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Why are people so politically blind?

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posted on Nov, 24 2008 @ 07:43 PM

Originally posted by HunkaHunka

Now frankly, I just want to get as many Dem Senators eleted as possible. ?

thats called a dictatorship.

posted on Dec, 1 2008 @ 06:28 PM
reply to post by HunkaHunka

Well, now. On the eve of the Chambliss/Martin runoff, I think we can now say that light has finally been shed on the original question of this post:

"Why are people so politically blind?"

This thread fails to illustrate that "people," are politically blind. But what this thread does illustrate is that liberals/Democrats have selective political vision.

This thread itself is graphic proof of this reality.

My previous post, responding to the typically pompous assertions and questions raised by a self-proclaimed liberal, went unanswered. I pointed out the facts concerning the context of the Jim Martin/Democrat lie/ad, and not one single liberal was able to respond. I made this post almost a month ago and not one single response!

Why? Well now. a Democrat, you see, when posed with FACTS, knows that he holds an indefensible position. Dems/Liberals, at best, are naive and uninformed. At worst, they are evil to the core. But in both cases, they cannot effectively respond to facts when someone such as myself holds their feet to the fire, makes them stay on task, and corners them into responding.

The lack of response by the OP or any other liberal on this site to the simple facts surrounding the Jim Martin ad is more proof that Dems/Liberals have selective political vision. If they are wrong, they conveniently ignore it. If they get called on it, they refuse to respond. This is the trend that I have seen over and over again.

The standard ploy a Democrat/Liberal uses when faced with facts is to change the subject. 99% of the time, this is how things play out. When you specifically nail a liberal on the facts, expect to hear something like this:

"But George Bush this, but Ronald Reagan that! Corporate greed this, Wealthy Oil that!"

"Ahem, but I just pointed out you are either a liar, stupid, or are uninformed."

"George Bush this, Ronald Reagan that! Corporate greed this, Wealthy Oil that!"

Like parrots.

However, in this thread, that was not possible. The Dems in this thread were not allowed to wander, get off task, or conveniently deflect the argument.

I presented the facts, and the liberals disappeared!!! Not a single response from a liberal since I presented the truth and facts in my previous post. swatman is the only intervening post, correctly pointing out that Democrats wish they could be dictators.

Of course they'll claim they lost interest in the thread (selective blindness), or something like that. They'll come out of the woodwork now that I've called them for what they are.

But to all who read this, look at the progression of this thread, and particularly look what happened after my previous post. All who read will recognize that when I laid out the facts objectively, the Dems/Libs all disappeared!

That, my friends, is political blindness - The convenient and selective political blindness that all Dems/Libs must rely on in order to avoid the truth!

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