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Help, eh?

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posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 09:37 PM
I don't mean to bore you.
What would you do, if you were me, but your not, so you won't.

*Please explain your issue below*

Well I would but until the disclosure of UFO, Time, Space, and Dimensional travel is understood or openly recieved publically I don't see how I can report or explain my issue without my being put in a mental bin losing all opportunity to report. Besides, I was a kid when it all went down-abeit while time travelling into the future from where we initially started.

The very laws that dictate when it is my citizen obligation to "report and what" are countered by the very classified policies regarding the content's context. And yet, if I do not, I can be excecuted for treason. Assuming this is true-and for me it is, Can you enlighten me on the matter of how I should behave? Should I, for instance, drop the matter or close my eyes and click SUBMIT directly? I do so solemly swear
What would you have me do?

I beleive I witnessed a presidential (Obama, anyway) assasination attempt, as well as a singular ufo neuclear assault within a short period of time of each other. But, I can't pinpoint it, as at the time, I belonged back in either the 70s or 80s. They did so much work, in their set up against the gov, I honestly couldn't tell you.

This means, right now, my younger self is still travelling with one of his icons. One of his icons appears to be sitting in Guantanamo as Zubadayah. Another appears to be up the road still performing vetrinary duties. (I havent seen *him* in years). And in this particular memory that I can neither prove nor deny he is still smoozing upper level management and offering an array of services.

I am a little blond child shadowing a tall brown man.

The particular shooting took place in the street there were LOTS of SSA's around. We had come out of a building and down some brief steps which appeared to be tan stucco. Everything seemed tanish really-not grey. There was a BIG crowd of people in the street. Someone was saying 'this is not a good idea'.

The man that looks like Obama got grazed in the neck, and one of his men went down. My dad's (stepdads) friend had rushed in towards him pulling a small gun and cackling and firing. Then ran away. Sort of up a steeper stepped GREEN grassed slope. Stairs up a slope on the side of the building? Men went after him.

Dad feigned helping the fallen man, but on question, then we ran off too. I just don't remember to where. I know the direction-but not the output. Obama was holding his neck and pushing help away with a pissed off look and saying, 'but he is a muslim..' disbelieving the men would have done it.

And I don't know where. Some time prior: Dad had met with Obama in a small room, in what I thought was the white house. I was left in the hall but someone handed out a plate of food--and then took it back, and closed the door. It wasn't a long meeting.

After the shooting (and I don't know how long-a day, 6months..) we were back on a slope, it was evening overlooking a small strait road. Dad's cackling friend had flown in a small disc with terraforming capabilities from dad's hyjacking of a larger ship some time before. He opened fire on what looked like a red brick housing development-or behind it. Before being zipped out by extraterrestrials who put him in prison--to which dad busted him out of. (it goes on and on) I don't know if this was a second attempt on Obama. -------------------------------------------------

crazy huh.
To rest the issue. I've sent this to dc obama's inbox. You see, I had to. This IS my reality.
Sigh. Tin hat on. Let Loose.
But please-be gentle.

posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 11:06 PM
Who is the "him" you haven't seen in years? Your stepfather? Is he a time traveler?

If you get a reply, I'd like to see what the response is.

posted on Nov, 13 2008 @ 12:51 AM
I don't think there's anything overly "crazy" about envisioning an Obama assassination attempt.

The words used in this prediction or "dream scene" seem taken from the subliminal repetition of concepts which bombard us through the media.

'but he is a muslim..'

The rest is a mish-mash of God-knows-what but frankly, nothing wierder than my mind has conjured up for me. Obviously vivid, but hopefully not a premonition of what is to come. Who knows?

posted on Nov, 14 2008 @ 12:30 PM
looks like a sim, basically a test run to map your emotional spikes associated to a controlled fight or flight stimulus.

The interesting part is:

"Dad feigned helping the fallen man, but on question, then we ran off too"

I would say they are looking for a reading on controlled emotions associated to deception.

The sim is basic:

It is a situation where you morally disagreed with what was occurring yet recognized the need to maintain a low profile and exit the scene.

[edit to add]

I am going to ask if it felt like:

specifically they wanted to know when you are hiding something to protect a loved one. something akin to "I told you not to do that" while trying to clear your mind of any association to what was occurring around you.


also this is a very recent sim... when this this happen 1-2 weeks ago?

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posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 09:15 AM
reply to post by Oscitate

Originally posted by Oscitate
I don't think there's anything overly "crazy" about envisioning an Obama assassination attempt.

The words used in this prediction or "dream scene" seem taken from the subliminal repetition of concepts which bombard us through the media.

'but he is a muslim..'

The rest is a mish-mash of God-knows-what but frankly, nothing wierder than my mind has conjured up for me. Obviously vivid, but hopefully not a premonition of what is to come. Who knows?

Thanks Oscitate, I truly appreciate the kind angle and depth of insight of your words. I hope it is just an envisionment.

I'd like to speak to bobardment of the media, which you've offered as a completely viable and logical deduction. And which I would also conclude, but for from the years 86-87 and 88-94 I was withheld from these completely; but for

76-77 we had the regular precable channel lineup.
77-82ish on the road, intermittant with housing at foriegn media playing homes.
82-86 access to news, specifically over acess to news, news stations, and media players.

(these are approx)
From there, in 92
I caught a glimpse of the death of one contact air on the news while my boyfriend was finding 'Tales from the Crypt' prior to his nightly drunken ramblings.

I caught wind that America had gone to war with Afganistan or some other desert country, again, only by way of flashes of the channel flipping.
in 93-late 94. I had been targeted, stalked, captured and in a hostage crisis by order of my raising family and with police stated consent-and kept that way for nearly 2 years in plain sight of everyone with my now "children" and random members of my friendship pool or the community as the bargaining token. This was fully the 4th time of police involvement in my suppression of testimony as to the terrorist sleeper cell of America. In this case I toil over whether it were his intention, and lean towards that he was likely thinking I was being fantasmic. However at my request for help to divert a planned and stated rape and aquisition that was to occur on my walk home, my coffee shop cop informed me to ask 'mom' a second time for assistance and to do what she says. Said he'd be back in. He never showed. He checked back some weeks afterwards and was fine with the result. Some years later he made a display of concern in the property room, where after my captor was allowed phone access to me from jail, under renewed threat of my babies getting thier little fingers cut off I was instructed on the bail out procedure.
I've seen my child once in 12 years. He is alive.

Some background on my town as can be found in the media-most ironically disappears or is sideswayed as much as possible.
Murder capital of the united states: 1980s
Home of the beltway sniper:
Former Sheriff of 20 years: pedophile
Home of Harvey the Motorcycle School Cop: pedophile
Home of Officer Brame: Murderer Police inhouse sex clubber
Next door to Ft Lewis, home to an incredible amount of newsworthy army felons.

Now this looks just bad unless taken into account of the wider picture which makes it look just worse: not that the rest of the country will ever ever hear about it.

[-]The millenium bomber, through our upper border.[/-] I didn't see that. I have other ferry experiences that would tend for this to be--not surprising.
My claim of my witnessing of multiple terrorism set up and excecutions including (and excecutions) the bombing of air india 182
The oregon food posionings
The murder of 3 indians
The bombing of the sikh temple in seattle
The portland hotel bombing.
And I *believe* the bombing of a cia office in DC, however I remember that KABOOM for some reason occurring at the same time in California. It wouldn't be the first time I was *out* during an airport flight.
The beltway sniper as our 1980s friend/neighbor-almost positive.
Multiple out of country instances
Hundreds of local and greater local murders
Contact instances of fully 10 of the fbi's most wanted
A huge slue of document fraudulations
A huge amount of what appeared to be hits for hire
A huge amount of what appeared to be unplanned government infiltrations
and then this....the alien and travel side for which I wrote this origional note.

Back to former and background instances of police suppression involvement.

The 5th would occur at the domestic violence office at my escape and search for stated available assistance. My origional statement there was torn before my eyes and I was guided as to a specific rewrite.

The 6th occurred in 2002ish when the issue flared up. Again in the dv office where my 'handler' there specifically refuses my access to any sort of victim advocacy.

The first was a group of officers giving the rifle back to a home invader, the invasion of which I believed to be a planned hit on us kids just prior to the bombing of air india 182 and after the portland poisionings and I believe after the portland hotel bombing.

More on what little I knew of a decade of relevant news castings:

The OJ Simpson trial was aired as a ritual to the barworkers through the side door of the resturaunt where I served meals.

From 95-97 in between long shifts I lived on the comedy central as a recovery from media blackout mechanism.

And from 97 onward I've mostly been free to backtrack what I've missed of American foriegn wars, though, I really don't have a head for them, having missed the group mind of thier onset--

But I agree had I not been raised by a travelling preacher/teacher/doctor/bomber/psychologist/mastermind of american destruction through could just be conclusions drawn from the news. But honestly I was worked to hard in servitude to ever have time to fantasize alternative realities, and besides, they wouldn't let me sleep--it was their passion to keep me awake-and ill, likely a bit of that was because their common tactics of hypnotism were not working on me.

I have to wonder if I am a part of that MKULTRA program (or it's likes)--but anything I experienced in those years to that seeming extent really are where my fonder memories are: before I was lodged in with these (all of the above) spies.

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posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 09:19 AM

(+)And I'm certain from what I've seen day in and out that any range of gov involvement has been mispercieved, hypnotised if you will, as to their level or intentions where and when they were.
And I'm certain they would be horrified if they knew the specifics at the time. And I feel that they *or someone* is currently coming around to those knowings.

If not, I am experiencing a quick regression for no purpose to anyone.

(+)And I am grateful to say what I can say, even if it is just a blip of mixed messages on a page--somewhere it matters to someone, as much as it matters to me that I got some of my most priceless endearments back in the process of the return of the whole tragic picture--if only for a moment.

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posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 09:57 PM
I have been thinking about your response all day:

A quick assesment told me this was a very fast brainstorm type post, it hit me as an outline of something that would probably take pages upon pages to truly explain in detail. i would ask for you to slow down but I do understand that sometimes this is the best way to get information out. It also looked like more of a personal outline with some open decision factors built in.

I have also been debating internally whether to give you the following, I'm deciding what the hell if it clicks it clicks if not then nothing really lost.

in your obama scenario... I can add or ask if you noticed the following.

1. That the rifle was hidden under the car by the rear tires, but this was unimportant for some reason.

2. They took the lady who was standing by the tree on the hill into custody.


3. approximately 1-2 months prior to this you were approached to do the job, with a very close friend or family member introducing you.

--- you declined on moral grounds

anyway it would be interesting to see how much of that meshes up

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