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Well, my prediction - 4/11/04

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posted on Mar, 31 2004 @ 04:54 PM
FYI - I have no special knowledge, no psychic visions, or whatnot, just 'thinking like a terrorist' (from the combined religious and psyop perspective).

April 11, 2004.
411 - For your information.

Recent communiques speak of the 'Winds of Black Death'. Could be singular, could be plural - sources differ.

If singular (huayra yana) is said to happen at the beginning of Judgement Day in Islamic Tradition, bringing 'red death' (by the sword) and 'white death' (by a plague), and locusts - standard eschatology stuff, but probably meaningful ideas to Islamicists. This is what kicks off the 'final battle', where the Madhi (presumptively, OSB in their view) takes over the earth.

Following along the lines of the 4 in 411, Daniel has reference to Four Winds (four winds of heaven churning up the great sea, 7:2). I don't think the Terrorist would 'believe' in other sources, but they certainly would use them as part of the overall psyop, since they know we have plenty of people here who would read significance into it. I found Percy Byron Shelly's "Revolt of Islam" interesting in this respect too, and it also has references to winds and the sea - possibly too abstruce, but you've got to think his sources were reflective of some level of abstract though among Islam at the time (he obviously did some research).

Thus, possibly upwards of four attacks on the US, metaphorically at the four compass points (N/S/W/E), probably involving at least one incident of chem/bio or dirty (but I expect (and hope) with limited overall effect - symbolic more than effective - wrapping a traditional bomb in waste bio/chem/radio materials or something of that nature, without necessarily weaponifying the materials first for ease of distribution).

Look for attacks on seaports or tunnels (they've hit the WTC, they've hit a commuter train in Madrid, attacking roadways is less effective: seaways and ports are softer targets - large area, low security, and they have some experience with them (USS Cole, wasn't it?)).

The intended message, in broad strokes: "For your information, we can attack you when we want, where we want, with whatever we want".

I note that on 4/11/04, Jacksonville, FL: Blessing of the Fleet.

No _real_ bright ideas of other targets, though (lord help our Department of Homeland Security - if I can't figure out how to narrow the huge list down, they can't possibly do a lot better): The greatest impact (in terms of significance) would be bases and/or other significant targets at the abovementioned compass points (Texas/Louisiana (mouth of the Mississippi), East coast (Virginia, Delaware, even NY/Boston again), West Coast (CA - SF Bay, maybe), and North (Chicago, possibly others, along the Canadian border).

That's what I've got (I had some more support for the concept in other locations, but this is the bulk of it).

I hope it's not.


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