much to think about and much to put on the shelf and decide when is it time to take it off the shelf if at all?

posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 05:32 PM
I was going to say something then wrote it, then decided i give up... so sorry and the mods can feel free to delete this.

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posted on Feb, 26 2009 @ 06:03 PM
I hope that if some important information for me to hear comes about that it will come about through direct personal contact.

I think that is only fair.

As far as spokesman and channels, well.................

If ya want me to hear ya then talk to ME!!!

posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 02:04 AM
Sorry for my abscence, I have been rather busy lately my friends. But do not worry, I am not one of those whom came here for just a short moment of time to have a bit of "fun", or those glorious 15 minutes of fame. My mission is simple, but that makes it quite complex at the same time. I am here to help and assist those whom I can. The ones whom I can not offer any help in any way, I dearly hope will find it in some other way.

I will try to address each of you whom have asked any questions since last time I was here.

The Great White Brotherhood is about more than guiding Humanity, in fact it is in its essense more about guiding the ones in the after life, though some preparations are carried out here in the physical world first as far as we are able to do.

Blavatsky did not make up the ascended masters, they have always been here, by different names. In fact, the so called Spirit Guides fits into this category, and they date back as far man do - almost.

Now, why would they and people like me exist if this world was only to deceive? Well, you sort of answered your own question there - we are here to make you aware of the deception and help free you from the chains and find your true selves, and prepare yourself for what is to come after this.

My parents were certainly not what is termed "New Age", in fact they were of very old traditions. What they taught, have nothing to do with who I am or how I came to realize my mission here. For me it took a death and rebirth to gain that understanding.

Why does Death exist, who created it? Well that certainly is a good question, what I know is only that death is part of the physical existence, and the physical existence was created by one of your so called Gods - but not The True God (whom does not interfer whith such matters, it is the lesser Gods who spend their time on such things for their own agendas)

Yes we had art - in fact several of both past and present human artists are or were of Pleiadian origin and brought with them some of thei original inspiration from their previous lives. Look properly at certain art and you will see beyond the paint itself and a greater truth will emerge, specially with many of the ancient pieces of art in their different forms.

My work, which you refer to as a political movement, only serves the purpose of uniting people, bringing forth the truth, and breaking down the deceit so more of you can be free, gain deeper insights, and understand yourselves. This will become clearer by time.

I appreciate your comment, you are free to believe what you want to believe, after all there will come a time where you will see that you were either right or wrong in any case - as for everyone.


My friend I am right here, and I hope to be back again soon. In the meanwhile feel free to check my website for other posts on various topics directed towards different types of people, many have found a helpful thing or two there so far.

Many different topics will be discussed and written about and hopefully someone will find it useful or at least entertaining.


I appreciate your modest skepticism, though I am honestly not looking for a "crowd" or any "followers" - in fact people should rely more on themselves than on others such as the "leaders" etc, that is one of the things I am trying to make people understand.

And trust me, my website traffic is not exactly much to brag about
Maybe 20-30 people a day, while on another website I run that is not related to me but truth and lies, conspiracies, mysteries etc got around 500-1000 a day.

Indeed, as you say, you should decide for yourselves if I am what I claim or not, and that is what I've been telling all along, dont take anything for granted just because someone tell you "this is how it is".

Blessings and love until next

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posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 04:13 AM
Cool thread. Ask the Pleiadian. Im diggin it man.

I liked what you said, that good and evil are battles within. I get that and the majority of my life was spent fighting that battle inside of myself. Right versus wrong and there came a time where I couldnt distinguish between the two. I didnt know what was real and what was an illusion, what was true and what was false, what was good and what was wrong. I was so confused nothing seemed to make sense.

Then something happened, I realized that this battle was in my head and after leaving my head for alittle bit I found something I had alwaysed known, but somehow forgotten. Spirit; my true self. I think that good and evil is the body versus the mind. It certainly was in my earlier days. That battle caused me to do some weird things and miss out on a lot of good things. I see now that good and evil should work together and Spirit meets them in the middle. Ive been changed after the experience.

With recreational drugs, that could mean many things. But I can tell you this, Nature is supplied with certain Tools that are put in place by Higher Beings as a way to help the People realize their true Beings and what lies beyond the Physical "Reality" - and thus gain deeper insights, experiences and knowledge about themselves, existence and the All.

That is the same reason these Plants, which are Nature, is forbidden by your Governments, whom are run by the ones who do not want you to have such insights.

Most people would not take you seriously after saying something like this. It was bold for you to do so and this is exactly what I believe. This is very true to me. You see, I could not escape my mind without a little push. I did not even know how. I didnt trust myself or believe myself and I didnt even know what it ment to. I could have read a million books and listened to millions of advice only to misinterpret every word. I could not understand what it ment. I just needed a push and I steped on to the path. I know who I am now or atleast enough to know that I am worthy of life.

Im not sure if this was already asked, but what will happen in 2012? Is it the singularity? The next step in human evolution? When two dimensions collide or just another ol' day in the neighborhood?

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posted on Mar, 12 2009 @ 11:27 AM
When I had struggles in my life (which I did) - - I would some how float above and watch me from a third person perspective.

It took me many years to understand - - because I was sort of born that way. I had nothing to contrast it with.

Guess I always knew the Road Traveled - depended more on how my thoughts/decisions affected the whole rather then the immediate.

posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 03:59 AM
Ive thought of some more questions.

Were the Annunaki/Nefilim the creators of the human race and if so how did they survive on planet Nibiru while it being so far away from the Sun?

Was there an ancient civilization on Mars?

Also is there an intelligent alien race on the star Sirius B that was also a part of the creation of man?

What were the Egyptians doing or who built the pyramids and why?

Does Earth have a double? Meaning are there two Earths existing simultaneously in different dimensions or a split time stream?

Does time exist?

What is the purpose of man? We are cocreators of the universe so what are we intended to create here if anything at all? Just the usual unconditional love or something more novel?

Are their too species of human? Or are their two intelligent humanoid species coexisting here on Earth without my awareness?

Earth is a magical place. What is its significance? As above, so below I am told.

Are we much more than what we know? Why have we forgotten?

And... what will happen in 2012?

Pretty big ones there... take your time.

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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 03:12 PM

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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 03:48 PM
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posted on Mar, 17 2009 @ 04:15 PM

Originally posted by munkey66

What I did hear was you constantly re-enforcing that you are not here to preach and it is up to the individual to believe you if they want.
saying it once would have been enough, repeating it gives the impression of trying to hide something.

Exactly. I dont understand how people dont see the reverse psychology inherent in his wording. He would make a great car salesman. However this post will probably be deleted like my last ones because you can spout any sort of "I come from (insert name of planet) from 8 trillion light years away to speak the truth about your crazy antics on your internet forum boards" and its alright but as soon as you put one detracting comment up ATS devs nix it. Let freedom ring....

posted on Mar, 18 2009 @ 01:10 AM
Dear friends,

Sorry for not being able to respond more often. I do have a life outside of this internet, and a group of 16 people whom come to my house several times a week to participate in various matters, meditations, receive teachings, and work for the greater good. I only spend a fraction of my time here to try get my message out as far as possible.

Well with that said:

I will respond to the posts in the way from the most recent up until the older one since last time I posted.


Since your previous posts were deleted I can not respond much unfortunately. Your last post is still here though it does not offer much worthy answering, nor any questions at all, so my only response will be perhaps I would been a good car sales man, never tried, and yes its fine to be skeptical, if you were not you would truly be a fool. Do not take anyones words for granted or "the truth" - only YOU can find the truth within!

Wisen Heimer:

Many questions there friend, I will try respond as good as I am able to.

The Anunnaki and Nibiru was a creation made by a new age pseudo-scientist named Sitchin. It does not reflect the TRUE translations of the sumerian scrolls.

Mars is more close, yes there were a civilization there long time ago, and some spread down here when the great cataclysm happened. Some are still living up there but mostly inside the planet. NASA knows this and that is the reason they are up there.

The egyptian were simply spiritually developed people with knowledge about life, death and existence. The pyramids served as temples for esoteric work and spiritual practices, as well as the temples of some of the worlds first secret societies where initations into different degrees were performed. The secres of the soul and after-life and how to navigate it was taught. Thus the Egyptian Book of the Dead. The Tibetans also knew, and know, more about this important part than most others, and have their own Tibetan Book of the Dead. Both worth a read, and both cultures worthy a study.

No there are not 2 Earths - there are infinite numbers of Earth in the sense you are talking about, meaning there are infinite numbers of alternate existences and dimensions out there where everything that can happen is happening and all time exist at once.

Time only exist for the observer in the lower more dense planes such as the physical and this again related to the above.

The purpose of man... Well now you are getting at it. MAN is here to be the SLAVE of GOD. Yes, that is why you exist as physical beings on a physical planet , in a slave based world, where you have to Serve. The God I am referring to now is not The True God of All Existence, but a lower God, an astral entity with great powers, whom created the physical world and enslaved the human population by capturing souls in physical bodies and creating the Laws of Reincarnation and such. This itself is a very long story I do not have time to get much into now.

There are several species existing on Earth, spiritually speaking, incarnated in physical human bodies. Some of these are the ones who are in the power and control positions. Most are the ones in the Slave position.

The Purpose of Eaerth is being a Prison where you are the Slave, as explained above. The original Master may be gone, but others have found out and are taking advantage of the unknowing population.

Yes you are infinite consciousness and All Knowing, and you can all get back to the connection with your True Self and the Divine Source. Those whom do so becomes free of the laws of entrapment here on the phyiscal plane.

For the moment being, nothing peculiar seem to be happening in 2012. Theere are forces working for things to happen, to make all these "doom prophecies" come true, but there are also good out there working for the opposite. It is in a sense a spiritual war between good and evil. For the moment it seems to me that there is nothing to worry about - you will not perish.

Best wishes, love and blessings until next time

posted on Mar, 19 2009 @ 01:45 AM
How do I discern what I know from what I think.

For example I used to be catholic. I would accept this as truth and reject all other truths. If I am searching within myself for the truth, how can I make sure I dont make a mistake.

Surely an unawakened person will make a mistake when "looking within himself" for truth.

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