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the ATS interrogator dream.

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posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 12:28 PM
I'm sure this is all because of what I read at this fellow's dream post coupled with ATS use in general.

I had a dream that I was waking up, and to my surprise the Avatar Simon Gray was just off the side of my bed, smiling calmly as he slowly pulled his arm back in what I translated was relasing my arm or pulling back from a completed injection.

Sleeping, I was aware that I had been sleep interrorgated. But awoken I wanted to know what it was and was disappointed that I didn't get to participate. My arm felt really tense. And I curious'd over it for a minute.

I dreampt I was so relieved, and I boohoo'd my disturbance about another dream I had had in which army intelligence and civil air patrol workers at the air base broke a needle tip off in my upper arm as I slept the night as the token female adult at a youth group overnight camp.

They had held me down, grappled with my legs, even punched while-laughing and having good fun getting to stick me-and broke the friken needle tip off!

Awake, it still blazes in pain.

I didn't get a response to that, though, it was good just to say, "Hey, f**k!", and I didn't really ask a question.

Dream realizing that I was free to function, I briefly dreampt a few thoughts into the dream. The brief hope that his girlfriend wouldn't be pissed or retaliatory that her babe had to deal with a chick, the insane hope that he had asked all the right questions and got everything he needed-as I had dreampt some concern over his safety while I dream connected other dreams. Then and finally I asked if-I could go get a smoke. I recieved a neither here nor there kinda nicely smirked, "sure".

While he was on pause as I retrieved a smoke, my mind raced the dream connections: I had dreampt that he had been the victim in yet another dream that I had had, that were in the theme serial massacres at Rocky Horror Picture shows, and that Simon Gray had in fact, not only been what Rocky Horror Picture shows were themed after, but himself had gone on to retire/recover from whomever he was really, to continue on as the ATS bartender as the result of this same massacreing rouge hitting at one of his house parties and killing his dearest frends.

And at and in addition to, in this new, more new aged, non smoking version of the last ATS bar, which had been more western themed in a dreamed previous version, Simon Says had totally missed serving that same rouge person right in front of him, while he reeled from the previous experience, and this ended up being vita to the rouges plot- as just before or just after Simon's serving of this person, the rouge went on with a team to wake up an undead but suspended snake king who then went with the rouge to hit at a house party Avatar Zeddicus was holding, in which Avatar Zeddicus died while getting his mouth sucked out by the undead king--who himself would later perish with a whole crapload of vampires during the kings effort to raise the lower world to the upper world thus creating an actualized monster land-and I dreampt did actually occur for a brief time, but that the guy who raised the king, a type of vampire, bilateralled as working to raise the ENTIRE lower land up--which was of demons. And he completed this task--but for the master devil, which he claimed he could not raise-even though he could. He just thought he'd rule the place himself, while toting a we'll all rule together advertisement to get to where he needed.

And thus was the interogation dream.

(edit-insert this)
Well alot of it was dream, though there is a multitude of the dream connections that though they spring up in dreamland still sit with me as a minute number to a huge number of what I still percieve to have been actual occurrances, occurring during forward-backward dimensional and just plain old regular travel during the course of years of non parental, parental alien, non alien, abduction/non abduction. I'm trying to address many of them forward and open--and there I leave off, still not knowing, exactly what to do. Someone gave me some actual good advice-but covered it with being a complete jerk. Another day passes.
(edit: title change, last para moved to front)

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posted on Nov, 17 2008 @ 02:49 PM
reply to post by HugmyRek

so to make matters worse, I amp up and down on instant coffe and I go back to sleep cause I am completely pooped from organizing clothes to when to wear them labels...

I think I was dreaming of a mix of things, the crosswalk in a city on the way to a school, some kind of small stone huge house/business-where I had to 'wait' till getting picked up by someone. And a setting up activity of some sort -like for a garage sale/auction- that the school/place was putting on and to which I saw a problem behind a corridor sign in the way of a medium sized stray dog.

I went to get the stray dog from out of there...and...the next thing I know I am in sleep paraylsis having my hip frantactly cut open in rapid fire strokes, by a small hairless dog with a plastic picnic butter knife who then proceeds intermittant his cutting--to lick like a spaz at the wound.

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