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How to not be yet concerned with "ANY PERIOD"

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posted on Nov, 12 2008 @ 11:32 AM
Any thing or any one you should not be yet concerned with come time for making due. Otherwise, you are yet putting other things and other ppl first. If you have a second thought about how you may seem to others, to the point you do not do what you think is better for you, then you cant deal with making due when it is called for.--Being yet or going opposite such is "The How".

Top 3 things you shouldn't even give care about:

1. Society (since it is in line with hyprcrites and backhandedness.)
2. Law
3. Opinion (including your opinion.)

Top things you should seek:

1. Your true path (no copying or following any other).
2. Modernizing your independant technique, method, craft, skill, snare, and work (unofficial career).
3. Power rather than just money. (Since power brings more for you better for the upper utter hand.)
4. Seal the okay (since what it be yet is not better. Your's and other's since it is like copping to a plea not needed nor worthy.)

Anything you would like to add to either list? Feel free to if you're with freedom of expression apart from what I imply.


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