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"Classic Quotes" Burial Ground

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posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 12:57 PM
Here is one from a little while back - Classic Zorgon comment...

The topic was highly debated - Missing Lunar Orbiter Tapes Found...and I thought Zorgon did a good job defending the claim/evidence as well as fighting several debunkers off simultaneously! wasn't that dramatic, but his comment was a great one either way...

Originally posted by zorgon

Originally posted by Electro38
Also HD photos back in the 1960's were actually photographs taken with kodachrome film. Although we didn't call those photos "HD" back then, they were just "photographs".

For someone making so MUCH NOISE on critical thinking I am totally amazed at you COMPLETE IGNORANCE on how the Lunar Orbiter images were aquired.

The 70 MM film was processed on board the Orbiter and the original negatives were destroyed when all FIVE Lunar Orbiters were DELIBERATELY crashed into thee moon...

The image data was scanned by video on board the spacecraft and then transmitted to Earth where it was recorded on video tapes like the ones you see in the cannisters and required a video tape machine to play them back... like the one in the store in the video...

I find it totally amazing the sheer stupidity presented by some people in their rampant effort to debunk... while shouting DENY IGNORANCE at the top of their lungs...

Yet never once applying ANY thought to what they are talking about

Makes me wonder who paid you to come in here and scream at us?


posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 01:14 PM
reply to post by Chadwickus

You sir are win.

I feel we no longer have to post on this thread, they wont get better that that.
However to stop would be foolish as these are all crackup

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 02:24 PM
ok, check this out, the very first two posts in this thread. you will not regret it. it is a classic.

this one is titled " its time to laugh ", it is a video collection. watch some if you have time.


posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 02:47 PM
reply to post by chapter29

I think I hurt myself laughing over defcon5's post. And every time I see it I think it gets funnier
Surely the best of the bunch if you ask me

Don't know whether to be proud or embarrassed to see one of my own posts in here though

Great thread idea though S+F

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 02:52 PM
reply to post by Resinveins

Dont sweat it..This thread is great and nobody should ever get mad or feel embarrased about their words being stored in the burial ground, I think its kind of an honor and I only hope some of the members who I have become friends with post some of my doozies...Your in good company here friend, This is where you come to get away from it all

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 04:43 PM
Well I am treating this thread cmd 118 not so much as a burial ground but a forum for humorous posts and classics from much wisdom too...

Anyhow is current but highly funny and sarcastic

Originally posted by adrenochrome

What can I do to keep my pineal gland in pristine condition?

You can find some pineal gland wax in your local supermarket, usually kept near the thyroid wipes.

Wipe it gently with a damp cloth until clean and lightly wax it, repeat this process daily.


Reply above by Dermos Brilliant just brilliant and makes me smile.


[edit on 15-11-2008 by MischeviousElf]

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 05:02 PM
I really do think that this is what ATS is about. O man i have nearly pee'd my pant because of some of these quotes.

ATS cutting remarks are business and business is good....

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 05:04 PM
reply to post by MischeviousElf

hahahahaahahahahahaha that's too funny

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 06:01 PM

Originally posted by The_Alarmist2012 Have any of you through profiles, chat or forum posts exaggerated, distorted, somehow fictionalized the details of your real lives? In other words, have you used your online persona to create a fictionalized version of the real you?

reply by Cadbury

I once masqueraded as Duke Of Wellington from the Napoleonic era for over 16 months -- actually believing that I was he. It was great fun, but I had to call it a day in the end.
from: your online personality verses your real self

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 10:16 PM

Originally posted by MischeviousElf

Originally posted by adrenochrome

What can I do to keep my pineal gland in pristine condition?

JESUS! Who asks things like that?! My god!

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 10:16 PM
sorry. double post.

[edit on 15/11/2008 by Good Wolf]

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 11:00 PM
This was funny.I liked it it made me smile and even laugh a bit even though Im still real ticked off about what happened earlier....

It was from the thread- What up with all the new people

Originally posted by governmentsecrets
its funny. i used to lurk on this site a lot and then finally registered because i loved it. then one day i told my friend about the zombie survival tips and she replied "oh abovetopsecret? i read it all the time." i was shocked! people are fed up with the horrible mainstream news outlets and have decided to take the power back! it's awesome.

Zombie survival tips!!..Where else but here baby!!!!!

posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 11:55 PM
reply to post by cmd18B


posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 12:01 AM
reply to post by pureevil81

The BTS thread you linked is hilarious. I never go to BTS, but I'll have to start now.

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 12:05 AM
reply to post by Good Wolf

Thanks wolf...Thats one of the coolest things somebody has done for me lately.......

If the zombie infestation caught you in a big town, you must leave immediately. It’s one thing to face 10 zombies, but another thing to face 10000 zombies. Best thing is to go to the country. Farms are quite easy to defend, and the open spaces won’t let you get caught by surprise

[edit on 16-11-2008 by cmd18B]

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 01:26 AM
New quote to add, from a thread entitled "I think missionaries should be outlawed". It was a nice little reprieve in the middle of a tense discussion:

Originally posted by moocowman
Personally i like mormon missionaries, they'll do th washing up and hoovering while you pretend to read their books.

I once had a couple of them sweep up the backgarden and fix my car while I put my feet up with the kids.

Recommend them to anyone, billiant keep it up mormons

Jehovas are a differnet kettle of fish though, they won't even put the kettle on unless you tell them to, so you have to play crafty with them. hang on till you can see that they think your really interested 2 visits should do it.
Then get into some tough theological debate but pretend to be ignorant, at this point they'll decide to bring an oldie fodie elder along the next time.
You've about got them now, when they arrive be up to your neck in things to do, so tell them to go and do the washing up or something while you get educated by the elder.
Jehovas ar ok for a couple of visits and some light cleaning, but if it's long term hard labour your after, the moneys most definately on the mormons.

Heaven is a couple of mormons and a Kirby salesman in your house at the same time , ok your neighbours will think your a bit odd for a day or two. But when your wife shows them what you've done with the house while she's out whoa ! Sex for the rest of the month !

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 01:32 AM
reply to post by paperplanes

That's evil!

...I love it.

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 04:22 PM
I do believe I have just found a winner..The poster was being sarcastic im sure. This quote is from the thread- An interview with a reptillian..I believe Christian Slater got the nod for this interview as well..........

Originally posted by Resinveins
Hmm a reptile with breasts full of milk... gonna have to say I'm not buying this.

Too bad she won't allow pictures... she sounds ssssssexy.

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 06:05 PM
reply to post by cmd18B

Sexy? lol!

I can imagine it:

Raaorh hissss.
Oh my, your keen
gggggrrrr hhhisssss"

Sexy as!

posted on Nov, 16 2008 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by cmd18B

That's not cool man, you got a star for it and I didn't. It was my source after all

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