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Strange Craft flying in Seattle

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posted on Apr, 1 2004 @ 07:45 AM
Ok, I have an odd sighting. I did not put it under UFO because it wasnt a UFO as in aliens. It was definitely some sort of plane. But what, I have no clue.

I was out for my evening walk, about 8 PM PST. We have a small airport near by, which houses mostly crop dusters and private planes for fun, so I always see little planes zooming about. We also have Mc Cord Air Force Base about 10 miles away (Im now in Auburn, just south of Seattle). Im used to seeing various cargo planes and even a couple fighters.

But this night, ti was cloudy. Low clouds to be exact, about 2000 feet I believe was the cloud deck, maybe lower. Very low clouds. So, Im walking, I hear a plane overhead, sounds wierd, so I look up. I see a plane or whatever it was flying over head. it was flying just at the cloud deck, because I could see the body and lights well within the haze. I stopped, surprised, because not only was the shape of the plane odd, it was going very fast. Faster than commercial planes and crop dusters fly.

The shape of the plane was distinct: it was a definite V-shape, like stealth bombers. The light configureation on it was really wierd too. The lights were in a V-shape. And the lights, only two were standard red, it had three that were an odd ghostly blue, and two at the ass end that were greenish. It was going double the speed of commercial jets. And it was flying very LOW.

I am certain of its description. Even though it was dark, the planes lights outlined it like a flashlight.the body seemed to be a wierd metalic blue color. that could have been the clouds, but i doubt it. It was headed due east, towards the cascades. I watched it go, trying to figure out what the hell it was. As it was approaching the mountains, it was starting to ascend sharply, then vanished from my view, though I could hear its engines a little while longer. My guess is that it rose into the clouds, since it was flying so damn low.

Ok, so what did I see? It wasnt a fighter jet, Ive been around enough, day and night, rain and shine, to know what F-15 and F-18s sound like, and look like. It wasnt a civilian plane, and it wasnt a military cargo or troop carrier. We do have the airforce base nearby. As mentioned, it had the shape very similar to a stealth bomber, that V- space age shape. Was it a stealth bomber? i wasnt aware that Mc Cord had any such craft on its base, though maybe it refueled there? Didnt really have the other signs that most stealth bombers have (dark in color, for instance, this thing was actually very light colored for a plane).

This happened a week ago, and I have been searching the internet for any pictures of possibilities. So far, Ive looked under stealth bombers, known fighter planes, ect, and have found nothing.. i was hoping to post my results here, but have found nothing. Maybe someone knows what Im talking about? has pictures?

posted on Apr, 1 2004 @ 08:00 AM
My guess is that it was a Stealth Bomber/Fighter (judging by the triangular description) stopping over for replentishment in McCord Air Force Base, and then proceeding elsewhere. As far as the lights are concerned, I do believe that during normal operational procedures, all aircraft are required to maintain exterior illumination until above a certain altitude, whereas then they can go dark. This may or may not be the case, but it is likely.

Remember, just because it is a Stealth, doesn't mean that they are in that mode continuously.

Mr. M

posted on Apr, 1 2004 @ 11:06 AM
Sounds reasonable. It doesnt look like stealth bombers Ive seen ebfore, but then again, Ive never seen one illuminated. Certainly was the last thing Id expect to see over a heavily populated metropolitan area!


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