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anyone else catch 911?

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posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 03:00 AM
Yesterday was the 1st of June -- one year anniversary of Pi making an important download.

One of the solution to pi____? was "pilots", but there was nothing specific. We know that the pilots occasionally see Pi in his UFO form. It's a tradition started by pilot Kenneth Arnold who reported having seen strange stuff in the sky back in 1947 thereby effectively kicking off the flying saucers era.

The reason Pi made the "pi" crop circle on 1 June was that 1/6 is Pi's initial letter cut in two parts. That's because P is the 16 letter in the alphabet. Since the other letter in the name is I, which is the 9th letter. The "breaking" of Pi looks like this:

* 1.6.9

Substituting 1 and 6 with letters (1=A and 6=F), we get this expression:

* A.F. 9

That says there is a name with initials A.F. and it has 9 letters.

Solving this without further clue is impossible, but with respect to

* pi ____? = pilots

and the news headlines of 1 June, the solution is

* A.F. 9 (letters) = Air France

Pi made a major statement by bringing the French airbus down; he combined it with the GM filing for bankruptcy today. Here is the special item after the market closed. We have opposites up and down, or red and green, but sometimes and rarely so, there is no opposite -- things just remain unchanged.

Coz some sheer "coincidence," it was GM on the day it filed for bankruptcy that has UNCH to its name.

There are two solution to the letters UNCH and its broken form UN CH: one general and one special.


1. UNCHanged
2. UN CHapter 11

GM filed under Chapter 11 protection. It is the 11th company in the list of 30 Dow companies, so that's why GM didn't file under the other very logical options, which are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13,
or Chapter G and Chapter M, if you turn numbers into letters. (7=G, 13=M in the alphabet.)

Nice going, ain't it?

posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 03:02 AM
activation post


posted on Jun, 2 2009 @ 03:58 AM
Nice, nice I like your post on the tonight show. Really good insight and it got me thinking there's another tool to the puzzle.

Here is an important part that puts 3+14=17 to work. How old was Jay Leno when he left the "Tonight" show?
Since he has been on the prime spot of late evening entertainment beating David Letterman for the past ten years or so, we ask what is the 17th prime number.
The answer is 17th prime number is 59, and that's actually Jay's age upon leaving "Tonight."

Also Jay Leno is 7 letters which corresponds to 3+1+4 (3.14) and 17 because 17 is the 7th prime number, thus the solution had to be 7 letters, Jay Leno.

And yes I too am looking closely at this GM thing. and chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankrupties (chap G chap M) were things I never thought of so very good read there! What's so interesting is how GM was still being traded, it just ended up finishing where it started.

And now that we (taxpayers) own 60% of GM, how much longer can we still call this a free-market economy?

Another gold story,
61 miners killed in south africa, I won't go into predictions here but I'll just continue to keep an eye on that.

But the biggest news for 1/6/9 was in fact the Air France flight 447 going down with all 228 passengers. There's just so many connections going on. Just look at the Dow!
8,721.44 +221.11 (2.60%)
447 is seen quite a bit first of all. 8(7)21.(44) , 8=4+4 so (447)21.44 , and +221.11 = 2+2+1+1+1 = 7 making 8721.(44 7)

You already pointed out Air France being A=1, F=6, and 9 letters total on our 1/6/9 day.

The flight was returning from Brazil which is very important, specifically Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro has 12 letters total and take a quick look at the points gained in the Dow 221.11, a lot of 12 going on. And 2.6% could be 2 6's again making 12, or perhaps signifying the 2 countries with 6 letters, Brazil and France.

BraziL can be simplified to BL it's 2 outside letters. B=2 and L=12. Continuing this trend of 1's and 2's. Not to mention it gives us the temperature at which water begins to BoiL. 1/6/9, the boiling point. Earth's about to get ugly real quick.

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posted on Jun, 4 2009 @ 02:18 PM
reply to post by salty-red

Once you mention boiling water, then there has to be water freezing to accommodate the opposites -- the stamp that Pi puts on his handiwork. This particular opposite is a sad example of scientific ignorance: Water freezes at 32 F and starts to vaporize at 212 F. That means there are two opposites: liquid to solid and liquid to gas. Since the difference is

* 212 - 32 = 180

and a turn of 180 degrees is a turn in the opposite direction, the change of water exposed to the temperatures that causes water to change state is logical with respect to the opposites. Since 180 (degrees) = 1 pi (radians), we know who devised the various temperature scales: it was Pi when he had to assist the extremely ignorant Homo sapiens in inventing a method of investigation called "science."

Here is an example of another scientific ignorance which is widespread:

* 11 = 20

The above statement is false, but when it persists to appear, it shouldn't be tossed out, coz there is a chance that there maybe other data around the inequality that we may not see and that would validate the statement, such as

* (9 +)11 = 20
* 11 = 20( - 9)

There is also a chance that 11=20 means a position of of the same item, such as September 11, 2001, which was the 254th day from the beginning of the year and the 112th day from the end of the year. In this case, you can write

* (254 = 112) => September 11 of a regular year.

Pi has been using this particular opposite to form predictions. Here is how it goes . . .
Let's identify a building. Here is the particular question:

* building = ?

Note that the closest letter to the question mark is the last letter "g." So you can simplify the question by asking another question:

* buildin[g = ?]

Now that's easy, coz the letter G is the 7th letter in the alphabet. So we solve the second question

* buildin[g = 7]

and the answer to the first question comes naturally:

* building = 7

So lets go and find a building #7 -- somewhere . . .


Now remember that when Pi is using powerful "graviton lasers" to exert a pressure on terrestrial targets, the effect may look like a "controlled demolition" to some.

Of course, there has to be a reason why Pi took the WTC Building #7 down. Unfortunately, those who blame the government from the collapse of WTC 7 never bother to offer any reason and if they do, it only accents the sorrowful state of mind Homo sapiens has to its disposal and which drives Pi crazy.

So what would be the reason for Pi to destroy Building #7?

Well, it's a look into the future, a symbol of another demise. The look into the future looks like this

* buildinG --> ?

Since we know the identity of "buildinG" and the time of its demise, we may be able to tell which letter comes after G. The date was 9/11, but since the building "died" that day, we change the slash in the date for an appropriate cross:

* 9 + 11

Since the above date implies

* 9 + 11 = 20

we are looking for 11=20 -- an item that is the 11th and at the same time the 20th on a list and the name of the item starts with G.

Looky . . . looky . . . looky . . .

Could it be that the item we are looking for is General Motors; does it mean that the demise of the Building #7 is a harbinger of things to come for General Motors through

buildinG => M ?

And if so, what will happen to GM?

Since G=7 and M=13 in the alphapet, and 7 and 13 are odd numbers, the question mark regarding GM appears between 7 and 13:

* 7 ? 13

There are two odd numbers between 7 and 13, namely 9 and 11 that form the date 9/11 -- the date Building 7 collapsed. That reinforces the link between the building and GM, but doesn't tell us what will happen to GM.

But since 7 and 13 are also prime numbers, we ask another question:

* 7 ? 13

This time there is only one number between 7 and 13:

* 7 - 11 - 13

It is prime number 11. And that means that GM will very likely go into bankruptcy under Chapter 11.

Yes, indeed.

And so that's how you can look into the future, which Pi is usually forming through super-advanced mind control. The flashlight that you point toward the future has two batteries in it made of opposites and common sense.

So, Pi, what are you up to these days?"

I shall destroy USA

Pi sounds like a broken record, doesn't he?

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 02:04 AM
So here's the reason I couldn't post the last couple days, believe me it's a good reason. And it's the reason I'm gonna need a day to catch back up on what's happening in the news.

Anyways I go up to Idaho to visit my girl and after about 300 miles (and about 15 from my destination) I total my car. I managed to roll my car, and I think I have found a guilty culprit here.

I roll my car, ending upside down in the road, a PI turn. And it happened on PIne creek pass so it's fairly obvious to me as to who's at work here.

But apparently I'm just untouchable, I roll my car goin about 60-70 miles an hour on a windy mountain road cuz i'm an idiot, hit the side of the road that wasn't a ravine, break an axle, shatter the windshield, back and side windows, both side mirrors and rear view mirror, glove compartment destroyed, airbags didn't deploy, roof bent in on all areas but my seat, all 4 doors jammed in the twisted wreckage, and to add to all that I wasn't wearing a seatbelt.

I crawl out a window, and sit on my car for 20 minutes waiting for another person to drive on that road because my cell didn't get coverage there and i couldn't call 911. But all in all, I ended up having a couple cuts, that's it. If you've seen the movie Unbreakable, I was Bruce Willis that night. No broken bones, no concussion, no paralysis, no hospital visit, just nothing. That just doesn't happen with my kind of wreck.

But ya, I've been up in the middle of nowhere for the past couple of days. I could go about 100 miles in any direction and not find a city with a population over 10 grand. You know there's no news there when I manage to read about myself in the local newspaper! Just got back home a couple hours ago after an excruciatingly long shuttle bus ride after I finished taking care of business up there.

So I'll be scavenging the internet tonight and tomorrow and get caught up on the current world events and hopefully I'll have something to post.

posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 02:14 PM

Originally posted by salty-red
I roll my car, ending upside down in the road, a PI turn. And it happened on PIne creek pass so it's fairly obvious to me as to who's at work here.

Lordy, lordy . . .
Turning your wheels upside down near PIne creak surely leads to an assumption that Pi distracted you, but there was no obvious sign of hallucination. Some people in England reported seeing non-existent road turns that they adjusted their driving before their car accidents took place. So some further evidence is needed to see if Pi caused your accident and what was the reason.

When you meet Pi personally, he just says "hi." But you can't hear it; you need to see it. So you drive from Utah to Idaho . . .

* UTAH_________IDAHO

Somewhere during your trip, Pi shows up.


See the trick? You leave Utah at point H and enter Idaho at point I, where both letters form the greeting HI.

To make sure that this is so, you convert Utah and Idaho into numbers using the order both states entered the Union. Utah is the 45th state and Idaho is the 43rd state of the Union.

* Utah = 45 and Idaho = 43

Now let's do the UTAH__IDAHO format once again using the numbers to make sure that it was really Pi who said "HI" to you. This time you drive from the 45th state to the 43rd state.

* 45_______43

Now you leave Utah at point 5 and enter Idaho at point 4.

* 4(5_4)3

Now compare: H_I is to HI as 5_4 is to 54.

If Pi said HI to you, then 54 must relate significantly to opposites, upside down in particular, coz you ended your trip wheels up. This is true, coz

* 54 = 6 x 9

If 6 is you car, then 9 is you car after you turned it upside down into a sled or somethin'.

There is no doubt about it. It was Pi who distracted you from driving properly.

Now what would be the reason? This could be really serious, coz there was a substantial damage done.

Here is the lead: You made a mistake and the symbolic representation of the mistake is the turning of X -- the symbol of multiplication. Since Utah is the 45th state of the Union, turn X by 45 degrees. If you do so, 'X' turns into '+'.

* 'x' (turn 45 deg.) = '+'

Now use both symbols for multiplication and addition at the same time -- put them between 6 and 9 and you get two different but correct results.

* 54 = 6 x + 9 = 15

Pi will time the accident to support the 6 + 9 = 15 result:

Anyways I go up to Idaho to visit my girl and after about 300 miles (and about 15 from my destination) I total my car.

Alright . . .
Now what does Pi mean by 15?

15 is a point between Utah=45 and Idaho=43. That means we put 15 between 45 and 43.

* 45____15_____43

But does 15 really belong between 45 and 43?
Common sense tells you that it is number 44, which sits between 45 and 43. So let's put this logical number next to 15.

* 45_____15, 44_______43

To get a better view of what Pi means by 15 and 44, turn 15 into a letter according the alphabetical order (15 = O) and write down the "road map" once again.

* 45_____O, 44_______43

There is a person whose name starts with letter O and 44 is an order number, coz 45 and 43 are order numbers of both states, as they entered the Union. The question with the states clue is this:

Question: O_____, 44 __________states?

Are you going to solve it?

Alright. Go ahead . . .

Answer: O(bama), 44(th President of the United) States

Here we go: Pi goes after Obama, but the prez will survive the attempt on his life, or he may be involved in an accident and survives, the way you did -- either way.

Now the question is when.

So I'll be scavenging the internet tonight and tomorrow and get caught up on the current world events and hopefully I'll have something to post.

Are you kidding me?
Your accident is the news. That crap you find in the news is useless to predict what is in store for the prez and here is why: check the initial of "Obama":

* O = 15 = 4 + 4 + 7 => 447 => Flight 447.

Air France flight 447 went down in the Atlantic, and my guess is that Obama's presidential helicopter will go down on one of the trips from Washington DC to Camp David.

Here is an important question: When you crossed the border to Idaho, were you on Interstate 15 or 84?

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posted on Jun, 5 2009 @ 04:09 PM
reply to post by salty-red

That's terrible! I'm glad that you are doing ok.

That's the second really bad car wreck that I've heard about in three days when the damage to the people should have been really bad, but wasn't (there was a mother and her four children not too far from where I live. They should have all been killed, but the next day after, they are all out of the hospital).

posted on Jun, 6 2009 @ 06:00 AM
Very nicely done there Stander. Yes you got it right it was I-15 which fits in extremely well with your last post. I think your on to something here. And no surprise this happens June 2009. 6-9

By the way, the car was a '94 Geo PrIsm, (a hard one to flip). 94's been a active number recently and was used again today with unemployment hitting 9.4%

The road before PIne creek pass was ID-31. 13 is unlucky, car accidents are unlucky. But then again I was very lucky to walk away from it so 31 seems like an appropriate number to use in signifying both.

Speaking of ID, I=9 D=4 means 94 once again. Any more details you want, I'll be happy to give.

I don't think there was any real threat from PI, I should have been seriously injured, but wasn't. And the car was only worth 600-800 bucks so it wasn't the worst thing in the world to lose. It was definitely something to send a message though. Just not quite sure what that message is.

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 01:15 AM

Originally posted by salty-red
Yes you got it right it was I-15 which fits in extremely well with your last post. I think your on to something here. And no surprise this happens June 2009. 6-9

By the way, the car was a '94 Geo PrIsm, (a hard one to flip). 94's been a active number recently and was used again today with unemployment hitting 9.4%

Are you ready to go on?

I thought that out-of-sight-out-of-mind rest over the weekend wouldn't hurt.

Yes, the car plays a role in the outcome of your accident. First, note another opposite in your accident. You totaled your car, but not yourself. If someone came across the accident site right after it happened, the anticipation that someone in that car could have gotten hurt real bad was in place. But you got out of it in a pretty good shape. That means you got a bowl of BAD luck that day to total your car, but another bowl of GOOD luck to come out of the wreck unhurt. These are important opposites, coz they lead to the make of your car. Since bad luck is represented by the notorious number 13 and good luck sticks to "lucky 7," both numbers 7 and 13 refer to the make of of your car. Since 7 = G and 13 = M in the alphabet, you car had to be a GM car.

Which type?

The same logic applies here as well. Since G and M are opposites due to the 7 and 13 conversion, the question concerning the type of your car is this:

* G____________M ?

Here, the letters GM are apparent opposites (first and last.)
One of the possible solutions is

* Geo prisM

which is the correct answer.

Now here is the question of when the car was made.
I have to take a shortcut here. Do you remember the 6 + 9 = 15 argument? ( 6 is your car before the accident and 9 is when you turned it upside down.) Since you entered Idaho by driving on Interstate 15, number 15 becomes particular in answering the question of the year your car was made. The accident took place in 2009, and so

2009 - 15 = 1994

Your car was GM "Geo prisM" made in 1994.

These "coincidences" further implicate Pi as masterminding and executing your car accident with respect to the opposites.

Now since your car was made in 1994, you can make a code number for your car out of this year. Suppose that you use the first three digits of the year 1994. So you are driving in your car -- 199 -- and look into the rear mirror:

* (199)4

What do you see there?

Well you see 4, but what does 4 stand for?

Remember the hoopla when 4 cop cruisers got on your tail, coz the rolling stop that you mentioned a few days before the accident?

With full knowledge of the language Pi speaks, you would never planned your trip to Idaho on that particular day. The rolling stop incident was Pi's warning to you.

Now the last question, which is a simple model for a future developments based on opposites: You car was born in 1994. Where will you car die?

Since "1994" = "nineteen ninety-four," write the number the way it is pronounced: 19 94. (Make a space between 19 and 94.) That separates 19 from 94, where 19 is the beginning and 94 the end of 1994. Since we are interesting where would be the end of your car, we focus on the ending part 94. Now turn 9 and 4 into letters by the alphabetical order and '19 94' changes into '19 ID'. And so here is the question:

* 19 ID_____?

Now we know that your car ended its life in

* 19 ID(AHO)

but it would be a bit harder to figure it out before the accident happened. But it's not impossible.

Scroll up a few posts and read again my post regarding the link between 9/11 and the GM bankruptcy. Your car accident partly relates to some of the arguments in that post.

I try to attend to the rest of you last post the next time.

You know, Salty, we look at all the disasters and hardships as some theory, but you need to "get your feet wet" before swimming through some of the sh-t that Pi does with others. That's the way it is. Welcome to the club. You know, the bravest in the US military intelligence sh-t for fear when someone mentions Pi. (They call him differently.) They would pin a Purple Heart on you, if they learned that you had a skirmish with Pi in Idaho. Yep.

[edit on 6/9/2009 by stander]

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 02:27 AM
man I love it when you get something really really good. The rolling stop being a precursor to my rolling the car. Yep another great link you've figured out. Also I never saw the G_______M being Geo Prizm before. 7 and 13 once again. And the parent company of geo prizm just happens to be GM, nice little fact isn't it.

But I don't wanna stretch out my accident any longer than needs to be, time to move on and get down to business. North Korea is threatening again so I think we should try to get the workings of that disaster before it happens.

I'm trying to find more related to GM and found another story. This one about GunMen.
Apparantly 11 worshIPpers and "an imam" were killed in a Thai Mosque. But there's another "tie" here. Thai pronounced Ti relates to a very significant story 20 years ago, TIananmen Square. Where the link goes from there I'm not sure but it's likely we'll see today (6/9/2009). (20)09 relating to the event 20 years ago.

The other big news story I'm looking at is the world airlines estimated to lose 9 billion this year. Straight from the Global airline Meeting (GM).
What's so interesting is it's increased from 4.7 meaning it reflects the unemployment. 9 from 4(.7)====9.4% unemployment rate.

I'm saying it loses 11 billion. Airlines interact so well with the 9-11 numbers don't they?

Lastly, 23 shows a good opposite.
In this story a 23 yr old rancher wins the 232 million dollar jackpot. He lives on a 320 acre ranch. This strongly contrasts with the fate of the Boston Globe employees, who risk suffering a 23% pay cut.

And then there's the LAPD deputy who is being charged for murder on his ex-girlfriend, 23 years ago

posted on Jun, 9 2009 @ 11:21 PM
reply to post by salty-red

Today is a special day where opposites will be highly visible. Yes, you got it: today is 6/9.

Our education system punishes those who fail to answer the question what is the difference between 6 and 9. Answers such as 180 or pi are considered wrong, even though the difference between 6 and 6 turned upside down is 180 degrees or 1 pi in radians.

The society whines about bad economy but stops short to administer speedy remedies. But when it comes to devising all the "financial instruments" -- all the reckless forks to rake money in -- Einstein's e = mc^2 is a rather unimaginative formula in comparison. Sometimes we can think out of the box and sometimes we can't. When the former case take place, Pi is busy.

I guess we have to compromise a bit and ask the question once again: What is the difference between 6 and 9?

The difference is 3, coz the absolute value of

(a) |6 - 9| = 3

Now let's rewrite the above equality this way:

(b) |6 - 9| = ???

The number 3 is replaced by 3 question marks that stand for 3 letters, which form a word.

What word?

With no frame of reference, the question is easy to solve: "six minus nine" means that 9 is no longer in the expression. Since we use number zero to symbolize absence, the expression changes into

(c) |6 - 0|

and since 6 - 0 = 6, we can solve the initial question |6 - 9| = ???

(d) |6 - 9| = six

So that's an example of thinking out of the box the way alien platform Pi solves problems.

Now suppose that we need to solve (b) with respect to an outside circumstance. That means we need to look around and see what happened on June 9, or 6/9.

There is no unique solution, but the best applicable answer to

(e) |6 - 9| = 3 ( question marks) is |6 - 9| = oil

LOL. Can you believe it, Salty?
On 6/9 the oil climbs to $69 per barrel -- and all is quiet on the Western front -- no "hey, that's funny" in the related media.

Now here is the question regarding the other, geometric difference between 6 and 9: Is the difference 180 degrees or 1 pi?

Since 6 and 9 are opposites, there will be opposites somewhere made of 180 and 314 (pi = 3.14). That means, you are looking for a digit change from first to last or vice versa in those two numbers.

There is one right before our noses: the Dow Jones close for today, 6/9/2009.

See the number of points 1.43? When you take the last digit 3 and put it as the first digit, you get

(f) 143 [last to first] = 314

and 314 are the first three digits of number pi.

Now look at those Dow three numbers. You see that there is a connection between them, but the way the closing points wound up makes a nice puzzle: Which digit would you take from 8,763.06?

Think it over, Salty and give it a shot. (I know, we went through high school and our mind got fu-ked up in the process -- totaled like your car. LOL.) But anyway . . . see what you can see. (Think opposites.) Maybe I missed a half of it.

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 01:47 AM
whew, that's nice. Oil reaching $69 on 6/9, how did the media not see that?? And it looks like you figured out what the difference was, pi (3.14).

I didn't see it before but looks like Fiat is especially important on 6/9 because

Supreme Court clears the way for Chrysler Fiat marriage.

Pretty big news in the auto industry.

As for those dow numbers and which one to take out of the mix. 8,763.06, I'd take out the 3 for this reason:
It makes 87(606) which you discussed in your last post

and since 6 - 0 = 6, we can solve the initial question |6 - 9| = ???

Interesting note, 87+63=150, and 1+5=6 so you get 60.06

And Nasdaq ended 1,8(9)60.13 +17.73 (0.96%)

posted on Jun, 10 2009 @ 11:19 PM
reply to post by salty-red

I got to insert an argument regarding you car accident while on your trip to Idaho. Pi had to make certain adjustments:

Now you can gamble -- actually you can convert the market data into the lottery numbers and make money this way. With no state lottery, there is not much of an application talking to Pi.

Pi didn't make this change just for you -- Pi became concerned with safety on Idaho highways:

I agree that Utah drivers are the WORLD'S WORST, but you should see them when they make their mass exodus to Idaho to buy lottery tickets! I have seen them hold up the lines by ordering 100 tickets and paying for them one at a time with one dollar bills. And then they ask for separate receipts for each one. 222 million this Wednesday's drawing ... let the Utards cross the border.

I didn't know that the folks next-door call the guys from Utah "Utards."
What's going on, Salty? LOL.

Well, your car accident was the last straw. Now the folks in Utah don't have to take a trip to Idaho to become millionaires, and the Idaho highways will serve again what they were designed for. LOLOLOL.

Pi decreed that he will reimburse you for your totalled car, coz it was Pi who "pushed" your car gently off the road. The new Utah lottery is the source the money would come from. BUT! Perhaps you would have to give it a little push by solving some puzzles and use it as a lottery numbers -- I'm not sure about that, though.

[edit on 6/10/2009 by stander]

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 03:49 AM
ya it's true, we are the worst drivers. But Idaho is just throwin a fit cuz they're Utah's canada, and that's just sad. And I've proven to myself time and time again that i'm a terrible gambler, wanna see me lose 20 bucks in 5 minutes, sit me down at the slots.

By the way, did you see that link with the quote you had is from a site called toPIx and the writer was named flIP?!

So I was thinkin with all the ice melting at the caps, seismic activity would certainly be affected, making it more active. I think this link can confirm that:

Today is 1/15/2009 or 1+14+14=1,15,29 so let's look for 14 or AD in the news. Perhaps even pairs of 7s or gg's, lol.

And 6 flags is bankrupt, what a shame. Domino affect keeps going, amusement parks, auto industry, casino's, new homes. Collapse of the leisure society

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 06:31 PM

Originally posted by salty-red
So I was thinkin with all the ice melting at the caps, seismic activity would certainly be affected, making it more active. I think this link can confirm that:

Things are moving the direction Pi wants them to be.

Someone could ask a question about a link between earthquakes and the Dow Jones -- it's like asking about a link between a flashlight and gravity. But we know that Einstein found the link. (Actually it was Pi who showed it to Einstein.)

So here is the link. The Dow has two new members: Travelers and Cisco who replaced departing GM and Citigroup. Now let's take a look how Cisco did today.

See something familiar?

CISCO 19.36

Well, Cisco wasn't established in 1936, but the average price of the company's share with all that fluctuation is a good source of time data for Pi, namely years. Here is a example/puzzle where the changing price of the share can modify the company's name.

Question: ?_____CISCO 19.06

The puzzle is not that hard to solve; it all depends on keeping the special data in our heads.

Answer: (SAN FRAN)CISCO 19.06

So here is the link between the Dow and earthquakes. You know that Pi is a very imaginative alien . . .

The price of Cisco shares and other related data will refer to earthquakes. That's why Pi kicked out Citigroup to accommodate your interest in earthquakes, but also coz he wants to turn you into a millionaire.

Pi can do unimaginable tricks in technology; he can slam a door and blame it on a ghost, but he can also move the lottery balls mixing inside the drum.

Later, maybe before midnight, I show you where the winning numbers may be. Pi did something special with today's market . . .

posted on Jun, 15 2009 @ 08:42 PM
The things and numbers in the way you look at them, spin my head constantly!!

Dang, how do you figure this stuff out?

LOVE the NEW Avatar - Stander!! Awesome!! Looks like you are ready to kick *ss!

Maybe, not that new, but haven't been on for awhile.

posted on Jun, 16 2009 @ 04:17 AM

Originally posted by questioningall
Dang, how do you figure this stuff out?

That's easy to answer: greed.

We must enrich ourselves beyond any imaginable expectation; we must look at the market and pull the trick of the new millennium.

We perceive many things as random events, like all the lottery games, but there is a time when higher forces intervene to the benefit of the chosen ones. Salty said he is a terrible gambler, but that trick we will pull got nothing to do with gambling -- it's a daring look into the future.

Yesterday, June 15, was a losing day for the market. When gamblers lose, it's a bad luck, and number 13 is the number often blamed on bad luck. Alien Pi knows about the superstition. so he manipulated the market accordingly.

But that doesn't start that way. Pi devised an example of gambling. It's based on number guessing, like I'm thinking a number from 0 to 99. If you guess it right, you win fifty million bucks. But the actual puzzle is to guess two numbers. Here is how it goes: P=16 and I=9 in the alphabet. That means that PI=169, right? So here is the puzzle of two secret numbers:

Question: PI = 169 = x + y

There are many ways to solve for x and y. Which two numbers are the right ones?

The chances are too big to guess it right. But is there any way to guess it right?

There is. If you lose, it means bad luck, and bad luck is about number 13. So let's take a look if number 13 is around . . .

There are three 13's in the fractional part of the three Dow Jones numbers! What is the chance of that happening; what is the chance of three identical numbers from 0 to 99 to show up like that?

It happens on average once in 42 years. On top of it, the number that showed up three times was 13 -- a bad luck number. Now, as the superstition goes, the company that is listed as #13 in the Dow Jones could be very unlucky. Who is sitting on the chair #13?

Let's take a look . . .

The 13th company is IBM. It's shares lost a bit yesterday, and the closing price was $107.62. Now wait a minute . . . Isn't it so that 107 + 62 = 169?

And that's the correct answer to the puzzle '169 = x + y':

Answer: PI = 169 = 107 + 62.

Well, guys, we are supposed to learn from this. Pi manipulated the market the way that leads to the individual 30 companies. That's where the lotto numbers will be.

I'm not saying it's going to be easy, coz the most difficult thing in the world is to figure out the simple things.

Meanwhile, let's practice . . .

I'm thinking a color. Which color am I thinking?

Guys, Pi is a schemer. He led us to IBM. Let's see if IBM has something to do with colors.

International Business Machines Corporation, abbreviated IBM and nicknamed "Big Blue" . . .

Yes, indeed. IBM has a nickname "Big Blue." Pi was thinking color blue.

Now he is going to match colors:
Recommended reading.

Yep. That's Pi. He knows how to hook up stuff like no one else in the Milky Way.

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posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 03:29 AM
I think you should give this lotto thing a shot stander, I think if either of us is gonna be gettin it, it's you. I'm still just trying to scratch the surface with this thing, while your clearly more experienced here.

A little something I noticed with the numbers the other day.
Looking past the 13 you can see 213 twice. What part of California are you at? Area code 213, shown as the Lakers win the championship, interesting.

Another possible link is shown here:

UK Tops The List Of 213 Countries At Extreme Risk To The Spread Of Swine Flu

213 total countries, is this PI's way of signifying that the pandemic alert is correctly labeled as a "global" pandemic?

Or maybe 213 means BAC which is the stock symbol of Bank of America Corporation. Which yesterday dropped .6 points and 4.5% making 6 and 9(4+5). Or is it all of the above or none at all.

Now before I sleep lemme just point out a few little anomalies in all 3 major markets,
Dow 8,5(04.67) -1(07.46) (-1.25%)
S&P 500 911.97 -11.75 (-1.27%)
Nasdaq 1,796.18 -[20.20 (-1.11]%)

I won't go into details with those, just something to look at

posted on Jun, 17 2009 @ 05:12 PM

Originally posted by salty-red
I think you should give this lotto thing a shot stander, I think if either of us is gonna be gettin it, it's you. I'm still just trying to scratch the surface with this thing, while your clearly more experienced here.

Pi decreed that you will become a millionaire, and if he decides that way, there is no force in the world that would prevent it to become a reality. Pi also decided to keep me away from the riches for a "good measure," as he put it. Pi said that I'm supposed to show you what to do to become a millionaire.

A little something I noticed with the numbers the other day.
Looking past the 13 you can see 213 twice. What part of California are you at? Area code 213, shown as the Lakers win the championship, interesting.

That number 213 that caught your attention is a statement that you need to look at once again. Since 2 = B and 13 = M, 213 = BM.

What is BM?

It is a partial name. The complete name is IBM. You need to read once again my last two posts. Here, remember?

Here is the message from Pi: You drove from Utah to Idaho, Pi pushed you off the road and you totaled your car. That means, Pi needs to pay for the damage and there is also a penalty charge. Now look at both state names once again:

IdahO, Utah

See the capital letters that end and start the names? The letters read IOU (I owe you). these letters must show up in the latest lottery game. Since I = 9, O = 15, and U =21, the first three numbers must be 9, 15 and 21. Your home state must be included as well. Since Utah is the 45th state in the Union, number 45 must be included as well altogether with Pi's numerical signature, which is 25. (If P = 16 and I = 9, then P + I = 25.)

So you have five numbers that say something: 9, 15, 21, 45 and the signature 25. Now look at the MEGA, which is an anagram of GAME.

See them there? There is one number unaccounted for and that's 26. There are 26 letters in the alphabet. A=1, B=2, C=3 . . . Words can be converted into numbers this way.

Now look at the POWER BALL.
See the 13 there?

13 -- the bad luck number, or the IBM number -- is also a prime number; it is the 6th prime. The order number of that prime is the trick to change bad luck 13 to good luck 7:

13 - 6 = 7

So on 6/13, these two numbers came up as opposites the first and the last to stress the opposites bad luck and good luck. There are special personal dates where bad luck turns to good luck. You need to write down the date when you totaled your car.

Remember the code 112 that stands for common sense, coz 1 + 1 = 2?
Now look what the numbers between 13 and 6 say:

16 + 20 + 35 + 41 = 112

Since Pi decreed that you would become a millionaire, there is no way to change the future, so even if your lotto numbers may not be exactly the gem of imaginative, out-of-the box logic, you win the jackpot anyway.


Oh, that's something Pi didn't mention.

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posted on Jun, 21 2009 @ 07:38 PM
well before any of that can happen tell pi to heal me from whatever I'm sick from. It sucks getting up at any time of the afternoon let alone to try and think about this stuff. Keep posting though I like reading em, when I'm not sleeping.

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