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Mythical / Beast Rendering 101. #1 = ERNE

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posted on Nov, 18 2008 @ 08:55 AM
I've always had an interest in creatures such as the phoenix, sphynx, gargoyle, and others. I also sometimes render my vision of some of these.
Sometimes I create them from "thin air" like the FED does with currency....and sometimes I compile and overlay, filter, add text and such that each necessitates for a rendering that makes a point or statement.

I am hoping some of you will have ideas and use your graphic skills/wit to create other renderings.

The initial rendering I am subitting is not mythical as defined, but sometimes an animal's name can be... find hidden meanings as well. This is the case regarding the first of my renderings.

This animal is called an ERNE.
Some may be familiar with this animal, but not in quite this vision.

The picture is my interpretation of the origins of the name ERNE. This is not by any means a display of graphic skills, but is appropriate to allow others opportunity to see my point of view.
Feel free to add your amazing creations if you dare. and now....

the ERNE:

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