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Truth Moves

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posted on Nov, 18 2008 @ 12:08 PM
Hi everone, I've been debating this with myself for a long time and thought I would finally throw it out there...

Since the beginning of time the human race has been involved in the search for the one great fundamental truth. Who am I? How did I get here? Is there a plan, or am I just an individual stumbling though life with no ultimate answer?

We search for truth from the heavens, be that from Gods or from aliens. We search for truth from politicians, psychologists, pastors and others. The search for truth is as old as the beginning of time and never-ending. It has been written about, made the topic of books, movies, documentaries and with the advent of the Internet the topic of forums and chat rooms all over the planet. Some would even have us look within, but what exactly drives this almost obsessive search for truth? Why the need for this perceived ultimate answer?

There are many definitions of the single word truth which cover the full spectrum of the English language. Truth is described as fidelity or faithfulness, constancy, sincerity in action or character; to the state of being fact, the body of real things events and facts. Truth can be described as fundamental or spiritual reality or something as basic as the act of being judgmental or to simply not telling a lie. In other words there are as many definitions of the word “Truth” as there are people and this brings me to my point.

Truth is personal therefore it is momentary. Truth is nothing more than the ability of the human to achieve a solution to a particular moment in time, then it moves upward, downward and all around. Truth is fleeting because we as a species have not achieved the ability to grasp these truths and hold on to them for a lifetime; to process them, embrace them and make them part of our being. We are a race in constant search for truth with the inability to inherit this truth as it moves into our lives. So we learn truths one moment at a time and not with a big AH HA! As a result many of us have to learn those truths over and over again.

Another reason truth moves is because all of us are tempted to take our moment of enlightment and make it everyone else’s truth. So truth flows in and out of our lives constantly giving us the opportunity to reach out for it when we need it the most. It is my belief that truth will not come in the form of a booming voice from the heavens, long lost lore or from benevolent advanced beings from another world but as a whisper on a breeze. It’s out there now….hear it? The truth is you are the one great truth….all of you.

PS: Hope this is in the right place


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