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I know What Aliens Are, Important Message!

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posted on Nov, 15 2008 @ 05:09 AM
Considers those 2 equations

and now the definitions:
Angels ARE (fallen) Aliens
Aliens ARE (fallen) Angels

What is the difference?
From a logic point of view they are identical.
In the discussions produces a lot of controversial.

Materialistic believers vs spiritual believers.

By addressing such an issue the limit we need to avoid is to try to restrict it to categories that we like, instead of creating new ones that describes properly the domain (Angel & Alien = Angien?).
As Hidden Hand describes here:
also the fight evil vs good is true only in a certain dimension only.

like those 2 circles in a 2d surface:

Going to an higher dimension the duality become an aspect of the same unity.

If you like the bible: Lucifer is a servant of God, not a kind of second divinity.

So the “true” is that we are in contact with beings that have a mix of superior technology AND different dimensional/spiritual state.
From our actual point of view some of them are “good” other are “evil”.
All of us (humans, hyper humans, Angiens ) participate in a big divine game (call 'Lila') where we only play a role.

What is of interest is that in fact we are going to a major show down of the spectacle started 77760 years ago.
This process we are inn hat both physical AND spiritual aspects.

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