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Radical Homosexual Terrorism

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posted on Nov, 24 2008 @ 02:34 PM
reply to post by MAINTAL

yeah lol ,, that was until I started seeing how worthy of my indifference, people like those in the op are.

And what about the gay people who don't act anything like those in the OP,why are they worthy of your hatred?

I have never protested, demonstrated or invaded their gay clique's with mask on and some idiotic terrorist garb acting like a damn fool.

Neither have i and neither have any of my gay friends.

Is that so? I think all that was covered in this thread though so I won't repeat it but basically you have more rights than anyone just because you a minority of some kind, the questions is ,, what kind

It has nothing to do with a minority,but everything to do with equality.

You are under the mistaken impression that one has to be a Christian to be repulsed by the gaytheist lifestyle and what do YOU care what God it is Jakyl.

No,i don't have that impression at all.
And being gay doesn't mean you are an atheist,many homosexuals believe in a god or many gods.

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