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Suppressed medical treatment-Attention

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posted on Mar, 31 2004 @ 04:27 PM

What would you say if I told these advances exist already but Big Pharma has been suppressing it as they compete directly with drug based allopathic medicine and are non consumables and therefore non profitable.?

What would you say if i told you this advance was discovered in 1992 but since then has been suppressed at the instruction of Big Pharma?

What would you say if I told that because of this suppression millions of people have died as they have been denied this knowledge and treatment?

In 1992 it was found at the Alebert Einstein College of New York that passing 50 to 100 microamperes of simple d.c. electrical current through Aids infected blood disables the Aids virus and stops it reproducing it was discovered in 1992.
It also works on a broad range of other viruses/bacteria including Hep-A,B,C and also quite importantly for maleria.see below.

Research conducted at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, 1300 Morris Park Ave., Bronx, N.Y.10461 in New York but researchers forced to keep quiet after being threatened by the pharmaceutical companies who would lose many 100 of billions of dollers if the method came into wide spread use.Remember an Aids person is a revenue stream for an average of 5 years of between $5000 to $20000 per person per year for the pharmaceutical industry.

Remember it is simple electrical current nothing else that DISABLES the virii/pathogens.In the case of the Aids virii the electrical current STOPS it REPRODUCING and the bodies IMMUNE SYSTEM removes the remaining virii.

The level of the current is very low, 25 milliamps is required to electrocute a person.These devices only use 0.3 milliamps to 1 milliamp maximum.This is much less than a Tens device.By the way 1 milliamp = 0.001amps and
1 microampere is 0.000001 amps. No money can be made from such devices which are very cheap and easy to produce. No expensive toxic drugs with dangerous side effects are involved.

The practical device to neutralise Aids inside the body consists of two 0.5cm by 2cm long electrodes wrapped in wet cotton or alternatively conductive foam attached to wrist pulse points or other major artery points and then a direct current of 300 microamperes TO 1000 microamperes (0.3 Milliamps to 1 Milliamps MAX to allow for losses through the skin) is passed through the electrodes and then through the blood.The current maybe adjusted to suit the condition or individuals.

It is important to use these particular electrode dimensions as the current density must be maintained at 4 to 9 microamperes per square millimetre of electrode.The higher currents near 1 milliamp produce more rapid results.
Every 5 minutes the current direction is reversed to prevent possible electrolysis of the blood.

The voltage required to drive this current is from 20 to 40 volts max depending on skin resistance. Four 9 volt batteries in series would be sufficent.In poorer countries three 12 volt car batteries can be used in series.

Application times vary from 20 minutes to up to an hour or more daily depending on condition.

At Beck-n-Stuff and Microelectricitygermkiller a number of private individuals have tried it for a number of viral/bacterial conditions including Aids, Malaria, Cfs, lymphomas and other Cancers with excellent results backed up by blood tests have submitted reports.The devices are very easy to make yourself and instructions are included at the links below.

Also remember the majority of cancers are caused by virii, bacteria, fungi ,parasites and vaccines and is therefore contagious as a result.
Check it for yourself by typing 'cancer microbe' in search engine Google for many hundreds of research papers.

The mainstream medical establishment continues to deny this as it would be an admission of their closed minds over the decades.In the same way they denied for 30 years that their was a link between stomach ulcers and the bacterium Heliobactor Pylori.

Thats why the incidence of cancer has risen to 1 in 3 now and continues to rise with no cure being found for the last 60 years and no cure in sight and the medical establishment denying that it is caused by viruses/microbes due to their entrenched position.

Last year 126000 people in the U.K died from cancer and 36000 died from pharmaceutical drug side effects.
In the U.S. 245040 people died from pharmaceutical drug side effects alone last year and 1.2 million were hospitalised.

More information as well as original research at below sites. The method is not confined to Aids only but has a broad spectrum of uses which is why the pharmaceutical companies are desperate to keep it hidden.

You have to type these complex links EXACTLY as otherwise they wont work or copy/paste.


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