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Grey Aliens, Insects and Disinformation

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posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 03:42 AM
reply to post by undo

LOl actually wasn't too long... basically agreed with you

Part of what this thread is, is actually a debunk not of reptilian Intelligence... as a possibility but an attack on one of several lines of thought that have developed a cult of personality in the face of preposterous falsehoods and obviously made up fictions

Mainly in this case Ickes works, inundated and perhaps not always by his hand but perpetuated that Reptilians are behind seemingly to look through it everything that is going on...

I give ALLOT of weight to previous visitation, there is allot in archeology that suggests that we might have been visited

what I dislike... is "Theories of the Galaxy" that are invented as fiction and posed as Fact and Communications and... those who claim with zero substantiation to have been made part of federations of light or hang on to ancient legends and derive truths about galactic civilization when we all know that people embellish and draw conclusions of the super natural or things "beyond" our comprehension and make new religions out of things...

I see no indication that we are in some vast Galactic struggle

I do see evidence that, we have been visited and that even a battle or two was fought here

and I think... if it was, it was against something else from here, the same something that is still here,

Many indications that something has attempted to wax something else...that was bothering us

that we had a more diverse set of beings walking uptop at one point or various points

I discard stargate on technology, numbers and presence of numbers, not even saying it's not possible that there never was a stargate, but if there was it was because faster than light travel was not possible and a method to leap the distance could have of course been made...


It's not active now and for it to be... something has to return and put it back or fix it...

That, it takes a long time to cross the stars traditionally and that would explain why, we have only or mainly these Grey's

IF, IF there is any other influences, they are stranded and small of number...

and I have done many interviews and, no one i can't find as lying has ever indicated any reptilian like association with the Greys

I talk to lots of people and, you know you have to take this at face value, the ones that have thrown out Reptilian stuff are disjointed, NOT Traumatized and I can tell face to face if a person is... the consistency between encounters is not there, the mood and feeling is wrong and... I can tell when a Person is full o bulla

My pop was in the military his whole life, I grew up around allot of criminal types, I acted for many years, not always but I can tell pretty well when a person is making something up...

experiences with, those I have sat down with that have given me time and such that involve annunaki, Stargate "disclosures" of RL supposed experience

They have been awful... I mean, I use as example one guy who was...transported to another world (from Bklyn NY) btw... I go to his house, he's bonged out, which I joined hi in lol... but still, already he was Highly relaxed about ti all, munching away and... trying to sell me some old books and, watching SG1... while doing the interview, loves the show because it's "so close to the truth" and he's all excited and...unemployed btw

and of course the Aliens gifted him with this INFO for me about all the races and etc, etc plus some tidbits I assume were his own...

But all those interviews are similar in nature

I have gotten the guys who, live away from the city and dress in suits and are always ex Govt and have had "secrets revealed"

and then there are those who happen to own, tourist benefiting kinds of businesses that want attention to their community

and of course the Jim Morrison loving Dick Cheney/Queen of England hating types who... Had Sex with one and have been to satanic orgies and... supposedly slept with Reptile govt officials and were used for sexual purposes their whole life

and are married with kids and pretty well adjusted lol

or, have meth or coke habits I uncover and very...urrmmm advanced sexual obsessions and fantasies

But the ones, I can't explain away

are the guy, who's simple, drives a tow truck, doesn't much care for sci fi, doesn't want his wife to know the story...and cries like a girl... and describes, Greys and abduction experiences that match, many of the others, while the rest have... NO cohesive structure or commonality... these people tell the same stories, they are shook up, it's visible

It would be hard to...Fake and harder to repeat the small details which are often not included

and you do it long enough and... you can just tell

There is one definitive thing happening

and I started this years ago for Sci Fi research not to save the world

I have to say, what is real? from stories and talking and looking at Eyes?

Greys... something, some phenomena

Sasquatch... I think there is another ape out there

Moth Man... believe it or not, these people are serious as a heart attack, some big frackin flapping thing might be out there...

Never met, a single witness to the Galactic armada that wasn't a total fruit cake

Never met a reptilian abductee or victim etc that wasn't full of BS

wish I had, but I just haven't

And in the end If I want Truth, I have to start somewhere, that somewhere to me is, What exactly are Greys, what is abducting or happening to this handful I am capable of and prone to believe based on experience...

I do not discount possibilities but rather... if they are here, where do they land, where can I locate them and get a definitive answer, what on Earth can explain them because... far from looking at 2,000 + year old tablets, there potentially may be something here I can wrap my hand around now

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 03:43 AM
reply to post by EldersCouncil

TY, right on the line of thinking... read when you get a chance what I Posted prior to seeing this in regards to sleep paralysis and that there are more mysteries here

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 03:57 AM
reply to post by invisiblewoman

Even the Mollusk that posses the crab forces it to forever bear, Mollusk Off spring...

But, There is example in nature and the link is a few pages back...

That Parasitic Wasps actually Inject either via bacteria or directly their own Genes to alter the antibodies of the host

Pure science, Parasitic Wasps, alter the genes of their host

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 04:10 AM
reply to post by undo

I'd say... our tech any tech.

I can't get around that, a society that could harness the kind of energies it would take to build such a thing, could do allot more...

It leads me to think that if the beings using it could create such a thing, they wouldn't need Earth, these would be Planet Builders, Type 3 type 4 civilizations...

which leads to, they were built by a more ancient civilization...

and it's pulp sci fi, applied to History

Maybe... but still, not the domain of what we are dealing with, these things... apparently crash their ships, they didn't BUILD stargates if that's the case...

are there any in use, right here and now I don't think so


Tower of babel, Eden all the rest..there is a Real story in there, I don't know that anyone however has it right at this point in time...

I believe something went down, "involvement" deciphering it becomes a case of the game "telephone" trying to make educated guesses as to what came and went or may be still out there somewhere and what I do know...people take Literally allot of things in religion that were not literal and even trying to make guesses as to translated word meaning is scary and leads to wrong conclusions almost every time

I can read, Hebrew 7 years of school as a kid...

and it's obvious so much is wrong and mistranslated and misappropriated it isn't even funny

I don't think, what went on directly related to what went on now

I do think something else that IS here and now bore witness to it all perhaps was... put in it's place at some point in time and now free of that influence is bothering us again...

So in wanting answers, I just want to find it and pick it's brain, because it can probably fill in the blanks of what went on back then much better than a tablet can

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 04:37 AM
from enki's city of eridu (that's gotta be the cherub/seraph known as the serpent in the garden)

close up of the head (note the fang)

(interesting baby)

found in a gravesite at abydos, egypt. pre-dynastic!
study that picture.

this one is also from abydos

this one is from egypt.
if you can, put in graphics program and look at his head.
he's supposedly from mesopotamia

some wormhole info i gathered

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 05:47 AM
Nice stuff, I've seen before... again, possible connection...

But I don't associate these with the same phenomena we currently experience with Greys, there may be no connection at all...

2nd image is a typical goddess representation,

The other depicts genitalia...

Definitively NOT Grey

I don't see the need to connect what was going on then with now, particularly if we assume travel between the stars as being a slow process...

By and large the Bible refers to the Nephillim as having been destroyed by the flood, so often when looking at this stuff I find myself thinking that this WAS and perhaps there was another race alien or otherwise

I think, human history is filled with competition between various divergent versions of us, from the hobbits of the south pacific to stories of giants, hard to say who would call who "gods" if one group was more advanced than another, Natives here thought Spaniards were Gods, sad but true

so hard to judge that by and large we have encountered and out lived other competitors and maybe received visits, sure I have no doubt

I'm not making any genuine connection to current circumstances though, not via abduction story or appearance...

The annunaki head is all wrong, elongated not shaped at all like the Greys

Be smart and have a brain case I think would be a universal constant if there is any.... I see no other connection to the greys in all this

New challenge new species that's remained behind the scenes

I have no doubts when I see this... "something is up"

Honestly a fanatic of sorts, just, don't make the connection as being related to current ufo phenomena

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 09:46 AM
And btw... some of the images do depict things that might represent something.

But when i say the Reptilian theorists take things into fiction allot...

Up top, That's a Goddess representation and the Reptilian fans, use those allot and what it really is, is a representation of the worship of the feminine divine which is very import to be understood in terms of the holocaust that has for ages been perpetrated on women by modern religion

It feels sometimes like Icke types will cannibalize anything to prove their theories even when blatantly something else, in this case any serpent associations would not be literal but rather represent sexual energy of the female but it's used as proof that there are Lizard men...

Regardless of intelligence or Grey's

Our battle with insects are real... and microbes and Bacteria for that, in a way regardless of my theories there is some truth to this whole topic... watch the points of The Helstrom Chronicle vids a couple pages back

There is a real enemy in insects, regardless of how far you will let your imagination go with it or what possibilities your willing to explore...

But that statue... is a Goddess depiction and has nothing to do with Reptilians annunaki or anything else

Just sayin,

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 09:55 AM
nephilim not destroyed by flood.

there were nephilim in earth in those days and also after ("those days" are the days leading up to and after the flood).

the sumerian-akkadian version of the flood event stipulates that enki saved the king of sumer by instructing him in how to build a boat. enki was not supposed to warn anyone. the kings were nephilim. the biblical version indicates noah was saved and some nephilim survived, but it doesn't go into detail about who or why. most folks miss that part. enki saved the king, enlil saved noah and company

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 10:20 AM
In Hebrew, actually... I did read that Noah had mercy and allowed one of them to ride atop the Ark and it survived

But that it's descendants were only half Nephillim and more human now.

But the story is a very Interesting Parallel, almost identical...

I would have to say that somewhere in the story is a truth, just not sure I agree with most main stream theories as to what that truth is.

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 11:25 AM
reply to post by mopusvindictus

well my theories are not mainstream, because

1) mainstream christianity doesn't recognize the nephilim as anything other than cain's descendants, who they believe are humans

2) mainstream christianity views scripture as metaphorical or spiritual. very little effort is put into the idea that biblical prophecy is true or even relevant to our time, as a result, studies on just what the bottomless pit was, are seen as either irrelevant or a hole in the ground opened by a meteorite. they ignore the fact it requires a key of some sort to open it and so on.

3) mainstream christianity resists the idea of alien life interacting with or interfering with human civilizations of any era. they believe the entire dichotomy is one of demonic/satanic spiritual forces vs. humans and angelic forces of God and company.

i could go on but i think you get the picture. my theories are by no means mainstream

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 12:35 PM
reply to post by undo

OH, I was giving my view not saying that your's were mainstream. I read your posts allot, no worries on that topic.

I was just saying i'm very undecided on exactly what happened in ancient times.

What's your opinion, the tunnels under South America and this region here even in southern USA, who were the drillers? Who went Underground to escape whom...

I don't think they fit the things we call the Grey and they are too small for what would be annunaki or giants or Nephillim

any ideas on origins?


you were going to take this thread at face value for sake of argument... and The Grey's are an Earth Race been around, Intelligent for a long time, where would you place them within your own beliefs?

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 01:25 PM
assuming that these creatures are bugs that have evolved over the years on our planet, then who is to say that they didn't orignate somewhere besides earth? What if the alien species, inhabited earth millions of years ago, and started growing their human farm on this little planet far out from any other living intelligent species? Perhaps earth is just a large food colony that is being watched and studied. Kind of like how we watch and study cattle to find out what hormones to give them to make them grow faster, and to grow more meat, ect.

What for? Who knows, maybe as a last resort to feeding a civilization. maybe for trade to other species for technology, money, territory, treaty agreements. Just some food for thought.

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 01:45 PM
reply to post by Rivetlikewhoa

It's possible

The "Watchers" "fallen angel"

I actually have one of several sci fi story lines based around this theory and one in particular has the Greys as an insect race that IS Galactic and their job Was to seed life and Maintain the eco system of planets so... Life like us could evolve. And in the plot line, they realized that at the end of time this Universe folds and ...they don't get to go to heaven so they turn on G-d and start trying to make the species of the planets they used to cultivate, turn against G-d to save this universe from destruction in the end times...

and that's sci fi I thought up around the theory of course...

But It would be in the realm of possibility

What I am more inclined to believe though, would be that life elsewhere will be RADICALLY different than us most of the time, unrecognizable in most cases and...

It does me no good in this world to... start in outerspace as most do and work my way back to my reality in terms of trying to decipher what is going on...

I choose to focus on here

It's why I spelunk, honestly i do it and it's a costly hobby because I dive I don't just cave, I do the water to find new passages, because i'm in practice looking for new life in a place that's available and I might find it one day

and I have seen some whacky critters...

But no man sized termite nests yet, although I'd add, I have not reached nor do I have the equipment I need atm to reach the depths I would find such things....

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 02:48 PM
Returning to Insects... I thought I'd throw this in as an interesting tidbit

If you watched the vids a few pages back, Helstrom chronicles, it discusses the immediate threat to mankind posed by the fact that Bugs can survive Nuclear war and we cannot and that as a collective intelligence they might be taking advantage of this situation

Grey's are known to be interested in our Nuclear facilities and Missile silos...

People often speculate that The Grey's come from the future...

Perhaps that could be the scenario in which they are here, our Nuclear war contributes to a massive series of mutations which leads to their origins and they come back in time to start it in the first place?

That one is i bit out there, but voice it for sake of multiple ways in which insects could develop intelligence and be here right now in this form.

In any event, That line of thinking crossed my mind from reading this article

"Fire ants are the smartest insect I have ever worked with," said Dr. Lynne Thompson, a professor at the University of Arkansas at Monticello who has studied the economic impact of fire ants.

Thompson said besides the obvious costs of fire ants such as pesticides and other control measures, fire ants stings can be fatal to people who go into anaphylactic shock after being stung. The fire ants are also sometimes attracted to nest in electrical motors, wrecking havoc with the functioning of equipment involved in communications, electric distribution, cooling and traffic control.

Damage to a home air conditioner caused by fire ants can cost $500 or more. For more expensive electrical equipment, the costs can run even higher. Fire ant control is expensive for row farmers, chicken farmers and other livestock growers.

And, as most people in the South know all too well, fire ant controls are never permanent. Because fire ant colonies are always expanding, especially in the summer, you can kill one fire ant mound only to have it replaced a couple weeks later with two more.

"The imported fire ants are still spreading, and are spreading into areas where we wouldn't have thought they could spread a few years ago," Lockley said.

Lockley said the imported red fire ant came into the U.S. and "took the beaches with the Marines at Iwo Jima, and took over."

And now there is a hybrid imported fire ant. Two species that mate are supposed to create sterile offspring, but fire ants are again breaking the rules. Lockley said the hybrid could end up being more of a problem than either of its parents, the black fire ant imported during World War I, and the red fire ant imported during World War II.

Basically fire ants hitched a ride During ww1 and ww2

Like the documentary states

As we kill each other they spread and prosper

Our attempts to kill them, only lead to our deaths via cancer from the insecticide while we permanently endanger our lives for generations they adapt and come back in weeks in many cases

Truly, if nothing else... they are a formidable enemy

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 05:21 PM
well i pondered the scorpion men concept that was found not only in the epic of gilgamesh but in the enuma elish and potentially in revelation 9. it dawns on me that these may be a hybrid of
and this

and a human being, resulting in something like this

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posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 05:37 PM
dang ubdo that link to the last image didn't work
I've been lurking here reading all this so awesomely interesting
you guys rock

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 07:05 PM
Thry killed Phil Schinder because he leaked to much info about the greys underground. I have heard he has also lost an hand dude to that gun fight and has killed two greys.

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by Gaiden

I think I watched a youtube video of him describing that!
I always thought if I ran into a grey and I could I would kill it
because I don't think if they exist they are alive in any true sense of what that means ,

kind of like what the OP is getting at with the bug thing ,if you kill a worker ant it's no big deal to the colony they have lots and that's what the workers are for food for a million other creatures decoys to keep predators away from the queen and bring resources,back to the colony,so killing one according to my theory would be very useful for us and not such a big deal to the bugs

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 07:58 PM
sorry, this is the link where the image was found. it's kali from the golden voyage of sinbad

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posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 09:24 PM
reply to post by undo

Ah, are you referring to the number of arms as being insectiod? good one

I actually am looking for a scary Akkadian poem that discuss fearful Monsterous beings of great power that dwell inside the mountains
and are are 7,tribes?species?

I don't know but the writers were terrified of them
I'm looking I think I packed the book it's in away

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