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The Mysterious Coral Castle

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posted on Feb, 13 2009 @ 07:28 PM
Flux i was not refering to you when i made that comment. i enjoy constuctive critizism but not so much when people cant tell me why.

as to the bermuda triangle, after looking threw most of the stories that come from it many of them have to do with compass faliure along with other instruments. ships would have been on the wrong course and srecked into reefs and planes going off course. my first thought was "how powerful were Eds devices" then including the move to a place closer to the shore or the triangle, did Ed maybe figure out a way to predict magnetic anomolies in the earth which allowed him to "levitate" massive blocks. heres my thought on this; what if an alingment of celestial objects causes a surge in magetic forces at certain points around the earth, smiliar to ocean tides. this combined with Eds already useful "levitational" machines would allow him to lift objects even higher and easier. what if Ed wanted to build his castle as a place of worship to "sweet 16" not Agnes as Ed said that 16 was the perfect pure age of a girl. not having much money he needed a way to do this with the skills he had and the earth he owned. hmmmm.......he could logg and cut rocks. so lets build like the anceint egyptians, myans, and so many others. while studing how they built these megaliths he stumbled upon something that has been over looked so many times before.

im putting together another timeline that i think might bring things into a more clear picture but i wont know until im done. i hope it turns out like i think its going too.

posted on Feb, 18 2009 @ 12:04 PM
I wonder why he called it Rock Gate Park. According Dave Nelson's commentary taken from, the original site near Florida City never had walls or the balanced doors.

"Ed moved from his original location starting in 1936. He had finished the present place around 1940-41. His old location did not have the walls or near the size the present location is. Pretty much the carvings and a tower made of smaller stones. During that time between, he had built a wooden house on the new property, dug a well, moved most of the carvings, and quarried and erected the walls and other items. Much of that time was spent in relocating and erecting the carvings. I believe it was in 1939 when he actually began on the walls and tower, so you are looking at a construction period for those items of 1-2 years."

If this is true, why did he include 'gate' in the title when there was no 'gate'? Also, Ed never called it Coral Castle. Perhaps we shouldn't either, to preserve integrity of the subject.

On a side note, thought I'd post this for anyone who hasn't seen it. Ed on video....
Put some personality on those pictures of a stern looking Ed.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:06 AM
Ok, I'll admit upfront, I'm a nerdy kinda guy. With that said, I'd like to post something slightly a bit off topic, well... maybe more on topic than off. It's aimed at those who watch the TV show 'Lost'. After tonite's episode with the time travelling lady and specifically the pendulum I'm convinced more than ever that the backbone of this show is based on Ed's experiments.

The pendulum that the researcher working for the Dharma Initiative used to find the island? Ed's pendulum.

The 'Dharma' wheel deep underground in the island, which Ben and John turned, which moved the island through space/time?... A larger version of Ed's generator.

The anomolies on the island, (ie-the hatch with all the button pushing and the EMP explosion, the compass John gave the other leader guy, the reason the helicopter pilot flew by dead reckoning rather than his compass because it couldn't be trusted, etc) all focus on the magnetic side of the E/M coin.

So, is pop culture trying to tie in with esoteric mythology? Could this be intentional/unintentional social conditioning for a future paradigm? Will Ed be the new Merlin of our time? I'm being serious.

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 01:24 AM
I have never found this castle to be so mysterious, I mean there are pictures showing his lift that he used to mount the rocks! Where's the mystery?

posted on Feb, 19 2009 @ 11:54 AM
space cadet, the reason for the mystery is that the rocks Ed is seen lifting with his tripods are smaller chunks. the mystery is in the larger stones that the tripods are uncapable of lifting and the heights that they are lifted too.

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 03:33 AM
I think there is a lot of truth in these shows like Lost, Stargate, Star Trek.
I'd like to hear more on this mysterious briefcase with nobs sticking out. First I've heard of it. I got the book Waiting for Agnes but haven't been able to finish it. I got about 10 books that I just don't have time to finish.
The 6 pointed star seems to tie in with Richard Hoagland's Hyper-Dimensional Physics, as well as Sheldan Nidle's info. on 12 strand DNA.
I think the Gov. took some of the parts of his generator. Can you imagine if Ed had joined up with Tesla? Talk about a dynamic duo.

There may be a lot of clues in this video, odd dude but interesting.

posted on Feb, 28 2009 @ 12:48 PM
I read that the masons new of a way to make ancient cement....that they would make the cement out of limestone and coral rock, and could then shape the cement to what ever they wanted. This could explain how the shapes were made at coral castle, but then you wonder how it was all moved. Could Ed made the sculptures right where they sit? Could he of made molds for a shape, placed that mold where the structure was to be located, then filled the mold with the ancient cement (a mixture of coral rock) and then after it dried, remove the casting from the structure....leaving the finish result in the location that he wanted the structure. This would take out the idea that he had to move all of these rocks.

Im not sure if I believe he ever moved all of the rocks to another location. How much proof is there of that story?

Some say, the sphinx was built this way...with a ancient cement that could be put into a mold of sorts, which would cast the shape of the structure.

This is totally new to me, so not sure if this ancient cement idea has any merit. Feel free to say yeh or neh.


posted on Mar, 3 2009 @ 07:46 AM
I'm sorry, I don't have a direct source for the briefcase. It's something I picked up from reading many different sources on Ed, (so take it with a grain of salt, I suppose).

Also, Ed claimed he had at least 10 functional generators at the time of publishing his manuscript "Magnetic Current" in 1945, he says so in the manuscript itself. So we know someone took all the other devices he had worked on.

And based on his writings I really don't think the flywheel in his tower was his best device/prototype. I think that his 'sweet sixteen' was a smaller, more powerful, portable 16 phase generator, and I'm pretty sure I know what he did, how it would look, and how it functions. (I just need the right parts and time to put one together. It really is more simple than most might think). BTW, I think he and Tesla wouldn't have gotten along well at all.

It's possible he creted it at their current locations, I don't buy it based on all his writings and the accounts of others who knew him. And there is several accounts which state as a fact he moved the main tower/castle and some monuments 10 miles North.

Again, the answers are in his manuscript, just gotta do the experiments and pay attention to the details... and remember, he never called it Coral Castle, it was always Rockgate Park. Keep that in mind.

LittleMe: Anxiously awaiting your time line theory! Found anything interesting?

posted on Mar, 8 2009 @ 11:27 AM

Originally posted by Flux8

And based on his writings I really don't think the flywheel in his tower was his best device/prototype. I think that his 'sweet sixteen' was a smaller, more powerful, portable 16 phase generator, and I'm pretty sure I know what he did, how it would look, and how it functions.

I thought the sweet sixteen reference was mathemetical, not referring to an actual object? I read this on the code144 board:

I was having my late java and waiting for the universe to give me a clue (A special little bond I have with those little waves), and something hit me. The number 144 is a sacred number in many ancient teachings. The number 9 as well. The 3, 6, or two opposing forces leads to the 9 Center axis. So, I started to think about the Vedic Mathematics and why the number 9 is so important. The universe began to download (Sorry about the I-NET Terminology) some answers into this brain of mine.

All matter bends around the number 9 or the center axis.
The 3,6, are the two opposing forces that creates and destroy all things in the universe. (I had to edit this, Energy can't be created or destroyed, it existed from the beginning and will so until the end. It's the Alpha and Omega, so I would have to say the 3 and the 6 slows down or speeds up energy instead of creating it and destroying it.).
The 144 divided by 3 is 48.
The 144 divided by 6 is 24.
The 144 divided by 9 is 16!

Could ED's Sweet sixteen be the 144 divided into the Omnipresent, The All Thinking, CENTER, The number 9?
The 6 creates the 12 Males (Positives) and the 12 Females (Negatives) in the 360 degree spaced by 15 degrees.
The 3 creates the (2) Rings (48 Electromagnets) resonating against each other (Ring Twice). (2) Rings of Solenoid Electromagnets powered by voltage to created the opposing force of repulsion or attraction towards the center axis (9).

Link to board

I am just learning about this whole thing, please forgive my lack of knowledge thus far, I find it fascinating.

Also, if the flywheel holds water, do you think cymatics plays an important role with respect to the bell? (Ring twice). Do you think it is used for vibration to charge the water?

I am intrigued.

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posted on Mar, 10 2009 @ 12:03 PM

Originally posted by helpmefindtheway

I thought the sweet sixteen reference was mathemetical, not referring to an actual object? I read this on the code144 board.

Literally, 'sweet sixteen' or just 'sixteen' was referenced through his writings:
1) Agnes, his sixteen year old fiance who jilted him at the alter,
2) The perfect age of a girl,
3) that he was building a home for his new sweet sixteen.
All very real things, not math.

Personally, I don't buy into numerology or the 'code144' theory. The numbers etched into the doorway were simply his ID numbers. It was common practice for immigrants to do this in those days, just in case 'immigration' came by they wouldn't forget them. I think vandals etched the whole 'The secret to life is...' later after Ed had moved on.

With that said, you can take many ideas on here with a grain of salt, including my ideas as well. But I really don't think Ed's 'new sweet sixteen' was about a girl at all... While having a cup o' Java of my own, almost every day for the past several years, my brain downloaded something COMPLETELY different from these infinite vibrations that is our multiverse.

... Also, if the flywheel holds water, do you think cymatics plays an important role with respect to the bell? (Ring twice). Do you think it is used for vibration to charge the water?

I don't think the flywheel held water. I mentioned cymatics in the context of the study of morphologies of frequencies. The medium can be anything that reacts to frequencies... sand, water, smoke filled air... even fire
. Extrapolate that knowledge to the EM dimension.

Ring the bell twice? I do think that is a clue... the most simple answer is in symbolic reference to N. individual magnets, and S. individual magnets... but I think there may be a connection to the mechanical functioning of the system as well, (sorry, that's proprietary stuff so don't ask

BTW, I'm glad you share our fascination with this subject and I hope your searching brings you wisdom.

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posted on Oct, 12 2010 @ 03:42 PM
There are some interesting videos on Ed and his castle.

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