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Lucid, Precognitive, Reoccurring Dreams

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posted on Nov, 10 2008 @ 02:18 PM
I have come up with many theories of how we came to be/what our purpose is that includes aliens, ufos, reincarnation, etc. Lately, I've been thinking about if our world keeps on repeating itself. Say there is a huge nuclear war that wipes out all of mankind. I read somewhere about if all humans suddenly died, all traces of us would be gone relatively quickly (in the universal sense). During this time, everything starts new, and the world as we know it "restarts." If this would be the case, it could explain strange dreams that nearly everyone experiences that predict the future and such.

Since I'm not a professional in this type of thing, I can't really explain how this would work. Anyways, it's just a theory of mine and I'd like to hear what you guys think, or other theories.

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