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oxygen content of the atmosphere down to 17%

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posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 08:09 PM
From Alex Colliers Defending Sacred Ground:
According to the Andromedans, 3500 years ago the oxygen content of the atmosphere
was between 34% and 38%. They say that today it is literally less than 17%. Now,
those of you that have studied biology know what happens to the physical body when
the oxygen content goes below 15%. Your body dies. Now, why is this happening?
Because there are a group of Terran humans that have been made a promise by a
group of extraterrestrials that have Orion belief systems that if they will get rid of
some of the races on the planet, that these extraterrestrials will use their technology
and "restore the earth" to its original state. Some of that genocide was to be done
using viruses. As most of you know, the "AIDS" virus was created. There are others
that are coming, including anthrax and bubonic plague. All of these things are coming
back "new and improved", I'm afraid to say, because there are some really truly crazy
people who are positions of power on our planet. Many of them go back and forth from
our planet to the moon. Now, you don't have to but any of this, and that's OK, but I
can tell you this. In the next ten years you will absolutely know this for a fact. Richard
Hoagland will be vindicated. There are ruins on almost all the planets in our solar
system. There is life as we speak on Uranus, right now. There's life. Plant life and
animal life. As we speak. It's there. If you want to do something to burst everybody's
bubble, get them to send a satellite there. If you have any connections, get them to
keep the cameras rolling as it enters the atmosphere.
Anyway, I want to talk about genetics. I want to read you something that I was given
in August 1996, and it took me quite a while to get it to Val, and it's about genetics.
Apparently we all had copper-based blood systems at one time. All of our physiology
was based on copper. We were all "blue-bloods". We were all royalty. In fact, we still
are royalty. It's just that our physiology is not working the same. The reason it isn't is
that apparently because of a nuclear war that occurred here. One of the nuclear wars
that occurred here. Now, why earth? First, it's a really beautiful place. It's not the only
planet that has water. When you listen to the scientists talk about "the different moons
that have water on them", you have to ask yourself, "where did the water come
from?". If you have a moon that has no atmosphere, how did the water get there?
Because it wasn't always there. It wasn't always like that. It had an atmosphere. They
were moved. Even earth was moved from its orbit - twice. There is a possibility that
they want to do it again. The "flood of Noah" was a result of the moving of earth from
its original orbit. That is was caused it. We are talking about huge ships that can move
planets. They have this technology. But, that's all it is -- technology. Apparently, we
can do these things with our own minds, if we are disciplined enough and cleared
focused in our intent. And, that is exactly what you are taught here at the school, to
remember who we originally were before we fell into time and physicality. So, I will
read this to you:
"In your linear time of 3rd density measurement, of 439,231 rotations ago [years],
war on a grave scale occurred in your Solar System. This aggression occurred against
those on your worlds that included not only you Terrans, but also those called
Niburu. This invasion of your systems by Orion was led by a queen named Suttee.
This (war) was destructive on many levels [frequencies) of physicality.
"We will focus tonight on your Terran physical form. It matters little of those who (6 of 30) [9/18/2000 6:39:12 PM]
hear you, Alex, who do not listen. Please share (this) regardless of (any) emotion
returned to you in challenge. When your science truly removes their bigotry, they will
discover of the wisdom of it (what is said here). The last grave conflict was very
harmful to your physical form. Many weapons of destruction, many of atom-splitting
(nuclear weapons) have been used. This is the reason for most of your Terran skin
tones. We shall explain.
"Orion was and is most interested in the females of your race. Because of the
pro-creation (reproductive) and genetic strengths. We want to share (the fact) that
much of your Terran history has been misleading in its truth by those who eventually
conquered in control of your solar system (those in control rewrote history to hide the
truth). Nibiru won, but only a short battle, before they and other outposts were forced
to leave (the solar system) because of genetic damage. Your original races were
green-skinned. This we know, because of large copper traces in your Terran 22 blood
type (refers to the composite of human genetics which comprise genetic codes from
22 humanoid species). Also, the pituitary and thyroid (glands) were fully functional
(at that time). The genetic damage to these organs was caused by (the) radioactivity
in (the) air and all things of contact (on all things in the environment). The air was
like this for a long time.
" It (the radioactivity in the environment) caused the genetic memory of these organs
(genetic memory of full-use capacity) being closed and almost atrophied (caused the
function of the organs to shut down and the organs to atrophy). Your world
experienced drastic changes in climate and massive magnetic fluctuations. Your
different skin tone races are a result of an edema damage to your blood (changes in
blood chemistry). It was (then) necessary for survival to create self-sufficient and
contained environmental habitats, (both) above and below the surface.
Now folks, this is what the "garden of E-den" was. It was an artificially created
environmental habitat. It's like what Richard Hoagland has been talking about. You
build a dome and then you terraform underneath it. It's exactly what these were.
Much of the fossilization of your terran remnants is caused by this radiation of your
planet (here they imply that ambient radiation plays a part in fossilization processes).
Your system contained three suns at that time. Only two remain (one is on the
opposite side of the visible sun, and rotates in such a way that it is hidden from view
from the perspective of the Earth). Your physicality (body) in its original form

posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 10:16 PM
It would be easier to get the jist of your statement if you broke your post into paragraphs. Also separate the sources from the body paragraphs.

I like to entertain the idea of Alex Collier's little Andromedans and what not, but there is no physical proof that quote, "There is life as we speak on Uranus, right now."

I don't understand how one could claim that without any proof what so ever?

He kind of reminds me of a religious fanatic.

I don't doubt his experiences but, you have to give me a bit more evidence.

posted on Nov, 18 2008 @ 12:21 AM
Any life that would be to exist on Uranus would certainly be interesting!
While it's thought to have a lot of water, it's supposedly under a layer of liquid hydrogen, with extremely dense atmosphere of methane, hydrogen and helium. The atmosphere is thought to "blend" into the liquid layer, with no solid surface as "land". The density of the atmosphere is such that no sunlight would reach the surface of the ocean like surface. And expect temps in the range of -270 degrees.
Due to it's rapid rotation, wind speeds of 600 KPH are the norm.

Definitely a hostile environment to say the least. Any life that could exist there would have to have a serious chip on it's shoulder!

posted on Nov, 18 2008 @ 12:57 AM
bull i just took my air testing meter out and tested the air and its 20.7%

i am on a mine rescue team.

30 years ago it tested at 20.7% this makes the increase in CO2 mistifying.
where is the added O2 coming from that is binding with the carbon to form CO2.
never could figure that part out.

posted on Nov, 18 2008 @ 01:16 AM
This whole thing is crazy. Depending on other factors, the atmosphere would be considered EXPLOSIVE at 23.5%! My Confined Space Training at work tells me that oxygen content in our atmosphere is the same at altitude. (Just "less" atmosphere at height) Pay attention in Science Class and quit trying to rewrite fact.

PS: I did a Confined Space Entry yesterday into a previously ventilated piece of equipment and it tested at 20.65% Oxygen.

[edit on 18-11-2008 by CreeWolf]

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